INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming events

We are in the middle of October but the activities hasn´t finished yet!! If you don´t want to get bored, just join us! We have still hilarious events ready for you!!

21st October: BC Sports Hall of Fame Museum: It´s time to culturize and know a little more about sports! Let´s go inside the Stadium and have a fun/cultural/sporty Sunday! And for less money that you can imagine!

28th October: Queen Elizabeth Park: Flowers, strange plants, colours, amazing views, relax..the perfect Sunday in the perfect park. Come with us!

31st October: Halloween Party: Have you been thinking in what to wear? You should start thinking… It will be a blast! Scare or be scared..that´s the question!Join us on facebook to know more information!!Definetily you can´t miss out!

And Of course we have our INTERNeX Pub Night every Wednesday!The best way to keep in touch and meet new people!! Keep an eye to our blog and facebook to know where we will go this week!



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