Review: Thanksgiving dinner

Yesterday we went to the pub the Irish Heather for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We meet up inside the pub where we could take shelter from the pouring rain outside… Finally the rain came to Vancouver and the city lived up to its reputation as Raincouver. But the rain definitely didn’t take the good mood away from the crowd gathering inside the Irish Heather. Before getting seated we had the chance to have a little chat until the chef rang the bell and the dinner was served. Everybody was seated at one long table, which made it possible to have a chat with people you never met before.

The dinner was really great! It included mashed potatoes, and a pie stuffed with turkey and other kinds of nice fillings. And on top we also got beers specifically selected for the turkey dinner. Really nice to get some nice food in good company. It was good to hear that you guys are interested in the Portland trip. Remember that you still have a chance to sign up for this awesome trip. Just visit the INTERNeX office to sign up and pay in cash for the trip… we’re open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. Also remember that we’re warming up to Halloween with our costume shopping next Saturday. Look for more information here. And to finish off the month of October we’re dressing up in our costumes for a Halloween party on Friday, October 31st. Nobody really voted for a preferred place but it’s our feeling that you’re more into the cheaper alternative… for sure this will be great too! We will find a place to go.

You can see a few more pictures from the Thanksgiving dinner here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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