New ‘Kids’ on the Blog

Yes, it’s time for more new kids on the blog again! This year they just keep coming and we’re loving it!

Let me introduce you to our Work and Traveler Anne. She’s 26 and from Brussels in Belgium. In her home country she already gained a lot of work experience as a social communications manager, now she’d like to start her own project and try something new. So far, she didn’t get quite a good impression of Vancouver, since she’s only been staying downtown, but I told her the hidden gems are outside the city close to the forests, mountains, lakes and the ocean, especially for her favourite free time activities which include playing soccer, climbing and biking. I’d say Vancouver is the perfect area to do such things. Maybe she’ll go to Whistler dog sitting, or do a 3-4 week road trip through Canada. There’s many options she’d like to explore before she settles for job in Montreal, where she’s been before. She liked it so much that she decided to come back! Montreal is more European, plus she already has friends over there, which is why she prefers the East Coast, at least so far ;). And if you’re thinking, oh no but they speak mostly french over there, so does Anne! I’m excited to see how long she decides to stay here and what her future adventures will bring. 🙂

Meret is 18 years old and close from Bielefeld in Germany. She loves animals which explains why she’ll be working at a cat sanctuary and a wildlife rescue in her two months time here. She just finished High School in Germany and after her stay on the West Coast, she’ll be traveling through the United States to visit some family, before returning to Germany and thinking about what to study. Her interests are very divers, on the one hand she’s super creative and thinking about studying Design, on the other hand she’s curious about medicine. I asked her if she could imagine being a vet since she wants to rescue lots of animals, but she actually isn’t quite sure about that. 😉 One of the reasons why she picked Canada is the nature with its mountains, lakes and wildlife. Her impression of Vancouver is big with many different parts that seem like different worlds, which she finds very impressive, plus she likes that the city is close to the ocean. In her free time she likes to paint, read, or dance many different styles like contemporary, modern, ballet, or jazz. Maybe she can teach us some dance moves. 🙂

Tamara, 20 years old from the near of Stuttgart in Germany will also be with us for two months. She’ll be doing a practicum related to her co-op studies in marketing and customer service at the same company Jessica is at. 🙂 Tamara studies Business Administration and Technical Management. The reasons she picked Canada are the scenery and a chat with Tim about her possibilities here, and honestly who could say no to that? 😉 The city so far seems big, but there’s a lot of nice people, she says. She doesn’t have a bucket list, but rather jumps in the cold water and takes whatever is given to her on the way, like exploring the mountains and wildlife. I like that attitude! In her free time she plays several instruments like the clarinet and saxophone. BUT, she’s not only playing music, she can also dance to it! Pre-Covid she was part of a dance group, but unfortunately they had to stop meeting with all the restrictions, which brought her back to an old hobby: horseback riding! I guess it all has some advantages and disadvantages to it. Anyways, we’re happy she’s here with us and has some time to jump into cold waters, climb some mountains and enjoy the Vancouver city life!

Next we have Fanny. She’s 18 years old and from Brussels in Belgium. Fanny is going to have English lessons for about 2 months and right after she wants to work at a Café in Vancouver. She just finished high school in Brussels and is now gaining some experience in Canada. After the time in Vancouver she wants to study Biology somewhere in Belgium. She chose Canada because she wanted to learn the english language and thought that Great Britain was too close and the US a bit too expensive! 🙂 So we are happy to have Fanny here! Her first impression of Vancouver is that the skyscrapers are super tall and the people are very friendly. Fanny doesn’t really have things on her bucket list, that’s why she’s very spontaneous and open for adventures here in Canada. In her free time she’s playing field hockey and for 2 years she’s also going to the scouts. Her favourite food is Pizza & Burgers, so Vancouver is a great place since you get those on every corner.

Ferdinand, 20 years old, from Bamberg in Germany is next on the list :). For the next 5 months he’ll be doing an internship in research about the clothing industry and the recycling of specific clothes. Back home in Germany he was already working at a warehouse and did some research for trucks and silos. This work is very important because it prevents accidents who can happen if you don’t do the research properly. After his time in Canada, he wants to study in the Netherlands in the same field. He chose Canada because it was his biggest dream to come here! We’re glad we’re a part of making that dream come true! 🙂 Unfortunately, his first impression from Vancouver was interrupted by the smoke of the wildfires on Saturday. Nevertheless, he thinks that the people here are very friendly and open-minded. If it’s possible at any time, Ferdinand would like to visit Toronto for 2-3 days, or go to Seattle because he’s a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Any more fans amongst us? He likes to play soccer, basketball and tennis in his free time. I’m sure he can find many places to resume his sports here, maybe someone is down for a match? 🙂 His favourite food are some good old burgers. I recommended him “Fatburger”. What’s your favourite burger spot?

Last, but definitely not least is Lina. She’s 19 years old and lives in a city near Marburg in Germany. She’ll do a project for about 1 month with a rabbit rescue organization. After that, she wants to travel around Canada for about two weeks to see maybe Vancouver Island and Toronto. As if travelling in Canada is not enough, she then travels to Costa Rica to do a project with kids at a kindergarten :). She chose Canada because her uncle was here in January and was talking about his great journey quite often. She then thought about going to Vancouver it connects vast nature with big city. Her first impression was also that most of the people here are very friendly and caring. Since Vancouver is surrounded by many mountains, her biggest wish is to go skiing somewhere. Maybe the snow falls early this year? Back in Germany she just finished her high school and after travelling, she wants to study architecture in Kassel. She likes meeting her friends and going to festivals and parties. In her hometown she’s a lifeguard in the summertime. Her favourite food is Italian food and of course she wants to try some good pancakes with maple syrup at a traditional Canadian Diner. We’re happy to have Lina in our rows!

We’re very excited for you to meet our new kids at tonight’s pub night, 7.30pm at the Ballyhoo! See you there!


Tino, Ida & Laura 🙂

Adios, amigos!

Oh guys.. Now it’s also time for me. Time for me to leave. Time for me to say goodbye.
It’s been a great time and I cannot call myself luckier to have come to Vancouver and live those 13 weeks of awesomeness!

I know it’s just been three months, and there were just a few of you that were present the entire time, but I feel that I’ve known so many of you for more than just a couple of weeks. I cannot count the many moments that I will keep in my mind forever, that made 37192266_10156379462734647_3702215724152913920_nme smile, that I’m thankful for and that just showed me how easy it is to make friends and bond over some random, weird stuff.

So many events, so many PuB NiGHTs, so many trips that kept me busy during my stay in Vancouver. It was tiring and exhausting from time to time, but there was not one single moment that I regret spending with you guys.

The trip to Portland, Oregon, which was also my kick-off event with the INTERNeX-gang, was just incredibly funny. Even though, we were missing out on sleep and were quite unlucky with the weather, I enjoyed discovering the American city with you and spending the evenings playing “complicated” card games. Who would include “Kiiiii” and “Queeeen” in a card game, if not us? 😂

Speaking of weird neologism, our trip to Vargas Island was definitely one of my favourite moments. The introduction of the word “Schnäck” and all the achievements we made during that trip really left their mark. The successful attempt of lighting up a fire out of wet wood, building up the tents in pouring rain and installing the tarp from scratch was something I will never forget.

And last but not least, our four-day trip to the Rockies. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Just enjoying the breath-taking views of the beautiful nature was amazing. But spending the journeys in the bus with fun conversations and games made the trip so much more valuable. Thanks for joining all of this craziness with us.

35646874_1761660767260279_3469225791433211904_nBut there was way more that brought value to my time in Vancity than these three big trips. There were so many more funny moments that I either can’t remember or that are just too insignificant to list now! But I guess you all have your own favourite moment and will keep it in your memory!

As the orientation video announces, the PR-team  “will make your stay unforgettable”… but I have to say that it was you – every single one of you, that made my time here unforgettable. The office-team at INTERNeX, you candidates at events and in general the City of Vancouver (or the Day 2Country Canada). I don’t even know, what was the most special of all! I guess it was the composure of it all: Having the incredible nature in and around Vancouver, having you to discover it with, and having the INTERNeX-team that made all of it possible.

I can just say, that this chapter of my life has a very important spot in my heart. I grew profesionally but also personally. As I said, I am thankful for every single one who was part of this. I will really miss the times.

Keep up the craziness, I definitely will. And all of you: Stay the way you are – keep travelling, keep exploring!
Chances are that we meet again!

– Elisabeth

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

See ya, bye!

It’s time to say goodbye. This makes me always sad therefore I prefer to say “See ya again” one day.
I’ve had an amazing time here in Vancouver and all of you’ve had a hand in it.
Thanks to all of you for making my time in Canada just incredible.
The time went by way too fast and I’m so sad that I have to leave already. On my first weekend(three months ago) I went to the Rockies and was impressed by the stunning nature of Canada. Since that moment I’ve started to love this country.
During my stay in Vancouver I’ve seen so many beautiful places like Vancouver Island, the Rockies, Whistler, Portland and Seattle.
One of my favourite trips was the hike to the Garibaldi Lake and the Panorama Ridge (33 km) in the Garibaldi Provincial Park. I was nearly dead after this hike but I’ve never seen something which is so breathtaking and gorgeous like this!!
I’ve never enjoyed my life as much as I did here.
You can’t beat this city – it’s possible to experience the big city life and the stunning beauty of nature at the same place.
A BIG THANK YOU to Mina and Tim for offering me the opportunity to do my practicum at INTERNeX. I’ve learned so much for my studies in Germany and especially for my life.
Another thank you goes to Henrik for introducing me in my new tasks at the PR-Department and supporting me all the time.
Last but not least – thank you to Lisa and Simon for the great and fun time in this office.

I’m going to miss Vancouver, Canada and ALL OF YOU way too much. For sure I’m going to come back some day.

Take care,


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Goodbye INTERNeX

Today is my last day here at INTERNeX and I sadly have to say goodbye to everybody. 

I had such an awesome time here in Vancouver, with not only lots of great work experience but especially a really good time with all of you. The time has gone way too fast and I am soo sad to leave already, but I really hope I can come back some time. It was so nice to get to know everybody here and to have lots of fun together at our PuB Nights and other events. I especially enjoyed the time in Victoria, which was my first trip with INTERNeX, but I am even more looking forward to our upcoming time in the Rockies from tomorrow on.

I also want to thank everybody for joining all the events and having such a great time together, and especially I want to thank all the members of the PR Team, Alex, Ole and Henrik for helping me out with all the tasks we had to do and for being really nice colleagues. Thanks to Tim for offering me the great chance to do this practicum and supporting me with everything here and also to Simon, Lisa & Mina for the great time in this office.

I hope everyone of you is enjoying the rest of their time here in Vancouver, you can be sure i’ll really miss it!!!! I’ll think of all of you during my travels for the next few weeks.


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

PuB NIGHT review

On Friday we had an awesome Pub&Club Night @ The Cambies. We met at 8:30pm and the pub was pretty full, but we were lucky and had a table just for us and the guy, who loved to share his fake teeth with us 😉

The Cambies is one of the famous pubs around Vancouver and furthermore you have the possibility to watch baseball and other sports on the TV screen – and of course: HOCKEY!

On Friday the Canucks had a game against Minnesota. The Canucks didn’t have the best of days –they lost 2:1! Hence, please don’t worry if you didn’t watch the game!



Some of us ordered food especially fries and we had some pitcher of beer. We stayed at the Cambies till they closed, so we had a great time out.


We hope you enjoyed the Pub &Club NiGHT and will join on Wednesday again for the weekly PuB NiGHT. Keep an eye on facebook and our blog.

See ya soon!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-