Candidate Exposé – Lisa-Marie Hartwig

My name is Lisa-Marie Hartwig. I am 21 years old and I live in Stuttgart (southern Germany). I am studying Business Administration in the Service Sector Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

20140724_135517I wanted to experience a new country and I wanted to strengthen the general and specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the work in NPOs or NGOs. At the same time I wanted to do this on an international level.

I found INTERNeX through the information event of the DHBW. I did the practicum program for 4 weeks. I chose this program together with a co-student. I liked it very much. I was placed at a small environmental organization with really cool people. The work was monotonously but we knew that before. The skills you need to have for this job are endurance, speed and attention. This was not a part of my university program. It was a voluntary decision from me. My employee didn’t mind. But it is useful for my résumé.

I was at a home stay from INTERNeX. My first impression from Vancouver was that the city is ugly. I was a little bit disappointed because many people were jealous. It was really cold in my room and I had a long bus drive to the city centre. I am not in Canada anymore. What I liked the most about the city and Canada was the neatness of the people.


I attended a lot of the activities from INTERNeX. I liked them very much because of different people you meet there. I was at Stanley Park, the Lookout, Harbour Centre, Robson Street, North Vancouver, Richmond, Lynn Valley Park and drove to a lake outside Vancouver. Visiting Sunshine Coast at the place of a colleague was the most memorable thing I did in Canada.

The first thing I did when I came home was having a dinner with my boyfriend and my parents. In Vancouver I thought I would travel more in the future, but since I am back in Germany it is the same daily grind like before. I would totally recommend the services of INTERNeX. They managed to call a taxi for the airport. And the introduction presentation was really helpful. The organized events were great and helped me to arrange my evenings.

– Lisa-Marie Hartwig

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INTERNeX Canada: Jasmin’s Pictures

Today I would like to share Jasmin’s story and her beautiful pictures with you guys. Jasmin participated in the picture your life, INTERNeX Canucks Contest. By writing this story she won a prize!

My new home….

… is having the possibility to celebrate a Swiss Holiday (December 6th) baking “Grittibanze” (bread-men) and enjoy this particular evening with my host family and new friends.

My new school….

…. and my view out of the window is quiet interesting. But because I really like to go to school it is sometimes a little bit distracting :).

My Favorite place in Vancouver….

…. is relaxing in front of the Public Market at Londsdale quay. Sitting with a Bean Around the World coffee and enjoying the beautiful skyline is one of the greatest things you can do on a sunny day.

My Favorite Leisure Activity….

…. One of my favourite leisure activities is sitting in a Bean Around the World or JJ Bean, drinking a very good coffee and do people-watch. This only counts if it is raining. If it is nice weather I love to be in the nature. These forest are huge and the trees seem endless!!

I would like to thank Jasmin for participating in the contest, and for sharing her pictures and story with is! I hope Jasmin will enjoy the rest of her stay in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Cheers Lydia,

INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: Inga’s Pictures

Today I would like to share Inga’s story and pictures with you guys. Inga is from Germany is she is doing an internship in the city of Vancouver. Inga particpated in the INTERNeX ‘Picture your Life’ Contest.  Since her story is so great she won a great prize! Have fun reading this article!

1st of all my wonderful Home stay in the Burnaby Heights – with the best host you could ever imagine – probably even better!

2nd the most erudite place in Vancouver. The Vancouver Public Library – I adored this little spot since the first second and I’ll never

3rd I could have never imagined working in a sport museum – and there is nothing in the world I would trade this experience for.

4th My favorite activity for spare time? à Definitely visiting the Aquarium! Even though money related I can’t go as often as I wished, I really really love this place and all those magical little creatures swimming around.

5th … to sum up the feeling of an unforgettable, amazing, adventures and life in Vancouver.

Inga, Thanks for sharing your great pictures with us! It is great to see and to read that you enjoy your time in the great city of Vancouver so much! enjoy the rest of your stay here!

Cheers, Lydia

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
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