Meanwhile in Vegas…

You might wonder why it was so quiet on the Blog this week. The answer is, INTERNeX went to Las Vegas for the 4th of July celebrations and I obviously couldn’t miss out on that. Still tired, I feel the last couple of days in my bones while sitting back at my desk in Vancouver. It was my very first time in the city that never sleeps and I understand now, why people say that. Here’s a little POV from our trip.

We’re on the plane early in the morning, excited to arrive at the shiniest place on earth. The city is so big you can see the flickering ads on the buildings from up in the sky. After refreshing ourselves at the hotel we decide to take the Monorail (kind of like a skytrain that runs parallel to the Las Vegas Strip) and go down to the famous ‘Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas’ sign to take a nice group photo. The last station of the Monorail however, is a bit further away, which means we have to walk quite a bit to get to the sign.

At first that seems totally fine, but it is 42 degrees pure sun shining on us, so it gets harder with every minute of walking. I really feel that I’m in the middle of a desert. In the distance we see something… is that a Fata Morgana? A yellow ‘M’ appears on the horizon and it whispers ‘Air Condition’ and ‘food’. Thankfully we are right, it’s a McDonalds that was going to save us. It feels really good to cool down, eat and drink an iced beverage before continuing our journey.

Surprisingly we all made it to the sign, just to find out that there’s a long queue of people waiting in the heat to take a photo. We find a way to sneak to the side and skip the line by taking a photo there instead of right underneath the sign. If you are ever planning on going, keep that in mind! Another thing we’ve come to realize, it’s cheaper to take an Uber or Lyft when you are travelling with a group than it is taking a bus, plus it’s more convenient as well.

After spending some free time we all meet again at a nice Mexican restaurant to have dinner and drinks together. The tacos are amazing! The first day has been successful, but tiring. Matt plays a round of Black Jack at the Casino but gives up pretty fast, I guess it’s time for bed. We decide to keep it chill and save our energy for the next day.

A few of us are going to a pool party, the perfect place to be on a hot sunny day, and indeed it is so much fun! I’d recommend buying tickets in advance as well as eating and drinking lots before going because prices are insane; $57 for a cocktail… Everything else is totally worth it though, we’re having a blast! Another group of us is taking the day to explore the city some more.

In the evening everyone is out to see the Independence Day fireworks! My favourite view is from the Bellagio Fountains. There’s a fountain show with light, music and the fireworks in the background. Even at night it’s nice and warm in the city. I actually prefer the night over the day in Vegas! Everything is sparkling in bright lights, and the sun doesn’t burn you. 😀

There’s definitely always something to do and the time of our departure came too fast. After two days it’s time to say Goodbye to Vegas. We all agree it’s a very unique place. It doesn’t seem like a regular city, it’s its own little world. I still feel like I need to process the past days, so much happened in such little time, and with barely any sleep. But I guess that’s how it is when you visit Las Vegas. 😉

Have you ever been to Vegas? Would you go? What do you think of it?

I’d love to chat more about it at tonight’s pub night, 7pm at The Blarney Stone! See you there!


Laura 🙂

INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend

Well, September is officially here! And it is full of amazing plans that we will show you in our weekly “What to do on the weekend”.

Vancouver always offers a large number of events, festivals, concerts, markets… maybe so many, for that is very easy to miss  something. Then, the next week arrives and you realized that you lost something that could have been very funny. But no worries, because every Thursday you will have the best selection of the Vancouver’s entertainment.


Of course, the main event this weekend is the party that we have at  HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach! And apparently, the weather will be OK!

To get there, we can meet at 3:30 PM at the closest bus stop, and you can check the best route for you in Google Maps (Get directions). The name is WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594). Then, we can go all together by foot. If you need to arrive later, the Hi-Vancouver location is this (MAP), you can go there on your own. If you have any problems, just call us!

Here you have the Mercedes’ number: +1 778 859 7626

  •  WHEN: Saturday, 7th September at 3:30 PM
  •  WHERE: Bus Stop WB w 4 Av FS NW Marine Dr (ID stop: 50594)

Luxury & Supercar Weekend

If you are completely in love with luxury cars, this weekend (Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th) you have an appointment in the VanDusen Botanical Garden, with the world’s most expensive and priciest cars. And the priciest tickets too: single days tickets are $50, and the VIP tickets are $100 and include cocktails, wine and food.

Fiesta Mexico Independencia

One of the most important events inside the Mexico-Fest (September 5th-15th). This Saturday, in the Vancouver Convention Centre between 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, you will be able to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day. Mariachis, food vendors, traditional Mexican dances and much more! Take a look to the schedule!


12:00 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

12:30 pm –  Joaquin Ernesto Gonzalez

13:00 pm –  Rosario Flamenco

13:30 pm – Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

14:00 pm –  Sangre Morena

14:30 pm –  Alma de Mexico

15:00 pm –  Tren al Sur

16:00 pm –  Zumba- Latin Fitness Ztudio

16:30 pm –  Mexico Vivo

17:15 pm –  Mariachi Estrella de Mexico

17:30 pm –   El Grito Ceremony

18:00 pm –   LIO

19:00 pm –   Aleks Syntek in Concert

Well, I’m sure I’ve provided you with a bunch of ideas for this weekend! Take advantage of that!

Have fun!


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INTERNeX Explorer: Independence Day 2012

Last week we had an amazing trip made possible by Zip Car. The PR Team went to Seattle for INDEPENDENCE DAY the 4th of July. To fully capture this once in a life time opportunity for us Europeans, I made a movie of this miraculous experience. We started our day in Bothell with a parade. We saw a lot of local people cheering on the sidelines for the parade. After the parade we went to downtown Seattle had a mexican lunch and saw the first Starbuck, gumball wall and a few snakes. Towards the evening we are at the Family 4th Festival were we saw band preforming and amazing fire works. Check out the whole experience with on this video.



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INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts

What are the differences between Canada Day and Independence Day?

This week we have been speaking a lot about Canada day and Independence Day (celebrating too)…But what do you really know about these two festivities? Are there any differences between them?

The answer is yes, definitely.

Canada and United States got their independence from Great Britain in different ways.

Canada signed the British North America Act in a peaceful way in 1st July of 1867 and has good relations with Great Britain.

On the contrary United States was waging a war against Britain. After three years fighting Spanish and French people helped them and made possible that finally George Washington, won the battle. This situation was born because American people didn´t have any representation in British Parliament and it was also source of conflict that American colonists were paying high taxes to pay Britain´s debts. Two years later after finished the war, the 4th of July in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was made.

Before they got their independence, Canada was the joining of colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada.

The way of celebrating is quite similar in both of them. There are usually lots of outdoor public events, like parades, concerts, carnivals, festivals, air and maritime shows and of course fireworks. It is usually normal to see flags everywhere too.

All the PR team is quite sure about the last one! We want to say thank you Zipcar, because you made possible we saw them both!



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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

Hello everybody!

You already know INTERNeX is a really international company!

Actually our Public Relations Team is formed by 5 different nationalities! But the best of this multicultural group is that we can celebrate each national festivity together! Last Wednesday  was especially for our American intern Katie!

After a great Canada Day, 4th July arrived with such a big celebration in United States! This day commemorates the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain signed on July 4 of 1776.

All the PR team attended a parade near Seattle and then the awesome fireworks in the city! You can´t imagine how crowded it was! Sometimes I looked around and it just seemed like we were in a film, with all the people on their blankets, the comets in the sky, American flags all around, carnival games…

Which will be the next festivity to celebrate?

In fact there are a couple of possibilities.

This month, the 21st of July, we can celebrate the Belgium National Day, with our Belgium intern Lies. Or maybe we will wait for Xenia until the 3rd of October to celebrate the Day of German Unity or until the 12th of October for the Spain National Day.

We also can wait a bit longer for The Liberation Day in The Netherlands on 5th of May for our Dutch intern, Petra.

No matter what nationality you are, you can celebrate them all! The more possibilities, the more fun!

When is your country´s national day? How do you celebrate it?

Just let us know and we can celebrate together!

Check our flickr page out to see more pictures



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