New `Kids` on the Blog

Hello and welcome to our New Kids on the blog – and above all a really warm welcome to Sophie, our new candidate. Actually she’s already in Vancouver for two weeks but since she’s such a friendly and open-minded person I would not like to withhold her from you.

So let’s talk about Sophie. First of all we’re really happy that she found her way to beautiful Canada spending her time with us. 🙂
Sophie is 20 years old and originally from a small village close to Hannover in Germany. She’s staying in Vancouver for 2 months where she’s doing her best work while helping out in an animal shelter in Richmond. There are mostly little baby cats; doesn’t that sound cute???
In any case, she really enjoys her time over there. So Sophie is taking part in our volunteer program. Since she will be placed in a host family in Richmond she’s also really excited for all the upcoming adventures and to spend her time in places like Vancouver Downtown, Gastown or at the beaches such as Kitsilano or Sunset beach. Her bucket list also includes a bike ride with her host family through Stanley Park as well as a trip to Whistler.
As many of us did she already graduated from highschool and decided to do a Gap Year before continuing with university.
She always wanted to come to Vancouver to meet new people and learn more about the Canadian culture and way of life. As far as i can say Sophie has a really interesting point of view since she told me that with this stay abroad she aims to get a new perspective on things and new ideas; especially regarding her study plans.

Get out of your own comfort zone; she said to me and i think this is a very good starting point for a successful stay abroad. I really hope she’s enjoying her time and can pursue all her goals!!
She actually came to Canada without any specific expectation; and here’s the next inspiring opinion; without any expectation you will not be disappointed. She’s only hoping for a great time with many new experiences and opportunities and a great hostfamily. And the last point already came true.

Let’s meet at today’s pubnight 🙂 6pm at Tap&Barell Olympic Village!

Have a nice day 🙂

– Tatjana

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How was your weekend?

Hey Guys,
I hoped you had a great weekend with lots of fun even it was raining a bit.
I had quite an interesting weekend. I went to the border in order to get my visa, same as Petra did last week.
But let’s start from the beginning.
On Friday around 10 people from INTERNeX went out together. We went to a nightclub in Gastown and we really had a good time, met some new people and enjoyed ourselves a lot.
On Saturday I relaxed and watched movies with my new hostfamily. In the evening I went to the Gym, worked out a bit and watched a local hockey game in North Vancouver… more or less like the NHL 😉
Sunday was the big day for me. I took the bus close to the border and walked the last 15minutes right next to the highway to the Canadian American border. I was kind of nervous when it was my turn to talk to the officers.                                                                                                                                                                                      But they were really friendly and it was no problem at all to get my working permit. They asked me where I will work and where I’m going to live and that’s it. So don’t be afraid when you have to go to get your visa, everything is easy.
If you don’t know how to get there feel free to contact me and I will help you.

Have a good week and hopefully we will see each other at the PuB-NiGHT on Wednesday.
Tell us about your weekend and write a comment.


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