The Beer-Pong Rules – A short Tutorial

Preparation for tonights Cambie-Pong Tournament 

As we don’t have any ‘New Kids on the Blog’ today, I am gonna make use of the time and go through the most important beer-pong rules again. 

Once again – no pressure, but I do want us to be prepared! 

49175269351_12d4b48abb_o.jpgHowever those are just general rules and may be modified in every game. So I won’t guarantee that those will be exactly tonights rules. Some rules might be different or may not apply at all. But I am sure, we will find out tonight. But let’s start with our short Beer-Pong-Tutorial! 

1.No-one wants you to be an alcoholic 

This game is not supposed to force you to drink! The only reason I am calling it Beer-Pong Tournament is literally because, that is how the game is called. Tonight, we will be playing the game with water in our cups, therefore you decide if you want to drink or not! 

No matter what, this is the most important rule ever – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRINK IF YOU DON’T WANT TO. In any case you are welcome to take part in the game. 

2. Reracking 

It is also referred to as simply rearranging your cups. Usually you are allowed to do that twice during a match, but this depends on the amount of cups that are involved total. So we will have to wait till tonight to actually find out. You are allowed to do that, whenever it is your term, in other words: before you are about to throw. 

Also, if you opponent requests it, the last cup may always be pulled back and centred. 

3. Bouncing 

If a ball hits the table and then goes into a cup (even by accident, blindfolded or whatever), the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the defending players choice. If there are only two cups remaining, the bounce only counts as 1 cup. 

4. Fingering/ Blowing 

You may have heard the very sexist limiting term, that either one of those affects you IMG_4558.JPGaccording to your gender … I’ll give you a moment to figure out what I mean…. but since we are living in 2020, I’d say let’s loose those gender rules! 

However fingering is when the ball is spinning inside of a cup and the defending team pulls it out with his/her finger. Blowing is when the ball is spinning inside of a cup and it is blown out by the defending team. 

Very difficult rule … I know :D. 

5. Fixing Cups 

If requested the cups may be fixed at any time. Don’t mix it up with the racking. It simply means that you put the cups where they are supposed to be as they might have been shifted during the game. 

IMG_5093.JPG6. Trickshots 

This rule applies after shooting, if the ball rolls back to the shooter without hitting the floor (you may also grab it mid-air), they can shoot it again in a creative, tricky way. (For example behind the back, blindfolded, through a leg …). 

7. The Rebuttal 

After the last cup is hit, each player from the loosing team has a chance to hit the remaining cup. Each player shoots until they miss, the order is irrelevant. Once both players miss and there are remaining cups, the game is over. If the players manage to hit all remaining cups the game goes into a 3 cup overtime. 

(This rule, is pretty much played different in every single game, so please pay attention, before you get into a fight with your opponent ;)). 

8. The Elbow rule 

This rules claims, that the elbow must be behind the edge of the table. Although this rule only applies in the actual process of throwing a ball. You might think, this is very obvious, but trust me for some people it’s not :D. 

Just wait until you opponent screams “watch your eeeellllbbboooowww” with every single move you make, even if it’s just to pick up your side-drink to have a sip (when it’s not even your term) .. hypothetically I mean… 

Once again, they will be explaining the rules tonight and they might differ to the ones here, but now your knowledge is refreshed and you are ready for the big night. 

Can’t wait to see you there! 


— Nadja  xx

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PuB Night Review

Wow, wow, wow. You guys are crazy! But I love it! It was my very first PuB Night and I was definatly not expecting the turn up we had. I was lovely meeting so many new faces and it makes me love Vancouver so much more knowing I get to spend my Wednesday nights with you!

IMG_5234.jpegThis PuB-Night started off to be a bit more classy than the usual PuB-Nights are. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is a restaurant and not a PuB, but you know … sometimes we do crazy stuff and break the rules ;-D!

Spread across two full tables we enjoyed a 3 course meal; entree, main and dessert along with some sneaky cocktails to wash it all down. The service was brilliant and were always asking if we needed more drinks (which is always necessary for PuB Night XD) The drinks were surprisingly cheap as we had Long Island ice tea on special and yummy banana mamas for only $6.

There was many discussion around the table about how late we were going to party till tonight as last Wednesday was quite late.

IMG_5252.jpgTime didn’t seem an issue as the night went on and we moved to The Cambie . It’s difficult to go home when the group vibes are too good. Beer Pong is always a great way to bring the group together and have a tournament. We were clearly having too much fun as other people around the bar wanted a turn and soon became friends with strangers. It was the last game, the finale and it was INTERNeX V.s Australians, sadly, they won but they gave the winning money to INTERNeX who turned the money into …… you guessed it, FIREBALL SHOTS. We thank those random Australians for their good sports.

The Cambie wasn’t the last stop, as the night went on we moved the party to Roxy where we shared more drinks and danced the night away. Overall it was a great first PuB Night and we thank those who came along to join the fun.

It was my first PuB Night and I couldn’t have summed it up any better. I love spending time with my INTERNeX group and you all made me feel so welcomed! I will be looking forward to many more crazy nights with you!

– Sabrina x

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PuB-Night Review

What a fun night – again. I know I’ve been saying this pretty much every Wednesday now, but I am honestly having such a good time with you guys. Thank you! 

Last night we went to the Beaver again, the place where it all started – at least for me. And I honesty cannot believe it’s been almost two months since then!
One of the best things about the Beaver is also the fact that our 18 year old candidates are allowed to join as well. It’s always so nice to have everyone together!IMG_4828.jpg

So as always, we started the night with a few beers and some fireballs. And yes – of course I went for the nachos again!
And what would a Wednesday night at the Beaver be without music bingo? Considering the fact that we were such a big group, I was absolutely sure the victory will be INTERNeX’. Usually the luck always sticks with the newbies, and since we’ve got three this week, my hopes were pretty high to be honest.
But for some reason the luck was not on our side this time. Nobody got a single bingo .. what a disappointment. But of course our mood didn’t get harmed by this.
So after a few hours we got our stuff together and made our way to the Cambie. Always keeping in mind, that this was the more important match to win … after what happened a few weeks back (still bothering me btw).
But as we got there, no Beerpong atmosphere was to be found! Apparently nobody in there wanted to play a Beerpong tournament at this time, at least that’s what we’ve got told. Obviously this was not a reason for us to give up or even go home.
So after a few friendly chats with the bartenders, we got some cups and balls and since we were enough people to make 4 teams, we just started our own little tournament.
And as soon as we started, so many other people joined in and it just happen to turn out just as big as the usual Beerpong nights at the Cambie.
Anyways, not trying to show off here but the girl power, once again, proofed it’s strength and won the INTERNeX Beerpong tournament. I am so proud ladies, even tho we didn’t get to win the T-Shirts! 
I really hope that someones ego recovered by now :-D.
(I am really sorry for the quality of this picture…. my camera just isn’t really the best :-D)

Anyways I had a fantastic time and a short night!
Thanks again for such a fun PuB-Night, you guys are fantastic! 

So for those of you joining the hockey game – I am very excited to see you on Sunday.
And the rest I hope to see you at next weeks PuB-Night at the 131 Water Kitchen & Bar. 

Have a lovely Thursday! 



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PuB-Night Review – The Portside Pub

Ahoy! f0138e48-f305-4ed6-8c59-b32661365b35.JPG
Last night the INTERNeX crew went to The Portside Pub. Sitting down there conveyed the feeling, that we are about to put the sails and get ready for a good night on the high sea.
Just as all the good sailors we had a beer or two and some really nice food.

Most of us were big fans of the Mac ‘n Cheese, some even referred to them as the best Mac ‘n Cheese in town. Well, I don’t want to give a statement to that yet, but they place pretty high in my personal ranking.
Especially for our newest group members this has been the perfect chance to try out a variety of different beer-offers, as there was anything to be found that you can ever imagine. And of course we went for my current favourite – fireballs! I don’t know what it is about this drink that makes me go after it every week, maybe the flashback to one of my favourite childhood bubble gums or maybe the cinnamon taste that already brings me right into the Christmas-mood. Maybe it’s just because it’s something new and kind of part of the real Canadian experience :). As usually the night didn’t end right in the Pub we started in, we went on to some other places in town. And you might already guess, that the Yale Saloon was one of them for sure.

For next weeks Pub night we are going to escape the Canadian feeling for a bit and take a look at the Moose’s Down Under. As you might realize by reading the name, we are going to take a look at the Australian cuisine. This might be nice to forget that winter is already knocking on our doors and catch some warm Australian vibes.

But before that I’ll see you at the Olympic Experience this Sunday. Don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance. The link is to be found in the same names Facebook event).

Thanks for a great Wednesdays, I had a fantastic time!



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One of the most exciting events is already knocking on the door. In case you haven’t realized all the decorated houses yet: Halloween is coming up! 
Since we all want to get to know the Canadian spirit, we started to get ourselves ready.  
And what is needed for the perfect Halloween Party after all? Right, an outstanding costume. So even though it was pouring rain, we got together and went all the way to Broadway to visit one of the places to get Halloween supplies. 
But calling it a store wouldn’t be fair after all. This was a Halloween-wonderland filled with everything you can imagine and even more.  
So we got to know each others different faces, literally! In a paradise of wigs, masks, decoration, fake blood and monsters we had so much fun trying on everything that came into our hands. Some of us even discovered new matching hair colours for themselves ;-). Every time you turned around and/or entered a different aisle, new stuff was waiting to be discovered. Time just flew by and our bunch of happy, exhausted people got to leave this magical and scary place after quite a long time. Therefore it just seemed to be the right thing to recover with a coffee and some delicious snacks near by. We got the chance to have some nice chats and actually discovered many differences of how we are usually spending Halloween back in Europe. Wouldn’t it be great to discover the Canadian way all together? I am glad you asked ;-). We do have something prepared, which we are already very excited about. 
We are happy to announce the upcoming Halloween Party on October 31st. We’ll get together at the Blarney Stone! You’ll find all necessary information on our Facebook page as usual. And don’t forget to wear your costumes! 
For those of you who just can’t get enough, and those who need to get more Halloween injected and obviously those who just love having a good time …. so basically all of you guys: We also have the visit in a haunted house scheduled next weekend. As mentioned before, check out the INTERNeX Facebook Page and let us know if you are taking part! 
Hope you weekend was as great as mine. 
Any costumes inspirations can be discussed on Wednesday. Therefore see you at Pub-Night this Wednesday. 
— Nadja 
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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