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The past couple of days, it has been over 25 degrees Celsius in Vancouver. AKA: Summer is coming! Therefore, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about some great, affordable summer activities you can do during this time of year.

Kayaking Bowen Island May 2018Do you enjoy being on the water? Summer is the perfect season to go kayaking in False Creek! Groupon currently offers a 40% discount on two-hour single kayaks and a 44% discount on tandem kayaks. This means you can enjoy the beautiful view from the water, the calming sound of the waves and of course, improve your kayak skills, for only $24! The promotional value expires August 31st.

Would you like to do something less standard? Go paddle boarding! You can do this at Kitsilano Beach as well as Granville Island. From Granville Island, you can paddle down to False Creek or to English Bay and enjoy the beautiful views you will pass by on your way. If you’re lucky, you might even see some seals! Groupon offers a discount for this activity as well: two hours of paddle boarding on a weekday will cost you $17 instead of $33 and two hours of paddle boarding on any day will cost you $21. Tip: bring a friend and rent a paddle board for two people. Why? Well, Groupon offers a 51% discount, meaning you and your friend only have to pay $33 in total! This promotional value expires September 5th.

6054509692_718b4d44d3_mNot into water activities? No need to worry! If you enjoy movies and being surrounded by nature, I have the perfect activity for you: watch an outdoor movie at Stanley Park! Every Tuesday, between July 3rd and August 21st, you can wrap yourself in a warm blanket, eat popcorn and watch your favourite throwback movies, all while breathing in fresh air. The best part: it’s completely free! You can find the line-up here.

If you would just like to do something simple; organize a barbecue with your friends and divide the preparation among the people who join. A fun day guaranteed! I hope the weather stays nice enough for you to do all these activities. If it does: don’t forget to wear sunscreen and take water with you!

See you all tonight at the Lamplighter for PuB NiGHT!

– Angy

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Hi everyone,

This week we would like to introduce ‘Groupon‘ to you!

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Do you have a good tip on how to save money in Vancouver? Let us know! because you are welcome to leave a comment!


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