INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday !

The Olympic Games,  leading international sporting event considered the world’s foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating, are held each four years.

If you remember the last ones,the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were held in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia.

But now a small quiz for you guys, what do you know about the Olympics and Canada? Let’s see !

  1. Do you know the names of the official mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics? The mascots were:
    • Miga – A mythical sea bear, part whale and part spirit bear living off the coast of Vancouver island. (Olympics)
    • Quatchi – A sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of  Canada. 
    • Sumi – An animal guardian spirit with the wings of the Thungerbird and legs of an American black bear living in the mountains of British Columbia.
    • Miga and Quatchi represented the Olympics and Sumi the Paralympics.
  2. Do you know when and where did Canada participate for first time in the Olympics?It was in Paris in 1900. That year Canada won one gold and one bronze !
  3. Which Canadian city host for first time in Canada the Olympic Games? Montreal in 1976! And now that you know it, you know which one was the second ? Calgary in 1988 ! (By the way, the “Big O” stadium in the 1976 games is well-known because of it’s poor quality like roof collapses interrupting a few performances)
  4. Name of the first Olympian from Canada to win a total of six medals ! It was Cindy Klassen, speed skater.
  5. Who was the Canadian women hockey team’s fiercist competitors from 1998 to 2006 in the Olympic Games? USA and Sweden! ( Canada won the gold in 2002 and 2006)
  6. Last question and  a little bit more difficult: What was Ian Millar’s, well-known Canadian horseback rider, horse’s name that accompanied him in many Olympic Games? Big Ben!

The quiz is over guys, how many answers did you know? I hope you know a little bit more about the participation of Canada in the Olympics, and don´t be shy to make us a question too ! 🙂

Have a nice weekend everybody!



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