What to do on the weekend?

Today is Friday, which means it’s almost weekend again! And guess what? It’s supposed to be another rainy weekend in Vancouver. Luckily, there are plenty of activities that can be done indoors. So, here are my suggestions for the weekend.

Listen up hockey fans: the Stanley Cup is on. There is a total of 8 games to watch during the upcoming two days. Four on Saturday and four on Sunday. But where? Well, you could go to one of the many pubs that are screening the games, for example the Lamplighter or Malone’s. Or you could invite your friends to your place, have cold beer and chips ready and watch it on TV or on your computer via cbc.ca.

For those that would like to enjoy some nature, but do not want to be outside in the rain: no worries! There’s a solution for that problem too. The Bloedel Conservatory is then the place to be. Within the dome, you can find three different climatic zones: Tropical, Subtropical and Desert. In total, you can find more than 120 free-flying exotic birds and more than 500 exotic plants and flowers. Enjoy the warmth and the beautiful nature on both days (and any other day of the week) from 10am until 5pm. The entrance fee is $6.50 only (tax not included).

And for the tough cookies of you that want to be outside no matter what: The Spring Lights Illumination is taking place in the Queen Elizabeth Park on Saturday evening only! Many projections and a walkthrough experience are awaiting you from 8pm until 10pm. The best part: the entrance is free!

Enjoy your rainy weekend and I hope to see many of your faces at the Rogers Arena Tour on Sunday! If you didn’t sign up, but would still like to join, just meet us at 1pm in front of the Canucks Team store which is located at gate 6! See y’all!

– Nadine

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Vancouver’s Must See Attractions – part III

Today’s Vancouver Must See Attraction is one of those you can best visit when it is raining like today:

The Vancouver Aquarium in Stanly Park!

In total you can experience more than 70.000 captivating creatures in Vancouver’s unparalleled Aquarium.
Enjoy dolphin and beluga whale shows in the huge outside aquariums and immerge yourself into the indoor world of Vancouver Aquarium where you can see more than a hundred of different creatures from all of the different oceans.
Do not forget the check out the cute otter who loves to lay on his back being a magnet for the masses.
The Aquariums offers you the possibility to have lunch at the Upstream café and why not experiences one of the shark dive afterwards!?

An additional attraction is the 4D experience cinema which is a must see, and combines the high-definition excitement of a 3D movie with exciting effects like water and different smells.

The Vancouver Aquarium is daily open from 9.30 am until 5 pm in the evening.