How was your Weekend?

Who said fall in Vancouver is all rainy? All I can see is the beautiful sun, blue sky and all these sun-loaded energetic people. So this weekend I finally got to see the stunning Stanley Park. This is probably everything but an inside tip, but just go out there, rent a bike and see it yourself. In case are you not the sporty kind of person, there is also the very nice Stanley Park Brewing, which I can recommend just as much ;-).
But the true highlight of the past weekend, was clearly the Haunted House. And I am saying this as a person, that gets scared super easily, but even than – this was an insane Halloween experience to be made! It took us quite a while, to get to the place, where the Halloween magic happens. 
As we were waiting in the queue, a great show was already provided. Dancing mummies, and monsters made the time fly by. And already here I got the first heart attack, as some of the actors, jumped up from behind and wandered through the people, giving us some scary looks and good frights. As plans were made, like who is to leave behind, and at what points we should be smarter than people in all these horror movies, it was finally time to go in. And I promise you, I was screaming my soul out. Since I do not want to spoil this too much, I am keeping the descriptions short. But I can still feel my heart beating as if it is about to jump out any minute. Different rooms with different themes and multiple nightmare celebrities, basically chased us through the halls of the haunted house. After all it was absolutely worth the time effort we had to put in this trip.
After all I feel ready to get into the next Halloween adventure. The upcoming Halloween party, might not be as frightening as the Haunted House, but this is finally the chance for everybody to dress up themselves. And you never know, who might be hiding around the next corner of the Blarney Stone on Thursday! 
See you there. 
— Nadja 
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Blue Sky, bright sun – what a beautiful weekend ahead of us. So this is giving you the perfect opportunity to explore beautiful Vancouver in Fall. And I reckon you do this, as long as the weather is still on your side with that. Well, I don’t want to spoil but … Winter is coming guys. 

So afterwards you’ll be sitting at home, all happy about the vitamin D you to soak in. But how to finish a peaceful day like that and eventually bring in some action? Well, luckily we’ve got you sorted! 

Just picture us, together, slowly walking through the tight floors in total darkness, trying to make our way through. You can actually feel the adrenaline sticking in the air, giggles appear from time to time, your hands crawled up into the arm of the person in front of you, trying not to loose them. All the way through  you can’t get that big smile of your face, because you know they are waiting for you. The ghosts of Potter’s House of Horror are ready to get you, you just don’t know when and what’s happening next.You slowly turn around the next corner and …
BUH – got ya!  

Just make sure you’ll get your tickets asap (Link below), so you won’t have to wait outside and listen to the insane and/or funny stories everyone will be telling you afterwards! 

If you need further information on the event this Saturday, take a look on our Facebook page. 

Can’t wait to see you there. 


– Nadja 

Tickets at:

International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

What to do on the weekend?

Just a couple more hours people and then you can finally enjoy your well deserved weekend. And since for now the weather forecast for this weekend looks pretty good, we will give you some tips how you can spend your weekend!

Since Halloween is right around the corner this weekend there will be a lot of Halloween activities. You can enjoy an adults-only murder mystery event at Science World today called After Dark Zombie Breakout or you can go to Dooms Night which is a Halloween Party (19+) at the Pacific Coliseum.

15442778009_c638d172e4_zOf course you also have a lot of haunted attractions like for example the Barclay Manor Haunted House, VanDusen Glow in the Garden at the VanDusen Garden and the Fright Nights at the PNE.

If you don’t like Halloween then you can also enjoy the Harrison Beer Festival on Friday or Saturday or Cirque du Soleil which is the whole weekend.

We as INTERNeX are going to Whistler this weekend for our monthly trip. Like you could have read in the blog post about the trip we will meet at 9:30 am in front of Burrard Station to start our amazing weekend!

I wish you all a great weekend and for the people joining Whistler, I will see you tomorrow!


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-


INTERNeX HiGHLIGHTSIn this episode of our INTERNeX Highlights, we will talk about all the things we did in September, everything we have planned for October (and some more) and, of course, the biggest event there is for this month – Halloween!

Taking a look at the video, you will hear about our summer ending party at the HI hostel at Jericho Beach, about the Giant’s hockey game we went to, about the nice afternoon at the flea market, our big monthly trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the sunny start of October.

Other than that, we will keep you updated on our plans for October (and maybe something big in November?). From haunted houses over frightening nights and our highlight of the month: The big Halloween party at the Blarney Stone! Especially for that, we will give you a few tips where to get costumes and how to dress up for this ever present monthly highlight.

Take a look at find out about the details 🙂

See you around,


INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend?

Looking for that last minute plans this weekend? Don’t worry, there are so many Halloween events going on in Vancouver and Toronto, just pick one! Best of all, they are all very inexpensive or free!


Halloween Skytrain Party

When do you ever get to rock out with a DJ, a sound system and hundreds of people on the Skytrain? Well, tonight’s the night! All you have to do is grab your costume, a bus ticket and bring your friends to the best Skytrain party held every year. Afterwards, there will be an after-party in a top secret location that you don’t want to miss!

When? 7:45 – 11pm TONIGHT!

Where?  Meeting at Waterfront Station and then taking the Canada Line at 8pm heading to Bridgehouse Station in Richmond and back to City Center Station in Downtown Vancouver.

Cost? $2.75 Bus Ticket

For more information, check out the event here.

FREE Outdoor Halloween Movies!

Get ready to start screaming at Vancouver’s first Halloween drive/walk/bike-in movie series! They will be showing two scary film favorites “Gremlins” and Beetlejuice.” My advice is to bring some blankets as it might get cold!

When? 7pm, Sunday October 28th and Monday October 29th

Where? 200 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver (Just West of the Cambie Bridge)

Cost? FREE!

For more information, check out the website.

Dunbar Haunted House

Do you like getting scared by monsters, zombies and evil doctors in a creepy house? This is the perfect chance to make that scary movie you watched into a real life experience! Dunbar Haunted House is the best haunted house in Vancouver, with very realistic movie props and actors who will scare you until you want to pee!

When? Now to October 31st
Sun-Thurs 7pm-10pm
Fri and Sat 7pm-12am

Where? 8934 Shaughnessy St. Vancouver

Cost? $10, 100% of proceeds go to three Vancouver Charities

For more information, check out the website.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Aren’t into all these scary events? Come join us at the most famous and beautiful park in Vancouver. We will be going to the conservatory where you will be transported to a hot, tropical garden with exotic animals and plants!

When? 1pm, meeting at Waterfront Station

Where? Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $5.60 for Conservatory

For more information, check out our Facebook event.


Fort York After Dark Lantern Tours

Listen to stories the haunted lighthouse or the Bloody battle of York  during the War of 1812 while being on the very grounds of Fort York. Remember to bring your walking shoes for the tour of two military cemeteries!

When? 7:30 to 9:30 p.m Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27                   

Where? 250 Fort York Boulevard

Cost: $12.50 plus tax. (Complimentary refreshments)

For more information, take a look here.

Have a Spooktacular weekend everyone!



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