INTERNeX Canada: Have you ever tried a POUTINE?

Canada doesn’t have an official national food, but our famous “poutine” is a strong contender for this title! What is it? A poutine consists of three main ingredients: fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Yup, basically a dish full of grease and calories and probably shouldn’t be eaten, but it is the most delicious thing ever. This is the best thing when you are freezing cold or if you are taking a break from skiing on the slopes.

Cheese curds, which is basically unprocessed cheese that should be eaten when fresh, was invented when dairy farmers in Quebec wanted to save excess production. It has a soft chewy texture with little taste and makes a squeaky sound when you bite into it.

Quebec is also where poutine has originated. Many Quebecois communities such as Drummondville and Warwick claim to be the birthplace of this dish in the late 1950s, but nobody really knows who or where this trend really started.

Now, poutine has become popular all over Canada and in the United States especially in New York and New Jersey. There are many variations to the basic gravy, cheese and fries with additional ingredients such as other cheeses, pulled pork, beans and barbecue sauces. Basically like a nacho, anything goes!

You might have to go to Montreal to find the best and most original kind of poutine, but here are some really good and cheap places in Vancouver to try this dish:

  • La Belle Province (1215 Davie St. & Robson St.): This is where you are going to find the most authentic version as it serves traditional Quebecius cuisine.
  • Fritz European Fry House (718 Davie Street & Granville St.): As the name hints, Fritz specializes in fries. That’s pretty much all they sell there with a whole bunch of poutine toppings and sauces to try.
  • Costco Food Court (605 Expo Boulevard, right across Rogers Arena): This might be an unusual place for poutine as Costco is a warehouse that sells goods in bulk. (Psst, this is a special Smart Saver Vancouver for those of you who got this far in the post!) Their huge poutine goes for about $4.50 and everything on the menu is very cheap. While you need a membership card to purchase anything else in the store, their food court is open to anyone!

You must try this Canadian cuisine while you are living here! It might look kind of gross, but trust me, you’ll fall in love!



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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock – food edition

Enjoying Canada? You probably already discovered a lot of Canadian things to do here. But there is also food that you need to try while you are here, you can’t leave Canada without it! Check out these Canadian treats:


This is of course the very first thing to try in Canada! It’s French fries covered with brown gravy and topped with fresh cheese curds. You can also add meat in your poutine. It is best enjoyed at three AM after a long club night and a couple of drinks!


Maple syrup
In Canada you can find ANYTHNG with maple syrup in it. There is maple tea, maple cookies, maple ice cream, maple candies, maple wine, maple butter, maple sugar, even maple soap – the list is endless. It’s best with pancakes or crêpes; add banana pieces and you have the real Canadian breakfast!

Beaver tail
Don’t worry, Canada will not make you eat beaver meat. Beaver tail is a sweet treat: it’s a flat piece of dough that is fried and then covered with different delights like chocolate, maple syrup, cinnamon, sugar, nuts (not all at once, you can choose). The shape of the dough and the chocolate stripes they usually put on top make it look like a beaver tail.

Tim Hortons
Originated in Canada, Tim Hortons is THE Canadian icon. Of course they have donuts everywhere, but try the Maple Dip Donut! Timbits are truly Timmy’s invention, can’t leave Canada without having had a box of Timbits. And have a double double for your drink, just because you feel so local when ordering it…

You might know Oreo cookies, they are pretty good. But things made out of Oreo cookies are even better. Start out with a McDonalds Oreo McFlurry; there is a lot of gelato shops with Oreo ice cream, too. Then, there are Oreo cakes out there, the best treat ever! And if you dare, try fried Oreos – a cookie covered with dough, fried and served hot. Sounds odd but it is incredibly tasty as the cookie melts inside!

Nanaimo bars
This one is not only Canadian, it’s even local! It is named after the West-Coast city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. The Nanaimo bar is a dessert made of a wafer crumb-based layer, a light vanilla layer or custard flavoured butter icing, and covered in chocolate. What else is there to say?


That’s my list, I tried them all. Or did a forget anything? Do you have more Canadian delights? Comment!


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Shake Off Your Turkey Jerky!!!


A Thanksgiving Feast


Ah, tis the day after the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have all gorged on the delicious table-full of foods: stuffed turkey with heaps of cranberry and gravy dressing, rich and creamy lasagna, pumpkin pie with gallops of ice cream, butter-infused mashed potato, and of course, accompanied by wine.

All this has got to wreck havoc on our waistline!

Is it the day after, and you habitually put on your pants, only to find that they are a little too snug? And you even try on the elastic-band pants but still feel the elastic too close for comfort?

Well, it might be time for some hard-core detox, which calls for buckling down and steer our paths back to the sure and tried way of a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to get back into shape is immediacy.  I just walked by a billboard that said “Procrastinator’s Anonymous Meeting”.  Then underneath the sign, it said “cancelled again”.  It is meant to be a joke…but it is so true.  We keep procrastinating from getting back into a healthy routine, that we procrastinate to the point where it becomes a habit to do so.

So…what does it mean to shake that turkey jerky? You know the turkey “junk in your trunk”? Well, you just have to jerk it off: dust off your work-out clothes, hop back on the treadmill, follow up with consistent and adequately proportioned meals….and with much persistence, you will see a difference!

I myself am trying to start up this routine.  It is excruciatingly painfully hard and tough…but I am determined to keep at it…until Halloween and Christmas roll around.  But I will do all I can before the holidays take over!

Some programs you can do:

-dance classes

-bootcamp (which usually runs outdoor ran or shine)

-gym membership


Just remember, have fun while doing this, and love every second of it, even the sweaty, frustrating parts because that’s what makes you stronger!