Halloween-Party Review

Weeks of preparation have come to an end! The big night was finally here, all these hours of costume shopping and watching of make-up tutorials truly paid off. We looked stunning, guys! And I just want to make a big shout out to the Blarney Stone. Decorations, drinks, food and the party vibe were on point! IMG_4406.JPG
As our night started, we first got some food to be prepared for everything else happening afterwards. Apparently the Poutine is one of the best you can get in town and as we all know definitely a must try! Alongside the food and drinks, everybody was chatting and laughing, having a good time reviewing the highlights of the past week. As we got distracted by the live band starting off with some good hits. Clearly nobody could sit still for a very long time, so we got up and hit the dance floor. The band didn’t just have a great choice of songs, but also a pretty unique interpretation of it, which I loved. Therefore you just had to get up, jump, dance and go wild! Pub and dance-floor were crowded and pretty much everybody within the pub dressed up like crazy. I have never seen such inspiring and funny costumes before. I think my personal favourite  was a guy dressed as a taco. 
As is got later, we decided to change the location. And I am pretty sure you can guess, were we headed to?! Right, the Yale Saloon, what else could it be. But to be honest, for me it was the first time there, so I was really excited to see the INTERNeXer’s favourite location myself. And what should I say? –  I was riding that bull. To be fair, not really good, but something tells me everyone else had a little bit more time to practice. So I am trying not to be too hard on myself here. Anyways, I am pretty sure I’ll get some more time to practise and one day I might even beat you guys, who know’s ;-). a4a90cf4-fcdf-4de5-a46c-2205bc37cbf4.JPG
Big thank you to everyone who joined and made it a great night to be remembered! Photo and Video material has been provided on Instagram, so go and check it out yourself. 
This Sunday we will a get the chance to calm down a bit and enjoy the beauty of Granville Island. So I a looking forward to see you around.
And of course, don’t forget about next weeks PuB-Night, taking place at the Cambie Bar & Grill. 
Till then,
— Nadja 
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PuB NiGHT Review: Halloween Party

Thank you all for joining us yesterday for the Halloween Party at Caprice Nightclub! We had so much fun and I hope you did too!

Caprice is a night club located on Granville Street / Entertainment District. It is a big club with two levels and on the ground level two different rooms. Every Friday night they organize International Fridays with all kinds of different music genres and if you’re on the guest list you can get in for free.


This “PuB NiGHT” was of course a little bit different because of Halloween. When I arrived at the club, Granville Street was already packed with a lot of people in all kinds of costumes, for example I met JigSaw and even the clown from IT.

After most people arrived we entered the club and got something to drink. The club was nicely decorated and the music was very good, with genres like R&B and Dance.

I hope that you all enjoyed Halloween and we are looking forward to see you all on Sunday for the Brewery Tour!

– Mandy

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Highlights of the Year 2016: October, November and December

Last but not least the fourth quarter of 2016. I hope you guys had as much fun as I had looking back on all the things we did!


October started of with a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and a great Thanksgiving dinner at Ten Ten Tapas. We also had a lot of PuB NiGHTS organized. And a special night for Halloween.

October.jpgThe weekend trip of October was a trip to the Rocky Mountains. During this trip we went to the National Parks Jasper and Banff. We also went to Lake Louise, Mount Robson and Colombia Ice Field. We also enjoyed a night out in Banff and enjoyed a night at our Mountain View Cabins with a BBQ party around the bonfire. It was a great trip!

Also that weekend we went to Grouse Mountain for the ones that stayed in Vancouver. We did a great hike on the Grouse Grind and enjoyed the amazing view.


In November we started of with great PuB NiGHTs. We also went to CandyTown in November. It was raining a lot but still lots of fun to enjoy the Christmas spirit already!

In the last week of November a big group of Scandinavians were coming for a few days. The first day was full with orientations and of course a PuB NiGHT. The second day a Stanley Park Tour was planned. And on the last night we had a PuB NiGHT planned in the Blarney Stone. It was a great week!


December was filled with PuB NiGHTs. We had lots of fun at the Met and the Bimini.christmas

On the third Wednesday of December we had a Christmas Party. We first went out for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, which was great! When we all finished our dinner, we started with Secret Santa, which was lots of fun too! After the dinner and Secret Santa some of us went to the Met to end the night with some karaoke!

A big thank you to Sara, Andreas and Janel for organizing the PuB NiGHTS, events and trips in these months!

We hope you all will have a great New Years Eve and an even greater 2017!

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Last Saturday was Halloween and nearly everyone went crazy. Actually that’s not surprising; I mean it’s one of the most popular events in North America. You could see many people who were dressed as a Minion. At least just as many wore a Super Mario or Luigi costume. Consequently the costume of my roommate and me perfectly fitted since, as I mentioned in one of my last blog posts, I was dressed as Mario and she was my “brother” Luigi.

For my first real Halloween party in Canada I certainly had big expectations and they were more than fulfilled last Saturday! Actually they were exceeded. Hundreds of people wearing Halloween costumes and went absolutely crazy.


After around 10pm the entire Granville Street was closed for cars. So Granville was just opened for all the party people and therefor the street was really crowded. The line-ups in front of the clubs were quite long. That’s why people partied even on the street.

First we had some difficulties at in the beginning but then we started our crazy night at the Harbour Event Center near BC Place. Shortly after we entered the club the first bus left to take us to our second party location. 22719343705_7ab7449cd4_bWe went from party to party with a typical American school bus, which was absolutely amazing. I always wanted to take a bus like that. The atmosphere during the bus ride was incredible since the people turned the bus into a party bus. Probably most of them were already drunk at this time but they didn’t care after all it was Halloween. The bus driver let us off on Granville Street where all the fancy clubs are located.

It was the first time I celebrated Halloween in such a big way and it was a great to be part of it.


Not even two weeks left and Halloween will be here! For this occasion I’ve decided to check out some stores in downtown for the obligatory Halloween costume shopping. 15545295126_94612b80b9_b
The variety of crazy costumes at the Halloween shops here in North America is just incredible. You really get lost in between all these clothes! Furthermore you are getting so many different impressions that in the end you cannot really make up your mind. I can only speak for myself but my Halloween shopping was absolutely successful. My friend and I will go as Mario & Luigi! I’m pretty sure everyone knows these both characters. They are from the famous video game released in the 80s and it was later re-released for Wii as well.

If you haven’t gotten your costume yet or if you still have no idea what to wear here are some ideas: Witch/Vampire/Zombie, Superhero, Animal, Doctor/Nurse, Batman, Movie Character, Star Wars Character, Political, Pirate or Minion.15382473248_5e44e2d014_b

For all of you who haven’t found the right Halloween costume yet, you should definitely check out the three shops (Halloween Alley, Boo La La Costumes and Spirit Halloween) in North Vancouver! They have a nice variety of different costumes. You can also find costumes and other Halloween stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and Rexell.

Hope you will find some scary/funny/crazy/whatever costumes there or somewhere else!