Rockies Tour Guide: Practical information

Only 2 more nights till we are going to the Rockies! We have been giving you a lot of information over the last couple of weeks, so make sure to read our previous blog posts if you want to know more. This time we are giving you some practical information.

On Friday we are meeting at Tim Hortons at 6.45 AM. The bus will leave from there or from the other side of the road, but we will see that as soon as we get there. Please make sure to be on time, as the bus will leave at 7 AM. As we are not in charge of the tour we can’t make a whole bus wait if you are not on time.  However, if for some reason you are delayed, please contact us so we can share this with our tour guide.

Make sure not to forget to bring:
– Your passport
– Medical insurance card
– Medication if necessary
– Bathing suit, so you can join us for the Polar Wolf Swim
– Good walking shoes
– Clothes for both warm and cold weather, as it can become quite cold in the night
– Sunglasses
– Enough money to avoid credit/debit card problems
– Toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.
– Sunscreen
– Aftersun
– Camera for all the beautiful pictures you are going to take
– Bug spray
– Phone charger
– Towels

Below you can see a small overview of our schedule and the packing list:

Rockies poster

If you have any more questions, then you can always contact us. I hope to see you all on PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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INTERNeX Canada: Rocky Mountains Trip Review!

Last weekend was an unforgettable experience for all 17 of us who went to the Rocky Mountains trip. Watching the beautiful scenery of snowy mountains and lakes really made me think how much I took Canada for granted. The bus we went on was named the “party bus” and it was a perfect fit.

Our West Trek tour guide, Lee, was amazing. Man, I don’t know how this guy had so much energy, considering we partied every night and woke up super early. And quite honestly, it was Lee who really made this trip so special for all of us. He has got the BEST jokes, music, games, and impressions of different accents with a comedic spin to it! Some inside jokes I will always remember are: BeCARFEUL monsieur! Japanese girl: ahhhhh~ and hi-cheese~!

Another great thing about this trip was the gorgeous weather. We really were a lucky bunch because it was sunshine and blue skies everyday! And because of this, we got to see all of Mount Robson, which is super tall! On our way to Valemount, we got off to look at spahat falls. It was so nice there!

The second day, we made our way to Banff, Alberta. This place was my favorite hotel! During the evening we went to their local pub and club for another night of partying! It was a lot of fun because everyone was drinking and having such a great time. One of the most memorable experience for me personally was the Columbia icefield. It’s a huge place and it was so windy! I thought I was going to be blown away by the wind. Regardless, the icefield was one of my favorite places in the Rocky Mountains. One person said he would come back to get married there…I won’t say who it was 😉

During this trip we went to so many beautiful places such as Lake LouiseBow Lake, Emerald Lake, and of course Banff Gondola! On the way home, in Kelowna, we all stopped for a small lunch break. Unfortunately, someone from the other tour bus wandered off! We all tried to look for him..our tour group suddenly turned into a huge search party. The police got involved and we waited for a couple of hours. Although it was stressful…I think it really brought all of us on the tour even more closer. We really bonded…and like Lee said, we were a wolf pack.

Overall…this trip is something that will be with me forever. I had such a great time and I hope everyone who went did too. If you missed out on this, don’t worry because I am 100% sure there will be another one quite soon!



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INTERNeX Canada: Let´s go Rockies!

Are you ready for the Rocky Mountain? Do you have any doubts about going or not?  Ok let´s make a list of pros and cons:


-Visit one of the most beautiful places of the world

– Meet new people

-Have fun, fun, fun and more fun

– Play hockey in the middle of the major mountain ranger of North America

– Party bus

– Crazy guides

– All taxes, tips and 4 meals included

-The Rocky Mountain Rave Party

– You will visit another province of Canada: Alberta

– All your friends will die of jealousy when they will see your photos and your grandma will think that you are becoming an explorer in Canada.

– Hotel accommodation, including one night in the heart of Banff!

–  I can continue writing but this post will be really long…


–          Let me think….

–          Still thinking…

–          I didn´t find anything, sorry!

Hurry up! Time is running out! Join us!



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INTERNeX goes Rockies! Summer Edition!

Would you like to know the real Canada? I can write a long post about how great the Rockies are but like WestTrek said Rockies must be seen to be believed!

Everybody that have been there describes them like surreal, unimaginable and of course unforgettable!

You will be in the most major mountain range of North America, with the funniest guide and doing crazy activities like playing hockey, having a Rave party and lots of other surprises!

The hotel, 2 breakfast and 2 dinners are included, you just have to worry about having fun!

If you don´t come, you will die of jealousy!

This is the itinerary:

Day 1

Depart Vancouver

Hope, BC


Spahats Falls

BBQ Dinner (included)

Hockey night in Valemount

Day 2

Breakfast (included)

Mt. Robson


Athabasca Falls

Columbia Icefields (optional)

Peyto Lake (seasonal)

Bow Lake

Arrive Banff: Party Time

Day 3

Gondola (optional)

Banff Tour and free time

Lake Louise

Moraine Lake (seasonal)

BBQ Dinner (included)

Rocky Mountain RAVE Party

Day 4

Breakfast (included)

Last Spike

The Okanagan Valley

Othello Tunnels

Arrive Vancouver

When? 3 August -6 August

Where? We will meet at Seymour and Cordova at 7.15 a.m the Friday 3 of August!

How much? INTERNeX Candidates just 345$

Non INTERNeX Candidates 355$

The real price is 365! You can´t ask for more!

Join us!



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Casual Friday – Gastowns Steam Clock

What is the story of the Steam Clock? Nobody really knows, that is why I want to share with you today an article by Will Woods. He is a tour guide here in Vancouver and gets a lot of questions about the Steam Clock but that question is one he has difficulty answering, that is why he investigated this story.

Let’s get our facts on the table. First of all, while Gastown is old, the clock ain’t. Built in 1977, it’s not even reached middle age yet. Secondly, while it uses steam power, it also requires three (three!) electric motors. By my reckoning any device that requires three electric motors is stretching the definition of ‘steam-powered’ to its absolute limit. Thirdly, it is styled to look like a 19th century antique rather than representing any actualdesign aesthetic of the late 70’s – further draining it of authenticity.

As I led my tour groups through Gastown, it bugged me. Why is this clock here? Aren’t there more interesting sights and relics in the city that should be more celebrated than the Gastown Clock? Are we letting down our city’s visitors by drawing them to it?

So I decided to dig a little deeper…I decided there had to be something interesting about the clock. I started by stepping back in time, to Gastown-before-the-clock. 1967 to be precise.

In the late 60’s Gastown was a much edgier place than today. Many of the buildings were derelict or provided slum accommodation for low-income people. Gastown also hosted a burgeoning counter-culture movement as hippies were drawn to the area, attracted by its cheap rents and cheaper drugs.

The mayor of the time was Tom “Terrific” Campbell. A strident pro-development mayor with an eye fixed firmly on the future. Campbell had bold plans for Vancouver. Protecting the city’s heritage buildings and its low-income Eastside communities was not in those plans. Working with urban planners, Tom developed a proposal to totally reconfigure Vancouver’s downtown. Swathes of Chinatown, Strathcona and historic Gastown were to be demolished to make way for a giant freeway.

Vancouver is notable amongst North American cities precisely because it does not have a freeway running through its centre. Cities including Toronto, Seattle and Chicago all have freeways running alongside their downtown waterfronts. Tom Campbell wanted a similar freeway system in Vancouver, including a third bridge from downtown to the North Shore. In fact right now The Museum of Vancouver has an excellent exhibit showing the plans and models of this never-built freeway system.

So what happened? Why doesn’t downtown have a 12 lane freeway? Well, it turned out the people who happily lived in Chinatown, Strathcona and Gastown in 1970 preferred not to be forcibly evicted from their homes to make way for a giant road. Surprise huh?

A concerted community campaign led by the residents of Chinatown put a stop to Tom’s terrific plans. The only stretch that got built was the Georgia St. and Dunsmuir St. viaducts, demolishing a neighhourhood known as Hogan’s Alley. In 1970 this part of town housed Vancouver’s black community and unfortunately the rearguard action by the Eastside communities came too late to save it. But Gastown, Chinatown and (most of) Strathcona were saved.

Today, the City of Vancouver is actively seeking proposals on what to do with the viaducts. My favourite suggestion is to build a park, perhaps honouring one of Hogan’s Alley’s occasional residents – Jimi Hendrix. He would visit his grandmother Nora there in the 1950’s and 60’s.

But what does all this have to do with the steam clock you might ask?? Good question. Following the saving of Gastown, the government started to invest in the area. Funds came in to refurbish the historic buildings that had fallen into disrepair. Businesses started to return and tourists started to feel welcome.

By 1977 the regeneration of Gastown was largely complete. Conscious the area needed a focal point to draw people in, store owners banded together and funded the clock. It’s steam theme a reference to the industrial past of the area, where steam pipes once ran underground powering machinery.

The inscription on the clock celebrates the restoration of Gastown. Interestingly the inscription does not make any specific reference to Tom Campbell’s unsuccessful freeway plans. I wonder if it was felt politically imprudent to embarrass a former mayor who had only been out of office for a few years, by drawing attention to his failed plans. I would be interested to hear from anyone who was part of the 1977 committee that funded, built and inscribed the clock who may know more!

So now every time I look at the clock I imagine Gastown as a bare patch of concrete, permanently in darkness, as cars thunder overhead on a giant elevated freeway. And then the clock doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Source: Will Woods is founder and Chief Storyteller at Forbidden Vancouver 



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Picture and Video of the week!

Today we will have the picture and the video of the week together in one blogpost. Why? Because they are both related to our AMAZING Rockies trip! Last weekend we went with a bunch of people to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and we had the time of our lives there!

This picture of the week is taken on the glacier in the Rocky Mountains. We went with a Snocoach Glacier Explorer down to the glacier where there was still a lot of snow. Luckily it wasn’t too cold, so we could just walk around in the snow. Our tour guide Adam took a picture of the whole group in the snow! 1-2-3 JUMP – here is the result! Isn’t it beautiful?


The video of the week was also made during our trip in the Rocky Mountains. On Sunday we went to a place called Golden. We had an amazing bonfire there, we did some line dancing and we made a great set-up to prank a guy from our bus, Gerrit. We told him that we were making a movie for the video of the week, so that he had to stand underneath a balcony. When he was standing there ready to say something for the video of the week, Lee emptied a bucket of water from the balcony all over Gerrit. Well, it wasn’t really a lie, because he is still the video of the week! Enjoy the movie, it’s hilarious!

In case you have a picture or video that you would like to share with us, send it with a small description to and your picture might be the picture of next week.


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Sleep-less in Seattle

So I just came back from a weekend in Seattle and I had an amazing time! I swiped the plastic quite a bit and wracked myself up a nice little bit of debt but it was totally worth it. The shopping in Seattle is well worth the 2 1/2-3 hour drive because there is so much choice for quite a reasonable price. I bought two pairs of gorgeous shoes, some jeans, shorts, and a bunch of tops and definitely got a great deal. For those of you who don’t own a car and might have some difficulties in trying to arrange all the necessary steps towards taking a road trip to the states I think i might have an option for you. One of  our partner companies, West Trek, offers a Budget Shopping/Sightseeing tour in and around Seattle. You have two options:

1) A Budget Shopping Tour which includes; a) round trip school bus transportation, b) 4-5 hours of shopping (duty free too) and c) a friendly Canadian guide

or…2) A Deluxe Shopping or Sightseeing Tour which includes; a) round trip deluxe bus transportation, b) 4-5hrs of shopping with a discounted coupon book or a guided sightseeing tour with discounted attractions

These trips will be offered generally at least one a month so if you are at all interested or would like to find out more information about the trip itinerary itself, prices, etc please do not hesitate to email me at

For more info on other trips, activities etc offered by INTERNeX contact us at:
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