INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

-“I am going to take dinner”

– What? Do you want to say an afternoon snack?

– Not dinner, is already late.

– Late? It´s just 7 pm.

This is just one example of a real conversation between a Spanish and Non-Spanish people.

For Canadians, Europeans…and in general the rest of the world except my country it´s usually to have lunch around 12 or 1 pm and dinner around 6 pm! Oh my goodness!

Spain it´s absolutely different…we usually have lunch around 2 or 3pm and dinner not before 9pm…

Sometimes it´s funny because in Madrid, when you have lunch in a restaurant, you always stay longer speaking, taking a coffee… so the lunch can last around 3 hours and when you are finishing the lunch  it´s not strange  to see tourist already ordering dinner.

If I stop to think about that, it is much healthier to eat earlier, in that way you have time enough to burn everything before sleeping…but after 24 years having lunch at 3pm and dinner at 10…is quite difficult to change it! But I am trying!

And the worse of all is that here is not usually to take a nap after lunch… there is not a big pleasure to arrive tired home, eat a Spanish omelet and take a nap… Oh God!

It would be healthier to eat earlier and be active for more time…but the combination of a late lunch and nap it´s something everybody must try at least once at life!!

Right now I don´t know if I am hungry, or I need to sleep…or both of them… anyways..

Try the magic combination!



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Smart Saver Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner, which means the dreaded Bikini season is also upon us.  Here lies the dilemma… You want to get in shape and workout but you don’t want to pay for an expensive gym membership that you might not even have time to get to enough in order to get your moneys worth.

I have experienced this problem myself, but now that the weather is starting to warm up and the rain is easing off I have discovered the beauty of Outdoor Fitness Parks. In my opinion exercising and working out out in the fresh air, beats a stuffy, expensive gym any day and this is exactly why I think outdoor fitness parks are the perfect solution to a tight budget.

Most cities and suburbs around Vancouver have these outdoor fitness parks.  They have several machines that work just as well as those in a membership gym enabling you to work out your arms, legs, abs, etc.  These parks are getting more and more prevalent around Vancouver and I’m sure there are some right near you that you don’t even know about!

Photo Retrieved from Wendy Cutler’s Flickr Page

There is a really great outdoor fitness centre in Tisdall Park right near the Langara 49th Canada Line Skytrain Station.  If you’re looking for a cheap way to bulk up or tone down, I highly recommend this option.  All you need to do is jog down to your local fitness park and use the exercise machines in the sun and you have the perfect workout with cardio and weight training. And the cost?…. FREE 🙂 Now that is my kind of workout!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
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Be aware of the flu!

Some people are lucky that they almost never get sick but the flu is making his round again so I just want to give you some tips. I have some experience with it because I was really sick last week. At the moment I’m doing better but it’s always better to prevent the flu than cure it.

To prevent the flu:
– Use a scarf (even indoors)
– Wash your hands often
– Take vitamins
– Get vaccinated
– Drink enough water

And if you still get sick, no worries it’s normal. Here some tips to cure the flu.
– Take rest (!!)
– Drink plenty of fluids
– Eat nutritious food (with vitamins C and garlic)
– Take a warm bath
– Take painkillers
– Drink tea with honey or lemon and take cough syrup
– Aromatic steam (bowl with steamy water, drape a towel over your head)
– Blow your nose often
– Gargle mildly hot water with salt

I hope you will not need these tips and that it will be a healthy 2011! If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to add them in a comment.



East is East

I am totally about trying new things and with the summer coming up Vancouver has endless opportunities, more than i think could possibly fit it anyone’s schedule. I love the fact that Laura pushed herself to try something new, and sushi too! I know plenty of people who have never eaten sushi before because they are terrified of eating RAW fish, and most of the time they stand firm in their beliefs that they’ll just hate it! But you never know….if there is anywhere to try sushi, Vancouver is the place to do it!

As most of you are aware of i am all about FOOD (*hint since a lot of my blogs have been about new restaurants i’ve frequented) and i want to let you guys know about all of Vancouver’s hidden gems that unless you’re a local you might miss out on. Since i am a student and am currently unemployed lol i need to find cheap options that wont break the bank but are also delicious and healthy. So i want to introduce to you all…EAST IS EAST!

This small restaurant has two locations; 1) East Is East on Main Street @ 4413 Main Street (Main and 28th), 2) Chai Gallery-East Is East & Silk n’ Spice @ 3239 W. Broadway. Known around the city for its amazing roti wraps, unique drink options (fruit smoothies, eastern shakes and boasting the best Chai in the city!) and just a calming aura, this hot spot will offer you with a unique experience that is rarely found around the city.

After being introduced to East Is East 7 years ago, i have become a dedicated weekly customer. When i first walked through the dimly lit doorway i was hesitant, what was this Indian/Afghan food?! Never heard of it before, never tried it before, wasn’t even sure what would be presented to me on the plate! But trust me i was not disappointed…everything i saw on the menu seemed to catch my fancy, so i made it my vow to try just about everything on the menu.

Whether its the summer of the winter, i’m there to enjoy their hand crafted benches and tables out front when the sun is shining, otherwise ill head in through the doorway and take cover in their carpet draped dining area for those wet days we see so often out here. Still not convinced?! Take a look at their website and see exactly what they have to offer in terms of their menu, events, galleries, etc.

“Nothing is what you expect as you walk into the chai gallery so welcome to a new world where you can have the dining experience of your dreams”