Go whale watching at least once in your life!

This weekend , I rented  a car and went to see Vancouver Island with some friends. After spending the first day in Victoria we decided to do a go on a AMAZING experience: Whale Watching!

As you can see on the pictures, you have to be really well dressed with warm clothes even if they provide you with a massive Eskimo suit!! The zodiacs go really quickly and the wind can be freezing even though it seems warm when you are on shore! For the people that don’t like a fresh breeze and water in their face and prefer to have facilities on-board there are bigger boats. But personally I would recommend to go on a zodiac or semi-covered zodiac to get a real feel of how impressively big and beautiful these animals are!

An orca (killer whale) is the size of two elephants, and a blue whale is the size of 6 to 8 elephants! Unbelievable! I only saw a bunch of orca’s – but it was enough to make me feel humble and awed by these awesome and gorgeous animals that live in the ocean!

From Victoria on Vancouver Island, the cheapest company  is Ocean Exploration ( Adult $79, Student $75) and the most famous is Prince of Whales! This is the one we took because the other one was full, and it was really good! We saw all the islands around the area and had a really nice and fun time out on the water.

If you want to go from Vancouver, we have a good address for you! Vancouver Whale Watch (the photo above) works with us and they have already send  a lot of INTERNeX people out on the sea and they all saw whales after a few minutes! And right now is the best season for spotting e.g. killer whales!  It’s more or less the same thing to go from Victoria or Vancouver for whale watching because you will see the whales between these two cities. If you want to book the trip with our partner, feel free to come at the office or contact us at pr@internexcanada.com for more info!