PuB Night Review

What a fun (and late) night!!! I honestly wasn’t planning on having a big one but with the atmosphere of everyone enjoying theirselves it was hard to keep away from the drinks :). 


I have been having many ‘firsts’ lately and I experiences what a night out at the Yale Saloon was like, and I loved it! It was too great to catch up with everyone again and talk about our week. The food went down a treat and was well needed for a big night of dancing and bull riding. It was so great that the +18 were able to join us for dinner and have a go at the line dance. It seems to be that the most wanted drink for the night was Jagerbombs, there were a few fireballs here and there but personally fireballs remind me of my second night in Canada (wasn’t a good one) hahaha. 


After few more Jagerbombs and bull riding competitions we were then ready to move onto the Roxy where we enjoyed live music of some old favourite hits. While dancing I look into the distance and oh my, what did I see…… but a beautifully set up beer pong table, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing this table. It didn’t take long till we had taken over one whole half of the club with this intense beer pong game. As the night went on the live music forced us to the d-floor and the last of us danced and sung the night away. Before we knew it we were at Roxy Burgers at 2:30am reminiscing on our fun night and laughing over some burgers and fries. 

Thank-you everyone for such a great night, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I have been feeling a little homesick lately but you guys bring my mood back up and I appreciate you all ❤ 

Don’t forget >> 

Christmas Party is next week 18th of December 

– Please press going on the Facebook event so we can prepare for the amount of people showing up.

– Please bring a plate of food to share

– Remember to bring your Secret Santa present worth $5 – $15

– Remember to bring your own drinks

Merry Christmas and I will see you all next week xo 

– Sabrina

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One of the three new members of INTERNeX

It says all good things come in threes, so here is the last introduction of one of the new PR-Members: My name is Karina, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Germany, lower Bavaria. Me and my fellow students will be joining the PR-Team until the middle of July. We will be helping Jasmin and Megan to organize the PuB NiGHTS and the weekly and monthly events. Yesterday I already had the chance to meet some of you guys at the Pub Night in the Yale Saloon, which was really great. Especially the bull riding was a lot of fun.

img_8005-e1559864733775.jpgMaybe I should tell you a bit more about myself, so you know who you’re going to meet at the next events of INTERNeX. I study Guidance for Education, Career and Employment in Mannheim, which is a dual course of study. Our University, called HdBA is a Corporate University of the Federal Employment Agency. Due to my studies I had the opportunity to do a practicum abroad and it was no question at all where I want to spend it. Vancouver includes everything the heart wishes for: Beautiful landscapes, a big city and nice beaches. By the way, do you know that Vancouver is one of the cities with the highest quality of living in the world? So I think we all made no bad decision coming here and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to do a practicum in Vancouver.

As one of my favourite things to do is hiking, I really hope that I have the chance to see a lot of the beautiful canadian mountains. In case you are looking for somebody to go for a hike, you should definitely ask me. But I also enjoy chilling at the beach or going out for dinner.

However, I am looking forward to meeting the rest of you guys, maybe this sunday at the Queen Elizabeth Park for Disc Golf? 🙂 I hope that we are all going to have an awesome time here in Canada.


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Fresh PR Power!

New city, new apartment, new people, new friends, new experiences and so on. The list of all the new things I have faced during the past week is endless. This list also includes a new job and in case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m the new PR Coordinator here at INTERNeX!


And who am I? My name is Jasmin, I’m 22 years old and I come from this quite cold yet beautiful country called Finland. I am studying International Business and this internship in Vancouver will be the last part of my studies. This is my second time living abroad since I completed one semester of studies last summer in Berlin. I’m also a dance teacher and a dog groomer, not that it would have anything to do with my job as a PR Coordinator, but just wanted to let you know in case you are in need of any hip hop moves (or a hair cut).

So what does my job here at INTERNeX actually include? Besides having fun and getting to know all of you a big part of it will be organizing PuB NiGHTs, weekly events and monthly trips and also updating this blog about all of that. There are so many great things coming up and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about them. Stay tuned!

I am super duper excited for the summer. Exploring Canada, going on adventures and getting a lot of new friends, what else can a person wish for?

Come say hi tomorrow @131Water- It’s PuB NiGHT time!

-Jasmin xx



INTERNeX International Exchange

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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street

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INTERNeX Canada: The secret of the Canadian Happiness

A recently studio says that Canada is the 6th happiest country in the world (the first one is Denmark, if you feel curious). The study, supported by the United Nations, contemplates many factors like life expectancy, GDP per capita, social support, generosity of fellow citizens, state of the economy, perceptions of corruption and freedom to make life choices.

This result doesn’t surprise me at all. Everybody has a smile here, everybody is polite and nice. Even the police.

I’m here for almost 5 months and I still feel surprised about the kindness of the people. Is very common that somebody come to you in the middle of the street only to say you: Hey! I really love your tights! And the other day I found the following notice in a Liquor Store:

“We are obligated to ask for two pieces of ID to all the people under 30. So don’t be angry with the employees if they ask you for your documents, it’s a compliment”.

After a while, is logical to realize that if they are so nice, is because they feel happy.

So, I decided to make a sociological investigation about the factors that explain why the Canadians are so happy.

– Obviously, one of the main reasons is that Canada is a rich country. They have a good economy, it’s easy to get a job and there are a lot of resources for a small population.

– The social cover is pretty good here, other reason to feel safe. Have universal health care and public education is one of the foundations of a happy society. This is one the biggest differences when you compare Canada with USA.

– Equality and tolerance. It’s also a country where the differences between the social classes are not very big, and other cultures are usually welcomed. I repeat, in general, it’s impossible to extend one opinion over a whole country. There are stupid people everywhere.

So up to now, we can find these factors in others countries with a good position into the ranking. But, what factors are exclusively Canadians, what makes Canada so especial, what is impossible to find in other place?

– The amazing nature. With all this beautiful landscapes around you is impossible to feel bad. And practicing outdoor activities, be in contact with the nature, is very easy even if you live in a big city.

– Hippie culture heritage: maybe is my impression, but I think that some concepts of the 60’s hippie culture are still present in the global values of the Canadian society. Apart of be nice and take care of the environment, there are other things. For example, be easy-going is almost a must here, at least into the young community. And is very common to hear expressions like “good o bad vibrations” or “harmony” and they have a strong sense about being a community.

– Avoid the critics or negatives comments are another very common features inside the Canadian society. This behavior sometimes drives the Europeans crazy, because is impossible to know if they really think that you are so amazing or they really hate you.

– Freedom: in my opinion the social codes are more relaxed here. For example, the other day I went to a hospital and my nurse was completely full of tattoos and she had green hair, which is completely impossible to find is Spain.

Anyway, this is only a personal opinion. If you want, you can share with us you more shocking experiences with the Canadian way of life.

Take care!


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INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week

Hey guys !! How is your weekend going?? I hope you all are re doing pretty well !!

Our picture of the week is….Clara’s Birthday !!  We took this picture on Tuesday 21st, when Clara turned 22 !! She was really happy when  she got some presents. We also ate a wonderful fruit cake…It was soooo delicious !!

In the picture you can see she looks really cute and happy with her Happy Bday’s balloon, her flowers and the little crown in her head..hahaha…Too funny !! She was a little princess !! What do you think ??

Anyway, I hope you are right now with us watching the Champions League Final at Blarney Stone…but anyway, I just remind you that tomorrow we’re going to the Grouse Mountains. Check out the event here.

I wish you have a wonderful weekend guys !



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