Where to get delicious food in Vancouver?

Food, food, food – today it’s all about food.
Believe it or not, there’s more than A&W and Tim Hortons in Vancouver 😉

This blogpost is especially for the ones who love good food and maybe even in a place that is not completely crowded with tourists…and of course for everyone else.
Maybe these places do not offer the best food in the city but the mix of price, quantity and quality makes them a great place to visit if you are on a budget.
Have a look at the variety of interesting food spots i’ve prepared for you guys, and at some point, the time will come where we’re able again to try them out.

Let’s start with a Greek speciality. Stepho’s Greek Taverna is located right in the middle of downtown with locations on Davie and on Robson St. It’s amazing barely being able to see the dish for the food; this describes the restaurant pretty well. You get good food at a great price and huge portions – definitely the perfect match.

Anton’s Pasta Bar:
Who loves good pasta as much as i do?
If you do, Anton’s Pasta Bar is definitely the place to be. Since it is located in Burnaby on Hastings it is a bit more difficult to reach but absolutely worth it. They offer legendary portions of freshly made pasta where you can get a real Italian feeling. Check it out 🙂
Tip: If you prefer staying Downtown try the Old Spaghetti Factory for amazing pasta variations as well; not as good but still good.

Let’s continue with another noodle house.
Hon’s Noodle House: It’s one of the many Chinese restaurants in Vancouver that is seen by most Vancouverites as their “go to” over the last 40 years. Even if the original in Chinatown closed down the one on Robson St is going strong; here is their ridiculously large (and very affordable) menu: http://hons.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Hons-Robson-menu.pdf

Floata Dim Sum: Have you ever heard of Dim Sum? Not me. But maybe you’ve heard of dumplings which i think is probably more familiar to some of us and similar to Dim Sum.
Dim Sum is a kind of Chinese food that many people may not have tried; it is a breakfast or lunch food with small portions for sharing with your family or friends. Mostly there are steamed dumplings, buns and a hefty dose of seafood.
No worries for those not enjoying seafood that much there are still a lot of non-seafood options.
Floata Dim Sum is located at the start of Chinatown on Keefer St.

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse: Last but not least; what would this list be without an all you can eat steak place? This Steakhouse offers a huge variety of meats including pork, chicken, beef, ribs and many more. Therefore, I am sure there is something for everyone.
Additionally, next to the amazing salad bar they have a happy hour every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3-6pm with delicious food and drinks. You can visit Rio’s just off Davie on Denman st at the downtown west end.

What else to say than Enjoy your meal 😉

– Tatjana

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What to do on the weekend?

Finally, it is here again: The weekend. Well, and the FIFA World Cup as well. Kinda hard to decide which one I should be more excited about. Well, the World Cup is definitely more seldom, so I guess it is worth to put the weekend on second place. Sorry, weekend, I still love you.

To be precise, the soccer World Cup already started yesterday. But since we’re in Vancouver, so basically on the other side of the world, and some of us have to work, it is just not possible to watch the games early in the morning. Well, you could, before work, still lying in bed. But it’s just not the same excitement.7366316306_06cbe8e956_n
Chances are better on the weekend. The games are still early, but you can make a change of venue. Locations to watch the FIFA World Cup can be found all over Vancouver. You can find different international Pubs, e.g. English, American, Portuguese, German and a lot of others. I bet the atmosphere is better than in your bed, and you have the chance to meet people that are just as crazy about soccer. The schedule for the games (in Vancouver time) can be found here.

9317983502_e41923fa88_nIf you are less interested in soccer, the Surrey Greek Food Festival might be something for you. Local Greeks that recently came to Vancouver or lived here for some generations, established this community event more than 25 years ago. You can get freshly cooked Greek food, enjoy some Greek music and just be inspired by the foreign culture. To get there, just take the Expo Line to King George and make your way to St. Constantine and Helen orthodox church. On Saturday evening at 8pm, live music will be played by Yanis Sahamis on his Bouzouki (a mandolin like instrument).

You are neither a Foodie nor a soccer fan, then just make the best out of the weekend while enjoying the sun. The forecast says nothing but sun, so rent a bike, grab a good book and just relax in a park or go for a hike (there is the option to join our weekend excursion to Lynn Canyon Park on Saturday).

Get your sunscreen out, put your sunglasses on and get ready for the weekend.
I hope to see you on Saturday for our hike in Lynn Canyon Park.


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What to do on the weekend

Hello folks, it is time again! The weekend starts soon and the weather is going to be great in Vancouver with around 22 degrees and just sun!


Rent a motor boat at Horse shore bay. It is the perfect trip for you and your friends with a lot of fun involved. A 6 person motor boat costs just 80 dollars including tax and gas per hour. You do not need a license for it because you will receive a detailed introduction for the boat. Fishing gear can also be rented out for a decent price.

Check out this homepage  for more details.


After this trip be it in the afternoon or evening you should check out Stepho’s Greek Taverna for some amazingly good and cheap Greek food. The restaurant is located on Davie street and one of the secret spots to eat in Vancouver. Calculate some waiting time because during lunch and dinner you will always find a line up in front of the restaurant.

Here you can read some reviews and get more information!



On Saturday at 5 pm, do not forget to reserve a table in one of the many great sports bar in Vancouver to watch the 2. Canucks game in the Playoff finals!! The city of Vancouver will be very, very crowded. Therefore make sure to go early if you have not made a reservation.


Enjoy your weekend on hopefully the warmest days in Vancouver!!




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