INTERNeX Canada: Culture shock

When I am walking on the streets of Madrid the people are more or less of my same height…but here in Vancouver I have to be always looking up! I don´t know how my neck can be fine! During my first days that was something that really caught my attention! Every day I saw some huge men! Yes of course that there were huge women too, but I remember better the men… I don´t know why… 🙂

Nowadays I just get used to be the petite among giants! I don´t like heels, basically because I don´t know how to walk with them and unfortunately with my age, I don´t think I will became taller! So I just have to get used to it!

But the height difference  is not all , INTERNeX environment is full of German people!! Specially plenty of tall­­­­­, beautiful, nice perfect German girls! Yeah, they are just incredible… They are incredible pretty but incredible nice as well!  I wish I could hate them because sometime is like…how can you be so perfect? But they are so nice that you just can´t hate them, actually I love them…but in the pictures better not to appear so close to them, you know comparison are always bad!

Living in a city plenty of huge and beautiful people I guess it´s a good culture shock! I bet everybody can get used to it!



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