2010 Appleton Rum Peak to Valley Race

The Winter Paralympics maybe over but it doesn’t stop athletes from racing down Whistler Mountains. The 26th Annual Appleton Rum Peak to Valley Race is back this year for its unique 4 team member race. The race will span over the course of two days and will run from March 26-27. The two oldest members will compete on Friday while the remaining two will finish off the race on Saturday.

Compared to the average Giant Slalom race (alpine skiing), the Appleton Rum Peak to Valley Race is almost triple the number of gates and triple the length of vertical drop. An average GS race usually consists of approximately 35 gates and a drop of 250 metres. In the Appleton Rum Peak to Valley Race, there are 180 gates with a vertical drop of 1,443 metres. If you look at these numbers from a total metric system perspective, the Peak Valley Race is almost 5km long!

Participating in this event might be a little too late, but if you want to be a spectator, the cost of this event is FREE!

For more information, please visit: http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/todo/events/mountain/peaktovalley.htm