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The most renowned hotel in all of Victoria is famous for more than one reason.  Did you know that there is an urban legend claiming that several ghosts haunt the Empress hotel?

The hotel was built in 1908 and it has been said that spirits from this era have been spotted on numerous occasions.  Several visitors and staff all claim that they have seen a thin man with a mustache who fits the description of the architect who designed the hotel as well as the Parliament buildings in Victoria.  However this male ghost is not haunting the halls of the Empress alone.  It has also been said that a female ghost haunts the 6th floor, she will knock on your door and you will open it to a perplexed woman in her pajamas.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is some pretty spooky stuff.  Maybe while you guys are visiting Victoria you can take a walk through the Empress and see if you are able to spot any of our phantom friends.



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Ride the Ghost Train


Ride aboard the Ghost Train!


Since I am a BIG fan of Halloween, I love writing about the many events happening around Vancouver and nearby cities that you can participate in to test how brave you are in the face of terror.  

I went aboard Stanley Park’s Ghost Train last year, and it was a very fun experience! 

This year, the theme is “Alice in Nightmareland”.  Of course, if you are familiar with Disney’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland”, you will know what kind of theme they are going with.  It will be Alice in Wonderland turned upside-down.  

What does that mean? 

You will follow the rabbit down the rabbit-hole, only this is deep into a nightmare and not a dream.  On your ghost train ride, you will encounter demonic playing cards, the evil and feisty queen who is always on the lookout, screaming “off with your head”! 

Just remember to come out with your head intact in the process.

If you prefer to skip the train, there is also an illuminating assortment of lights and Halloween-themed displays.  In addition, you get access into the Haunted Farmyard.  In there, you will see all kinds of creatures, even live ones!

Check out the 2010 Stanley Park Ghost Train: