INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week

Our picture of the week is, of course, four our new intern Tobias! He arrived last Monday to the office and his first week was pretty busy!

The Beautiful German Crew

If you don’t know, he’s a 21 years old guy from South Germany. He studies Business Administration, Department of Banking, in a program which combines 3 month training and 3 months at university.  He likes soccer and tennis and hang out with friends.

So this picture was taken in his first PuB NiGHT in The Metropole. We went there last Wednesday to watch the Hockey Game. You can read the entire review here if you are interested.

I made him a little interview about how was his first week here!


What was thing that most surprised you about Vancouver?

I think it is definitely the matter of fact that Vancouver is so multicultural. It’s kind of surprising how many people you meet whose origin is not Canada!


What was the best and the worst thing during your first week?

The best thing was that I experienced how nice and helpful people are in Vancouver especially my office mates and of course my host family!

The worst thing? I don’t remember any negative moments, because Vancouver is amazing!


What did you do to overcome the jet lag?

I tried don’t sleep during the flight from Germany to Canada. Hence I could sleep better the first night, but I was wrong: I only slept 4 hours! But I arrived on Friday, so I had Saturday and Sunday to relax.


One thing that you have to bring in your luggage.

Definitely your Letter of Introduction! I saw a few students waiting at Immigration for a long time, because they forgot them LOL.

So welcome Tobias! We are so happy to have a new intern, and we are sure we will have a lot of fun together!

Happy Sunday Funday!



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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Why are the Canadians so friendly and polite? I can’t understand!

I already knew before arrive in Canada that they are kind people, but, when the first day I arrived at the airport, and there wasn’t any barrier to enter into the skytrain… I was surprised that everybody paid for their ticket and there wasn’t people trying to pass for free…

Well, they have a strong sense of citizenship but they have a strong sense of punishment too. The police can fine you for crossing the street in red or eating inside the skytrain. So, be careful!

Other thing that suprised me is the fact that all the sellers smile to you and say:”How are you?” and “Have a nice day” all the time! And no one gets off the bus without saying first to the driver “Thank you so much”. And they are SO comprehensive if you don’t understand something… Vancouver have a lot of diferents cultures, so they are very accustomed to listen diferent accents.

Of course, you can also find some rude people, specially in big cities like Vancouver but…  not in general, so smile and reply: “fine, thank you, and you?”


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