Keep Portland Weird!

It’s finally time again: INTERNeX’s next monthly trip is taking place! In 2 days, we’ll all be sitting in a bus. And not only are we going away, we are going out of the country! Goodbye Canada and hello USA. Portland is our destination.

We’ll meet on Thursday, June 7th, at 6:15pm in front of the Pacific Central Station. From there, we will take the bus. A super exciting and fun 11-hours bus ride is ahead of us! The perfect time to talk to your seat neighbour, to listen to your favourite music, to read a fascinating book, to have a good night sleep, etc.

Rise and shine, it’s 6am and it’s a new day. Welcome to Portland Ladies and Gentlemen. We’ll go to the hotel directly to store our luggage (because check in is not open until 4pm). And because it’s so early and we’re all most likely starving, we’ll fill our bellies at the hotel buffet. At 10:15am, we’ll gather in front of the hotel. Time to go to downtown! A 2-hour walking tour will give us a first impression of Portland. Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to discover Portland on your own for 3 hours. At 4pm, we’ll meet up again so we all find our way back to the hotel. At last, we can check in! And now that you’re finally in your hotel room, you can rest for a while and freshen up! The next meeting time is 6pm, where we’ll gather in front of the hotel (once again). We’ll go for a delicious dinner in a restaurant. We’ll end the evening relaxed by chilling in the hotel. Games, laughs and talks included!

Good morning dear candidates! It’s for you to decide at what time you’ll enjoy breakfast. As long as you’re in front of the hotel at 10am, it’s all good. On Saturday, everyone gets to choose an activity (the choices are: the Chinese Garden, Pittock Mansion or the USS Submarine). After the activity, everyone has free time, the whole afternoon. Try to plan in some time to get snacks and drinks for the bus ride the next day. We’ll meet at 6pm at a restaurant in downtown (which will be announced at a later time). After our tasty dinner, we’ll head to another activity. It’s for you to decide whether you’d like to go roller skating or play mini golf in blacklight. After that, the 21+ people have the chance to discover Portland’s nightlife. Yay!

On Sunday, it’s time to go back to Vancouver. It’s up to you again at what time you want to eat breakfast. Check out time at the hotel is latest 11am. We will also meet at that time to go to the Greyhound station, so make sure you’re ready on time! This time, an ‘only’ 9.5-hour long bus ride is ahead of us! We arrive back at the Pacific Central Station at 10pm.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Passport (must be valid)
  • $6 USD in cash to cross the border
  • Your documents to re-enter Canada (work permit etc.)
  • Umbrella or rain jacket (unfortunately, the weather forecast doesn’t seem great)
  • Your bikini / swim shorts (there is a pool we could use)

So, Keep Portland Weird! (That’s the unofficial motto of the city, by the way) And I’ll see you tomorrow for our PuB NiGHT at The Relish or latest on Thursday at 6:15pm!

– Nadine

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend/Vargas Island Trip Review

This weekend was a pretty adventurous one for the INTERNeX team. Due to the fact that our Victoria Trip had to be cancelled because not enough people signed up, 8 of us went on a spontaneous trip to Vargas Island, which is off the coast of Tofino. Prior to the trip we stocked up on camping equipment, food and a first aid kit and embarked on our 3 day survival trip.

On the first day we had to take Greyhound bus really early in order to arrive in Tofino on time to catch our Tofino Water Taxi to Vargas Island. The total trip was about 7 hours and once all our equipment was off loaded on to the island we made our plan to set up camp. The group was made up of many different personalities that complemented each other very well. All in all we were a great outdoorsy tough bunch that survived some trying moments.

Our first night on the island was very relaxed. Once our camp was set up, we set out to find a lot of wood to last us through the night and so that we could prepare our hotdogs for dinner. For dessert we had marshmallows over the fire of course 🙂 The amazing thing was that we had the entire bay to ourselves; which was so special.

Our second morning started early as we wanted to attempt the toughest hike of Tofino – Lone Cone Mountain – which was on another island nearby; Meares Island. We left the island at 8.30am and our hike officially started at 9am. As the hike got harder and harder we split up into smaller groups of 2 as we all had our own paces. The view from the top was phenomenal; we could see all the other islands up ahead and Tofino in the distance as well. It was pretty cold up top though so we decided to go back down pretty soon afterwards. In total, the hike took about 6 hours.

For our last night the boys made a massive fire so that we could warm up easily as it was drizzling once we got back to our camp. Our dinner of baked potatoes and baked beans and sausages filled us up really well after burning all that energy during our tough hike. Safe to say it was another early night for us.

The third day was mostly spent packing up all our stuff as it had started raining pretty hard and we couldn’t make a fire for our breakfast. Once we got back to the main land of Tofino we took shelter in a lovely place called Common Loaf Bakery where we enjoyed a warm coffee and breakfast sandwich.

As our tired bodies fell asleep on our bus trip back to Vancouver; we left Tofino in the distance with some very fond memories of the beautiful Vargas Island that was our home for the last 3 days.

I would definitely recommend this to all our outdoorsy and adventurous candidates. If you’re interested you can rent our camping equipment as well for a very affordable fee. More details will follow later this week. To check out all our other pictures of the trip click here to view them on our Flickr page.

What did everybody else get up to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!



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