What to Do in Vancouver – the perfect fall day

It’s already the first week of october which means the trees are now shining in beautiful autumn colours and the leaves are turning red, yellow and orange – wonderful !
What could be better than enjoying a cozy autumn day with some typical fall acitivites.
So for now let me give you some inspirations for fun fall activities to try:)

1. Maybe you’ve checked our previous instagram story. It was all about the pumpkin patches which opened this week. These places are highly recommended for taking amazing pictures and enjoying your day ( maybe with new friends you met at the INTERNeX pubnight 😉 )
Great pumpkin patches are located in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey or Langley.

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market
Just strolling around, tasting nice food or drinks and maybe you’ll find the perfect pumpkin for your pumpkin pie or as i like to do, to decorate your apartement. Sounds like a plan.
There’s this fall market right in Vancouver Downtown starting on November 6th.

3. Go for a long walk
Since going for a walk is one of the easiest things to include in a stressful work day you can just take your time to relax a bit. This also has a great affect on your health and may give you new ideas about what you wanna do on the next autumn day.
Additionally, it’s a great experience to take a hike, grab your running shoes or even take a bike ride through Stanley Park. But better do not forget your rain clothes.

4. Autumn and Halloween festivals
What’s fall without Halloween and thinking of where to go and what to wear as the perfect costume already a few weeks in advance 😉 ?
There are many (maybe this year less than usually, but still some) festivals taking place in Vancouver.
In addition, FlyOver Canada has some Halloween theme days till the end of October which are definitely worth a visit.
But don’t forget to bring your vaccination document as well as wearing a face mask all the time. Unfortunately, covid still exists but that doesn’t have to keep us from doing fun activities especially the outdoor ones.

…there are many more fun acitivites but for now i would love to share my perfect fall day with you.
Imagine you’re having a day off to do all the cozy fall things you always wanted to do.
Start your day with pumpkin pancakes and a loong brunch. Definitely a good start in a great day.
After that just grab your jacket and go for a walk in Stanley Park or at the beach. Maybe you can spot some animals or find beautiful leaves and chestnuts for your apartement decoration.
Decorate your place will definitely put you in fall mood 😉
After a long walk you might get a bit cold so it’s the perfect time for a warm coffee or hot chocolate in one of the many cute cafés in Gastown. Take a closer look at the menu… many cafes are offering fall specials such as pumpkin spice latte.
Back home it’s definitely time for changing into comfortable clothes. It’s movie time.
For this season a nice scary horror movie would fit best…but not for me i prefer a love story :D. So if you’re not such a “scared rabbit” (as we say in Germany) enjoy the movie!! A cozy evening at home 🙂
Are you excited for cozy season? I really am.

Luckily, for today you already found the perfect activity… It’s wednesday which means INTERNeX pubnight!! 🙂 7:30pm at Craft Beer Market, False Creek.

Happy autumn ! 🙂

– Tatjana

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Not even two weeks left and Halloween will be here! For this occasion I’ve decided to check out some stores in downtown for the obligatory Halloween costume shopping. 15545295126_94612b80b9_b
The variety of crazy costumes at the Halloween shops here in North America is just incredible. You really get lost in between all these clothes! Furthermore you are getting so many different impressions that in the end you cannot really make up your mind. I can only speak for myself but my Halloween shopping was absolutely successful. My friend and I will go as Mario & Luigi! I’m pretty sure everyone knows these both characters. They are from the famous video game released in the 80s and it was later re-released for Wii as well.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet or if you still have no idea what to wear here are some ideas: Witch/Vampire/Zombie, Superhero, Animal, Doctor/Nurse, Batman, Movie Character, Star Wars Character, Political, Pirate or Minion.15382473248_5e44e2d014_b

For all of you who haven’t found the right Halloween costume yet, you should definitely check out the three shops (Halloween Alley, Boo La La Costumes and Spirit Halloween) in North Vancouver! They have a nice variety of different costumes. You can also find costumes and other Halloween stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexell.

Hope you will find some scary/funny/crazy/whatever costumes there or somewhere else!

What to do on the weekend


There is definitely one thing you have to do this weekend – TO JOIN OUR BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY at The Blarney Stone!

If you didn’t notice yet that The Blarney Stone is THE place to be during this Halloween weekend, you should sign up for our big Halloween Party this Friday! Or do you rather want to miss the biggest Party of the year? I don’t think so!

Here are the most important facts:

  • Sign up HERE!
  • $30 if you pay before Friday night!! (including admission, coat check,
    and 3 free drinks)
  • $35 at the night itself!!
  • Costume contest, games and prizes
  • When: October 25th 7:00 pm
  • Where: The Blarney Stone (Map)


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you pay on Friday, please let us know and please tell the staff of the Blarney Stone that you are part of the INTERNeX group so that they know how to deal with you. Everybody, please try to be there way before 9:30. Otherwise you miss most of our activities and prizes and you might have problems at the entrance.



See you at the Halloween Party,

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How was your weekend?

Scary, scary, scary! Last weekend we visited “The Dunbar Haunted House”. Here you can read a brief summary of the event. And of course you can see a few impressive pictures. Just a reminder – it took nearly four months to set up the haunt!


If you want to read what the  Dunbar House is about, please click here.

Please be patient, if you want to visit it the next few days. The line-up took nearly two hours! But fortunately there were some zombies making the waiting time more excited!

Unfortunately it was prohibited to take pictures inside the house. But anyways – you have to experience how the zombies send a chill down your spine!

All things considered, it was a great activity. Because of the scary volunteers and the detailed haunt we can say that it is definitely worth it to visit “The Dunbar Haunted House”!


AND HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND? Just leave a comment below! 🙂

Take care,

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What to do on the weekend

—Face your fears @ The Dunbar Haunted House!—

Do you want an affordable Halloween experience? Then join our event @ The Haunted Dunbar Haunted House!

What is The Dunbar Haunted house about?
The Dunbar Haunted House is owned by two private families that live at the Dunbar residence. Over the last 7 years, they decorated their entire property in an elaborate, multi-set “ghost-walk,” which took visitors through their driveway, down the side of the house, around the backyard, back up the other side of the house, and across the front yard.

Do you want to enjoy a very special and detailed haunted house? Then join us on our Facebook event – click here!

  • When: Saturday, OCT 19th, 9 pm.! PLEASE BE ON TIME, as we can
    not wait 
    for you too long because there will probably be a line-up!
  • Where: Dunbar Haunted House, 8934 Shaughnessy St., Vancouver
  • Cover: 10 $ at the door (Cash only)

PUMPKIN PUMPKIN1We will meet us directly in front of the Dunbar Haunted House. You also can send me a message and we can meet us in Downtown to find the way to the Haunted House together!


It’s definitely wort it!
Take care,

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