Vancouver Party Guide

This one’s for the party animals amongst you guys. If you like to go out, but you are not sure where the most popular spots are, let me help you. I have a good one for each day of the week, depending on your preferences. That doesn’t mean I encourage you to drink and go out though. 😀 This guide is simply to make your life easier in case your schedule is less flexible, but you don’t want to miss out on Vancouver’s Nightlife.

Monday: Fortune Sound Club
You probably think “who goes out on Monday nights”, right? But Midnight Monday’s are very popular at Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown. They play R&B beats and you can get $4 Highballs. The party starts at 10pm! My tip: go check out some bars in Gastown before you go and warm up for the dance floor with a couple of cocktails. I personally like The Diamond. It’s a little more pricey, but they have a great variation of very unique cocktails. If you’re lucky you might also run into the cast of the Netflix series Riverdale, since they like to go out to this bar as well. 🙂

Tuesday: The Cambie
You wouldn’t expect it, but yes, even on Tuesdays it gets quite busy at certain bars/clubs in Vancouver. The Cambie is known as a hostel, but it has it’s own bar and let me tell you: It gets pretty wild in there, especially on Tuesdays, because it’s Latin night! You can swing your hips to some South American beats while enjoying a variety of beverages to very reasonable prices. A pitcher of Lager costs around $16, which is pretty good for Vancouver prices. Another reason to go: You’ll meet lots of cool people from many different countries! The Cambie is an international hot spot. I make new friends every time I go.

Wednesday: Pub Night
Of course Wednesday’s are for Pub Nights! Less clubbing, more bar feeling. Even though a pub night can on occasion also end in a “go home at 3am with a cheeseburger” kind of night. Every Wednesday we switch pubs to show you as many cool places as possible and then you can pick your favourites. Pub nights are great to meet people like you, who are here for an international experience. Further, they are amazing to exchange some experiences with one another, plus you can plan some weekend activities together, which makes your time here in Vancouver even better!

Thursday: Library Square Public House
From 8pm till 2am you can enjoy some Reggaeton and Top 40 Hits at Library Square’s International Thursday’s. This party will for sure get you in the mood for the weekend! I recommend buying tickets in advance to secure yourself a spot on the dance floor, plus it’s way cheaper. Only $8 cover charge if you buy in advance, and $15 if you buy your ticket at the door.

Friday: The Yale Saloon
Yes, it’s a country bar! This one is especially interesting for the ladies, since they can get in for free if they show up before 9pm on a Friday night! Yehaaaw! Otherwise cover charge is between $12 and $14. They only take cash at the entrance, so make sure you grab some before you go. I know some of you have their prejudices towards country music, but you’ll be surprised how popular it is in Canada. A lot of young people love going to this bar to sing and dance to some honkeytonk. I feel it’s actually more towards pop music nowadays, once you hear some songs for a few times you can probably sing along, which makes going there even more fun. The highlight of this bar is the mechanical bull. You can ride it for free, but if you want the bull operator to be nice to you, leave a little tip in his jar. 😉 Definitely a must-visit while you are here!

Saturday: Anywhere on Granville Street
On Saturday’s there are parties everywhere! I like to go to Granville street, which literally turns into a party mile at night! The road is usually blocked because there’s too many people walking around the area. You can just walk by and see what you like, I believe there’s something for everybody. Though, it might be good to go earlier, before the crowds arrive, since line-ups for the clubs and bars can get really long. A few of my favourites are Cavo, Cinema, Hotel Belmont, The Roxy, Cabana and the Colony. Each has a different vibe to it! It’s best to go and see for yourself which one’s your favourite.


Sunday: Roxy
Okay, this one is honestly my favourite club in Vancouver. They have great music every day of the week, always switching between half an hour live band and half an hour DJ. It’s a fun atmosphere, the bartenders are nice and it’s a little more casual. Roxy Sundays are legendary. It’s country night (I know, country again, but you’ll start to like it faster than you’d know) and it gets really busy! A lot of people who work in the service industry come here to celebrate on Sunday’s, since they usually work on Friday/Saturday nights, when everybody else is going out. If you are early you can get a free cowboy hat from the bartenders. They also have a photo booth and a pool table in case you’re not a big fan of dancing. You can get a Corona and a shot of Tequila for $11 bucks on Sunday’s, that’s a pretty good deal. The cover charge varies, but I’d say it’s worth checking it out.

I hope this post is useful for you and I think you should just go and see for yourself! Of course this is just a selection and there’s many more options. Maybe you have a favourite already? Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment section. 🙂

Make sure you invite me, or let me know how it was. 😉

Cheers, Laura 🙂

Alina’s First Pub Night

My very first Pub Night with the INTERNeX family!

Yesterday was my first time at Pub Night and I still can’t believe how many of you INTERNeXers were there. First of all, I want to thank you for such a warm welcome! Obviously I didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone, but I’m pretty sure I will get to know all of you shortly and I can’t wait! When I tried to take a group picture, I realized I had to take two, from each end of the table, because I couldn’t get everyone into one. 😀

So last night we went to the Beaver. It’s a really nice Pub on Granville Street, which I was told is THE street downtown to go out. And actually I was pretty impressed by how much was going on there on a Wednesday night, because where I come from it’s not common that a street is still so crowded late on a weekday. We started our evening with some food and drinks and because we became more and more people over time the waitresses had to add another table again and again.

Later at night we played bingo. I was really excited because it was a music bingo and I haven’t played it before and some of you couldn’t even wait for it to start. It was so much fun even though I didn’t even know most of the titles of the songs but others did and then we just helped each other. Great team work guys! Three of us even won a price. They got a pitcher and a shot for free. Lucky you! I definitely want to come back to the Beaver because I really want to win too. 🙂

After that a part of the group continued their night and went somewhere else afterwards, but others just headed home since they had to get up early this morning.
So a couple of us could take the same skytrain back home and this ride was a little adventure for itself. We were standing there and all of a sudden the train made an emergency stop. It was actually fun because we fell onto each other kind of like dominos. And even the door opened a little, but fortunately nothing happened and we just stopped for about a minute and then we could continue our ride. We just didn’t expect it at all. 😀
All in all I had a really fun night and I’m even more looking forward to the other Pub Nights and of course our trips on the weekends.
Furthermore, I can’t wait to get to know all of you more and spend lots of time with you guys!

So have a great day and see you soon!


– Alina

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


PuB-Night review

What a fun night!

Since this was my first PuB-Night ever, I am so impressed by the amount of people I met last night! Thank you for being so nice and welcoming!

IMG_4148The beaver, located on Granville Street, is definitely a place worth checking out! Even tho we were such a big group the stuff didn’t get tired to run up and down the stairs constantly. The Pub itself is a really nice place, just making you feel the canadian spirit.  A personal recommendation are the nachos! So good. Thanks again for getting me amped on them ;-).
Later we went on to playing some music bingo, apparently that’s the thing to do, when you visit the beaver on a Wednesday night. And I have to admit, this wasn’t the last time of me playing bingo in here. Some of us were even lucky enough to win and got into the joy of having some shots or even a pitcher for free! I think we can agree in having a pretty good night out this week!

After the long Thanksgiving weekend everybody was so happy to be around each other again. And besides me, there were some new faces to be welcomed in the group. Therefore a special welcome to you guys and thanks for coming!

But don’t worry the next Canadian highlight is already set. Since Halloween is such a big thing here, we should het the chance to get into some crazy costumes for our upcoming Halloween Party! Therefore, and because I am personally very excited to get to know you guys a little bit better, we’ll see each other on the weekend and go do some costume shopping together!
And I am promising you, the Halloween-vibe around here is just on another level!

I hope you are having a great day and see you soon.

– Nadja

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

What to do on the weekend?

I have great news for you: this weekend will be a long one! Canada celebrates Victoria Day on Monday, so most of you do not have to work on that day and can celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. Here are some ideas for you to fill your great weekend.

5601230552_924f0e3fa3_nHave you ever seen the big silver bowl at False Creek next to the stadiums? Inside this bowl, you can experience science in an interactive and fun way. This Saturday, a special exhibition opens which is all about PIXAR. I am sure you all know some PIXAR movies, such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, WALL-E… the list goes on and on. If this sounds interesting to you, then meet us in front of the entrance at 11am on Saturday morning and we will have a fun morning together. Admission fee for Science World is $25 for adults, $20.25 for students (bring your ID). The exhibition ‘The Science behind PIXAR’ costs $8 extra.

The weather forecast for Saturday does not seem too bad, so you can spend the afternoon at the beach and enjoy the sun. English Bay and Kitsilano beach are the hotspots for the summer in Vancouver. And of course, Stanley Park is always a great location. Take a walk around the sea wall with beautiful views. After this exhausting day, you might get hungry. A cool location is Dublin Calling on Granville Street which offers a good food and drinks menu. Their brand new rooftop just opened last week where you can enjoy the sun. Even at night you will not get cold, because the rooftop is covered. Perfect spot for a May night! We will check it out next Wednesday at our PuB NiGHT.

Sundays are always great for leaving the busy city life and getting out in the nature. 9359310737_4067428b32_nA great place to do so is Deep Cove in North Vancouver. From downtown, you will reach this area in approximately one hour by bus. A lovely place is hidden in this part of town. Hike easily on Quarry Rock, where you will have a beautiful view on Indian Arm. You have also the possibility to rent a kayak for a few hours and paddle around. Great end of the day is a visit to Honey Doughnuts & Goodies, a famous café for locals and tourists.

And then, it is Monday already. What about actually spending Victoria Day in Victoria? It is located in the south of Vancouver Island. You can take the ferry from Tsawwassen to Victoria, which takes about 90 minutes and costs $17.20. On Victoria Day, there is the famous Island Farms Victoria Day Parade. It is free to attend and takes about two hours. Besides that, bands are performing live at different locations all over the city.

Have a great weekend!

– Kerstin

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PuB NiGHT Review: Halloween Party

Thank you all for joining us yesterday for the Halloween Party at Caprice Nightclub! We had so much fun and I hope you did too!

Caprice is a night club located on Granville Street / Entertainment District. It is a big club with two levels and on the ground level two different rooms. Every Friday night they organize International Fridays with all kinds of different music genres and if you’re on the guest list you can get in for free.


This “PuB NiGHT” was of course a little bit different because of Halloween. When I arrived at the club, Granville Street was already packed with a lot of people in all kinds of costumes, for example I met JigSaw and even the clown from IT.

After most people arrived we entered the club and got something to drink. The club was nicely decorated and the music was very good, with genres like R&B and Dance.

I hope that you all enjoyed Halloween and we are looking forward to see you all on Sunday for the Brewery Tour!

– Mandy

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-