INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock!

Hey everybody,

This weekend I want to tell you about my culture shock (experience) when cycling in Vancouver! The second day in Canada I bought a nice looking mountain bike via (for just $100!)  I’m used to cycle in The Netherlands and it’s a cheap and fun way for travels.

I thought, it would be easy to move around with a bike. I was wrong.. Vancouver is not that so flat as The Netherlands is. There are a lot of mountains and hills so sometimes the ride feels like a big challenge.
Everyday I cycle around 7 km towards downtown. In this direction it’s really easy. There are only hills that are going down so you can gain some speed! But after work, it’s a hell of a job to climb up those hills. I’m really glad that I bought a mountain bike with a lot of gears. Otherwise it would be to difficult 😉
Now after two weeks I get quite use to this route. The length of my ride is getting shorter and at the same time I work on my fitness as well!

When you are coming from the east the best cycling route is the Adanac Street. It takes you all the way towards downtown Vancouver! All the cars have to yield for you so this makes your route saver and faster. One important thing that you have to remember is wearing a helmet. In the Vancouver area it is permitted to wear one. If you don’t you will risk a fine.. It’s up to you!

Enjoy cycling in Vancouver and stay safe!

Have a good Sunday and enjoy,


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