What to do on the weekend?

It might not be the best weather today, but the weekend is starting today, so at least some good news, right?! And it gets even better, because it’s going to be a long weekend. Here are some ideas, as to what you could do this weekend.

Monday is Victoria Day, which celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria. Who is Queen Victoria you might ask? She was the Queen of England and head of the British Empire when Canada became an independent country.


On Saturday, we are going to go bike riding in Stanley Park. We will meet at 12 pm at Yes Cycle at 687 Denman St. The first hour for the rental of the bikes will be $8 and the second one $7. So join us and explore Stanley Park.

For all of you who enjoy the Yale, I have an interesting tip for you. This weekend, from the 17 to 20 May is the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair in Surrey. It is one of North’s Americas longest running Rodeos, with additional entertainment and food. Tickets are $10 and up.


On Saturday and Sunday is the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. The event features an exhibition and a vendor fair with hundreds of creators from around the world. There will also be readings, panels and workshops. The festival will be held at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Center from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of shopping and want to find some unique things, it might be worth checking out the Eastside Flea Market on Saturday or Sunday. This is not your average flea market. You will be able to find vintage clothing, quality handcrafted items, jewellery, natural locally-made body care, art, vinyl records, food and many more interesting items. There will be over 50 vendors, so there will be plenty to see. Admission is $3.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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What to do on the weekend? Easter 2019

It’s Eastern and many of you are joining us for the annual Rockies trip. But for those, who can’t make it, there are other activities you can do in Vancouver this weekend.

fish mThe Vancouver Aquarium, Canada’s largest Aquarium, will offer an Easter scavenger hunt this weekend. During the hunt you can learn interesting and quirky facts about the 500,000 animals of the aquarium. Even better, you can win a prize when submitting your answers, gathered during the hunt, at the end. The scavenger hunt is offered from Friday to Monday. The ticket for an adult will cost $38 and $30 for a student.

For more information visit: https://www.vanaqua.org/easter

Some of  you might have visited the Indian Vaisakhi celebration last weekend in Vancouver. If you liked it or missed it, you have the opportunity to go to another Vaisakhi celebration. This one will take place in Surrey on Saturday. The event will celebrate the New Year of the Sikh faith. With an expected 300,000 visitors, it will be one of the biggest Vaisakhi celebrations outside of India. There will be a parade, performances and Indian food. And the best part is, the event is free, as well as most of the food. The celebration will take place from approximately 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the parade starting at 12885 85th Avenue, at Surrey’s Gurdwara Dashmesh Darbar Temple.

In case you find yourself craving Pizza on Saturday, good news, Pizza Pizza offers cheese and pepperoni pizza for only $4.20 at all of their locations for the entire day.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!



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What to do on the weekend?

Before I tell you about any potential plans for the weekend, I would like to share the best news with you: WE HAVE A THREE-DAY-WEEKEND AHEAD! 🎉 Since Canada Day is on a Sunday this year, the Canadians decided to have the Monday off. Isn’t that amazing? 😀 So, I now have to cover three days of free time. 7510330800_fdb23aed9e_n

Starting off with Saturday:
Just looking at the forecast, this seems to be quite a grey day. But nevertheless, fun activities can definitely be found in Vancouver. Did you think about going to the cinema? There are a lot of good movies to watch right now:

• Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Science Fiction/Action/Adventure)
• The Incredibles 2 (Superhero Fiction/Adventure/Comedy)
• Deadpool 2 (Fantasy/Science Fiction/Superhero/Action)
• I Feel Pretty (Comedy)
• Despicable Me 3 (Science Fiction/Adventure/Comedy)
• Darken (Fantasy/Science Fiction)
• Overboard (Romance/Comedy)
• The First Purge (Fantasy/Crime/Science Fiction/Horror)

You don’t feel like going to the cinema and want some action for yourself instead? What about Go-Karting? Speed along the race course and compete against your friends. The indoor place can be found here and has a lot more fun games to offer besides go-karting. In case you want to get even more active, you could head to a climbing gym and get your adrenaline pumping while reaching the top. In The Hive you can get to your limit – no matter if you are a newbie, expert or somewhere in between.

I do not have to tell you what to do on this precious day! Each and every year, since 1917, we celebrate the Birth of Canada in 1867. 🇨🇦️ This year it’s the 151th birthday and all of you should participate. There is a lot to celebrate: Aren’t you happy to be here? Aren’t you pleased by this beautiful country? Aren’t you embracing the easy, yet exciting lifestyle over here? I bet you are. But where to celebrate it best? The biggest celebration will take place at Canada Place. 🎆 But you will find smaller events on Granville Island, in Burnaby, in Surrey and basically all over Vancouver.

8262151914_5eea36c8ea_nIt’s the last day of the weekend already and I’d advise you to take it slow and relax a little. Fortunately, not everyone is as lazy as I am, so for those active among you, here are some tips for the perfect ending of the long weekend: How about some more action at a Paintball combat with your friends? Grab them and head out to North Vancouver where you can get another adrenaline-kick. If you want the rather “light” version, you can play Archery Tag in Richmond. You won’t get hurt, but it’s the same amount of fun!

Have the greatest weekend, guys. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for the Canada Day celebration at Canada Place!

– Elisabeth

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Canada Day!

Tomorrow’s a special day, as we should all know by now. It’s Canada’s birthday!

The country came into being in 1867 after the three colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada joined into a federation on July 1st. So Canada’s just shy of becoming 150 years old.

This July 1st is on a Wednesday and at Canada Place the first event of the day is called Waterfront Party which will be from 10am to 6pm featuring various entertainments like live music, activities for children, street hockey, an armed forces show, a circus show and lots of food carts, as well.
Next up is the Canada Day Parade. It begins at West Georgia and Broughton Street at 7pm and ends at 8pm.
Finally, to finish the day with a bang, there will be fireworks at 10:30pm which we’ll have a great view of from Canada Place.

So, this is the plan. We’ll be meeting up at 1pm at Waterfront Station.
Following this, we will walk over to Canada Place to check out all the fun shows and activities they have going on there.
We should definitely check out the parade at 7pm, as well.
And after we’ve had our fill, it’s pretty much a free for all since some might want to have a look at the Canada Day Party at Wreck Beach while others will want to stick around for the fireworks.

Looking forward to an awesome Canada Day Birthday Party!

Your PR Team


Smart Saver

Today it’s 7/11 day, which means free slurpee at the 7/11 stores! Don’t worry if you do not have time to get their today the 7/11 day is extended to a 7/11 week. Keep on reading to see what free food/drinks 7/11 has for you the next week!

7/11 celebrates the 7/11 day on the 7th of July with free slurpee drinks from 11am – 7pm. For some of you this will be already over once you read this post, but no worries. 7/11 day is turning into a 7/11 week. By downloading the 7/11 app you can enjoy the whole week free food/drinks at 7/11.

Saturday 12th: Big Glup
Sunday 13th: M&M’s Birthday cake chocolate candies
Monday 14th: Grandma’s cookies
Tuesday 15th: Hostess twinkles
Wednesday 16th: Twix or Snickers ice cream bar
Thursday 17th: Quaker Chewy yogurt snack bar
Friday 18th: Pillsbury Cookies
Starurday 19th: Small slurpee

The app can be found here: http://bit.ly/1q9Xzbu.

Enjoy your Slurpee! 

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Christmas special

Christmas is celebrated by millions of people around the world. It’s a mix of different traditions; pre-Christian, Christian, and secular themes and origins. And one of the most popular modern customs of the holiday includes gift giving. Apart from that, don’t we all enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere? The Christmas music, caroling, Christmas cards, church celebrations, a special meal, the beautiful Christmas decorations. Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and mistletoes? Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival have a very pronounced economic aspect nowadays, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses.

Traditionally, Christmas Day has been followed by Boxing Day. Its name originating from the old custom of employers handing out Christmas boxes to their employees on that day. Now however, it’s known as the public holiday directly after Christmas Day, a perfect Day for shopping. Most shops will have sales and dramatic price reductions!

So, enjoy your holidays and then go crazy shopping to treat yourself to something nice!





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INTERNeX Canada: How to overcome the Post Vacation Blues

September is a sad month; we have to deal with this. It’s a strong feeling that starts when you are a child; an August is running to its end. Is the first kind of melancholia that a kid has.

In television the awful school commercials appears to disturb your (at least until this moment) quiet and happy life. Suddenly you start to need to wear a jacket during the sunset, and you cannot organize more fake weeding on the beach because your summer lover already left.

September is grey and smells like a new backpack. September sucks.

And when you are and adult, this feeling continue, but you have to come back to the university or your job. Is very normal to feel very depressed after the holidays, in fact, this feeling is clinically known as post-travel depression (PTD). Basically, you don’t feel able to come jump into you routine and you start to hate your job as soon as you arrive to the office.

But this is a normal feeling and we CAN overcome that. So here you are some tips to deal with this!

Accept that you will feel a little bit depressed

It’s a common feeling that everybody can have, for some people is easier to overcome, but for others, I so hard that they even have to go to the psychologist. So think that better times will come.

Take your time to back to your routine

Get the day off before come back to the work is a good idea. Take your time to do your laundry, put your things in order and go bed early. Sleep more hours that you use to do.

Try to come back to your normal schedule as soon as possible

The routine is good to beat the jet lag. Try to eat at the same hours every day, practice sports and have a healthy life in general. We usually have unhealthy habits during the holidays, so try to transform the terrible firsts week in an opportunity to purify your body.

Do things!

We always have more energy after a big trip, so hang out with your friends; do things after work, stay busy!  And remember that one candy per day is one of the best thing to avoid the depression, according to my grandmother, and my grandmother is one of the the wisest persons on the world.

I hope I’ve helped you!

See ya!


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