The Amazing Rockies Trip by Janel

I had an amazing weekend in the Rockies!! Thanks to Discover Canada Tours and everyone that came with us on this trip!!

The first day started of in the rain in Vancouver, but as soon as we got on the bus and drove out of the city the weather got a lot nicer! We spent a lot of time on the bus on Friday, but got to see a lot of beautiful places. Some of us were sleeping and Danielle, Christina, Kerstin and me started playing a game. Our first few stops were just small stops to go to the washroom and get some food. 17965285_1389504374419265_887667184_nWhen we arrived in Kamloops we went to the BC Wildlife Park. It was great to see all those animals that I had never seen before, like grizzly bears, black bears, cougars and coyotes. After the park we drove to our resort. It was an amazing hotel next to the beautiful Shuswap Lake. In the evening we started with a campfire and an amazing story from the first nations cultural host of the resort. He told us really interesting stories and I learned a lot more about the first nations. After the campfire we decided to do some drinks in our room. Almost the whole group came and our room was fully packed with 16 people. We played some games, told stories and were having lots of fun!!

On the second day it was hard to get up, because of the great evening we had together. After a powernap in the bus we were ready to go again! Our first sightseeing stop that day was Emerald Lake. The whole lake was still frozen and really beautiful. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t fall through the ice in the lake, so that of course happened. But luckily I wasn’t the only one. After Emerald Lake we went to Lake 18049738_1714366851912092_272087587_oLouise, which was also still totally frozen. We walked on the ice to the other side of the lake to see a beautiful big frozen waterfall. The ice was really slippery and it was really difficult to not fall, but we all managed to get to the other side of the lake without falling. When we finally arrived in Banff, we checked into the hotel and went out for dinner right away. As we were with such a big group it was hard to find a restaurant where we could all fit, but we found one and had amazing dinner at Earls together. After dinner we went back to the hotel and again had some drinks in our room to get ready for the big party in Banff that night. We called cabs for 15 people and were at the club around 10:30. The club was really nice, we danced all night and had a great time with each other and the other people from our bus. We also met up with two other people from INTERNeX, who are living in Banff. It was amazing to see them again and we had lots of fun! 🙂 Some of us left earlier and some of us only slept around 2 hours, but we all had a great night!

The third day was the activity day. Some of us went on an ice walk, others went horse riding, skiing or slept in. I went horse riding in the morning. It was the best cure for my hangover to be outside in the fresh air. The bus drove us to the ranch and we got assigned some horses. It was an one-hour tour through the woods and next to a river. It was really beautiful. During the whole trip we had amazing views. After the horseback riding we had lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Then the bus picked us up there and brought us to the Banff Gondola. 18012764_1388526431183726_2098698393_oAlmost everybody from our group went up the mountain in the gondola. The sun was shining and there were almost no clouds, which made the view amazingly beautiful. We saw all the mountains around Sulphur Mountain and went to the second peak to have an even better view! After a big day of activities we all went back to the bus and started our drive to our hotel in Golden. We had dinner and got drinks again for the campfire. Around 7.30 PM the campfire started. The whole group went to the campfire and we all had lots of fun with the tour guides, bus driver and the other people from the busses. We played some music, played a game and sang Dutch and German songs at the same time. At 1AM everybody started to feel tired and we went to bed.

The last day it was a lot of driving. We stopped a few times for lunch and toilet breaks and had one sightseeing stop at Craigellachie. At Craigellachie the last spike of the railway across Canada was set. It always was a golden spike, but as a lot of people wanted to steal it they removed it and got a metal spike coloured gold. On this last day we watched two movies in the bus and played a game called two truths and one lie. When we arrived in Vancouver it was of course again raining and we all went home immediately to get some sleep.

Thank you guys for this amazing weekend! I am never going to forget it!!

– Janel

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INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass -Ranchstay Program

Hey hey hey! It’s Faaaat Al…No just me. It’s Amiel again. Excuse the little excursion into childhood memories. 😀 Speaking of the past though, have a look at my post from last week concerning the Hospitality Program.ranchstayAnd here’s a fantastic quote by Leonardo da Vinci: “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” It describes exactly how I feel about travelling. After spending a little time living in other places, you want to keep going always anticipating your next experience in a different country.

So, let’s talk about the INTERNeX Ranchstay. The program is just as the name suggests. It involves spending your time at a ranch and experiencing the life of a farming family in the countryside of either Canada or New Zealand. While participating in this program you are treated as part of the family and will be expected to pitch in with the daily chores. Though that will only take up one part of your stay. The rest includes the cowboy/cowgirl way of life of horseback, driving tractors, taking care of animals and visiting community festivals. This enables you to learn about the local culture and mentality. Are people living in the outskirts of urban civilization really the same as they are depicted in stories Natasjaand movies? It’s definitely something worth finding out! Ranchstay is an incredible experience, especially if you love being surrounded by nature, far far away from the cities. Natasja, my partner in the INTERNeX PR department even spent a little time on some of the farms and returned wishing she could have stayed a bit longer.

So, the program works like this: Again, there will be a conversation at the beginning discussing your goals in participating after which INTERNeX will find a suitable ranch for you. Then, you just travel to your desired destination following the completion of the necessary paperwork, of course. And what awaits you at arriving at the ranch is a whole new world you had known only very little about before!

If this got you interested, check out for more information.
Next Sunday, more on INTERNeX Through the Looking Glass. A post about one of the many destinations INTERNeX is able to help you explore.



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Review: Whistler Trip

We are back from our amazing trip to Whistler. Unfortunately Henrik was sick and not able to join the trip, so we were just a small group of 7 people, but however we had a really great time.

We headed off for our adventure with the bus Saturday, September 27, at 10:30 am and arrived in Whistler round about 1 pm.  After a short time of confusion we got the right bus to our Hotel, Coast Backcomb Suites at Whistler. The Hotel was pretty nice, we got two big rooms, each with a kitchen, a balcony, a bedroom and a small living room.

After the check in some of us went out to go horseback riding, which was pretty cool. The horses were well behaved and we saw the Alexander Waterfalls, which was really amazing. Our tour guide was pretty cool and looked like a real cowboy, he told us some really funny stories and even offers us a job as a tour guide, because he always need some.
The rest of the group went through Whistler Village, which is pretty nice with all the small shops, and enjoyed the sun.
In the evening we cooked some spaghetti with tomato sauce. It wasn’t the best dinner we ever had, but it was eatable. Of course it was also time to start drinking some cider and beer. Since it is allowed to drink alcohol even in the hot tubes, we took our bottles with us and enjoyed lazing around in the hot tubes. The hot tubes closed at 10 pm so it was time for us to go out to explore the Night Clubs in Whistler. You can imagine we had a really great night.

Unfortunately we couldn’t avoid a little hangover on Sunday, but after the breakfast with some muffins and waffles we all felt better. We checked out and left our bags at the hotel. During the boys went to Lost Lake just to hang out in the sun, the girls went up to the Whistler Mountain with Whistler Village gondola. Up on the Mountain we hiked to Harmony Lakes, which was really beautiful. We had amazing views over Whistler and the Mountains and totally enjoyed the fresh mountain air. Since the Olympic Winter Games 2010 were placed in Whistler as well, of course we had to take some pictures in front of the Olympic Rings. The bus back to Vancouver picked us up at 4:30. We arrived really tired but happy in Vancouver at 6:30.
I hope you guys enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

Click here if you want to see some more picture of our great trip to Whistler.

Because of Thanksgiving and Halloween there is no overnight trip in October but I hope many of you will join our next overnight trip to Portland in November for some Christmas shopping.

Looking forward to see you at our next Pub Night on Wednesday.

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INTERNeX Ranch Stay program

Have you have ever thought about living on a Ranch or a farm for a while? Yes?! Then our Ranch stay problem is the perfect change to experience the Ranch lifestyle here in Canada.

If you like the country life, cattles, tractors and the work with horses than our INTERNeX Ranch Stay program is the right choice for you.

While working on the Ranch you will be staying with a local Canadian family. The farms are quite far from huge cities and you can experience the real countryside and the quiet and very relaxed atmosphere while staying on the Ranch.
The INTERNeX Ranch stay program gives you the perfect opportunity to learn something about the real Canadian community while working, living and eating with a great local Canadian family.
After some time on the Ranch you will figure out that Canadians are living a much more relaxed life than people from Europe or anywhere else. Everybody is just so friendly and accommodation.

While working on a Ranch you totally get involved into the everyday family life and become part of the family.
The great thing is that you can use all the facilities a farm has to offer. That means that you can drive a tractor, which already is a great experience. You can also go horseback riding pretty much every day if you want to.
You won’t be isolated on the farm because the horst family is taking you on great weekend trips, on trips to your neighbors and to special events like rodeos and community festivals, which are always great fun.

In case you are interested in our INTERNeX Ranch Stay program or also other INTERNeX programs visit our homepage for more information.

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