How was your weekend?

So you are asking me how my weekend was? Well, I would love to tell you about my weekend, because I had a great one. I spent my time well in Seattle. What Seattle? Yes, this weekend was our trip to Seattle! It was great, so sit back and read all our adventures we did over there.

It all started on Saturday early in the morning. Too early to get up. But we had to, because today was the big day. We are going to Seattle! It was 7 am and we met at Canada place. The bus was waiting to get us to the United States. There we go! We crossed the border with no problems and stopped in Bellingham to go shopping in the big outlet. Now it was even cheaper with a lot of Black Friday deals going on.


When all the shoes, clothes, purses and gifts where loaded in the bus, we continued our way to Seattle. After a little sightseeing tour we arrived at our hotel, where we prepared ourselves for a diner and night out. Our tour guide recommended a nice place where we could eat. So we went there, a nice biker bar with good music and delicious food. After our meals it was time to have some beers together. There was this one place with over a hundred different beers. We tried some of them before we decided to continue our night in a club. We ended up in a small club with a DJ playing nice songs.

The alarm went of at 8 am. It was time to discover Seattle a little more. Half asleep we arrived at the breakfast. After some food and a lot of coffee we sat in the bus for another sightseeing tour through Seattle. We arrived in the city center where some girls went shopping, while we went to the underground tour. A stand-up comedian guided us underneath the streets of Seattle. It was a really interesting and fun tour. The tour ended around noon, so lunch it was. The restaurant where we ate was next to the see, so we had a beautiful view while eating our great lunch.


In Seattle is an alley where the walls are all covered in gum. It was close to the restaurant, so we decided to take a look. It was strange and beautiful at the same time. You could even smell the sweet scent of gum. We putted our gums at the wall and continued to the cupcake shop to make a plan for the rest of the day. We decided to take the monorail to a park next to the lake to see a good view. We drank some coffee in a café there, before we had to get back to the bus. On our way back we did some duty free shopping before crossing the border of Canada. At home it was time to have a good sleep.

For everybody who joined this trip, thank you! You made this trip a lot of fun! Want to hear more stories of Seattle? Come to PuB NiGHT this Wednesday and I will tell you more while playing the Bourbon Bingo.

– Bart

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INTERNeX Goes USA – Seattle Shopping and Sightseeing Trip!

It’s almost Christmas time which means it’s time to go gift shopping for your friends and family. Shopping in Canada can be quite expensive, but it is much cheaper in the United States.

One of the things so great about living in Vancouver is that we are very close to America as it is just a short drive away! This is why you don’t miss out on the chance to join us on a day trip to Seattle on Sunday, December 16th, 2012!

We are going with West Trek Tours, and if you’ve ever been on one of their tours, you know you are going to have the best time! There will be a tour guide coming along to tell you everything you need to know about Seattle! This is city that is full of culture and history that has a really cool young vibe to it.

Other than shopping we will be exploring some of the most famous landmarks and must see places in Seattle. We will be going to downtown Seattle and along the way stopping at the Seattle Center and the Space Needle which was designed as a futuristic spaceship in 1962 for the world’s expo fair.

It’s an incredible tower that you cannot miss when you visit Seattle. Then, we will be visiting Safeco Field which is the arena for the Seattle Mariners, an American Baseball team.

Finally, we will be going to my favourite place: Pike Place Market! It’s one of the most visited places in Seattle because the seafood there is amazing. I always get a clam chowder at Pike Place Chowder and it is the best!

This is also where the first EVER Starbucks was built in 1971 and still exists! If you are a lover of coffee, this is a must see. Right below Pike Place is a really cool street called the Gum Wall, and as the name suggests, it’s a street with walls that are fully plastered with gum that have been chewed. I know, it’s one of the grossest things ever but why not add to the collection yourself?

Sign up at the event here on Facebook! It’ll be an awesome trip and we would appreciate it if you can let us know by this Friday!



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