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Are you going to be in Vancouver for a while and are your bangs starting to get in the way? Finding a cheap place for both men and women to get your hair cut here can be quite difficult since there are a lot of options available, but they are usually way too expensive for just a simple hair cut.

One option that I have looked into several times now is, of course, Craigslist. People post advertisements on hair salons every day. There are always great deals available such as ‘two for the price of one’ or ‘bring a friend and the next haircut is for free’.. You need be very careful with scams when using this site though so make sure you are aware of that before you let someone come into contact with your hair with a pair of scissors!


#1 –> Amanda – Hair stylist from home

Price list:

  • Blow-dry/style: $10-$15
  • Woman’s cut/style: $15-$20
  • Colour re-touch: $20-$25
  • Full Colour: $30-$40
  • Partial highlights: $30-$40
  • Full highlights: $40-$50

*all services include a blow-dry/style of your choice!*

For more information go to her advertisement on craigslist, give her a call or email her and set up an appointment if you are interested!

#2 –> Chura Hair Salon

If you want to go to a proper salon then another cheap option is in downtown; Chura Hair Salon.

To get your haircut it will only cost you CA$30 and or just CA$5 to get your bangs cut.

For more information visit the website.


Kings Men Hair Design

One of my colleagues went to this salon and was very pleased with the service there and the reviews found online are also great!

Price: CA$15 for regular cut


2072 Kingsway Suite 1
Vancouver, BC
V5N 2T3 Canada

Phone number: 604 – 879 – 1614

Call them and make an appointment!

Hope this helps!



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Smart Saver Vancouver

Hi everyone,

Today we have another great tip for you guys!
Namely the Place ‘Omelettery‘. At this place you can buy all kinds of breakfast for a good price! Perfect to go here on Sunday to enjoy a good breakfast!

You  can order all kinds of delicious things:
– Eggs
– Pancakes
– Fruits
– Potatoes
– Burgers
– Sandwiches
– Fresh apple/orange/ grapefruit  juice

The price for a breakfast is between $8 and $15

Last time I ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast, and I can really recommend this one! this price is $13,95 and it includes:
– 2 Pancakes
– Cheese Omelet
– Pan Fries
– Fruit Cup
– choose Bacon/Sausage/Ham

The Service is very good, and the people are friendly.
But this is a very busy place, sometimes there is a line, so you have to wait a bit until there is a table available for you!

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7am till 3pm.


2211 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

If you have good tips on how to save money in Vancouver, please feel welcome to write a comment below 😀

Cheers, Lydia

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