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What’s cheap this week? Basically everybody enjoys going to the movies, right? But most often, you rather stay at home and watch TV, because going to the movies is quite expensive. However, if you are really into films and don’t only enjoy the most current ones, then this is a tip for you.

You always wanted to see your favorite classics on the big screen? And that hasn’t been possible because it didn’t exist in the right format yet? Well, then should check this out: Cineplex movie theaters have this project called Classic Film Series, where they select classic movies and show them for $6 a ticket. And the best thing: The tax is already included! Don’t worry, if they say classic, they don’t mean black and white movies only. The shown movies are from all decades and genres, so you don’t have to be afraid that they only dig out something really old.

The participating theaters in Vancouver are the Scotiabank Theatre downtown, the SilverCity Riverport, the Metropolis in Burnaby, the SilverCity Coquitlam and VIP Cinemas, and the Colossus Langley Cinemas. And the movies for November and December so far are ‘Out of Africa’ (November 6, 10, 21) and ‘Holiday Inn’ (December 8, 18, 23).

So buy some tickets, dig in the popcorn and enjoy the classics!

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