Candidate Exposé – Lisa-Marie Hartwig

My name is Lisa-Marie Hartwig. I am 21 years old and I live in Stuttgart (southern Germany). I am studying Business Administration in the Service Sector Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

20140724_135517I wanted to experience a new country and I wanted to strengthen the general and specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the work in NPOs or NGOs. At the same time I wanted to do this on an international level.

I found INTERNeX through the information event of the DHBW. I did the practicum program for 4 weeks. I chose this program together with a co-student. I liked it very much. I was placed at a small environmental organization with really cool people. The work was monotonously but we knew that before. The skills you need to have for this job are endurance, speed and attention. This was not a part of my university program. It was a voluntary decision from me. My employee didn’t mind. But it is useful for my résumé.

I was at a home stay from INTERNeX. My first impression from Vancouver was that the city is ugly. I was a little bit disappointed because many people were jealous. It was really cold in my room and I had a long bus drive to the city centre. I am not in Canada anymore. What I liked the most about the city and Canada was the neatness of the people.


I attended a lot of the activities from INTERNeX. I liked them very much because of different people you meet there. I was at Stanley Park, the Lookout, Harbour Centre, Robson Street, North Vancouver, Richmond, Lynn Valley Park and drove to a lake outside Vancouver. Visiting Sunshine Coast at the place of a colleague was the most memorable thing I did in Canada.

The first thing I did when I came home was having a dinner with my boyfriend and my parents. In Vancouver I thought I would travel more in the future, but since I am back in Germany it is the same daily grind like before. I would totally recommend the services of INTERNeX. They managed to call a taxi for the airport. And the introduction presentation was really helpful. The organized events were great and helped me to arrange my evenings.

– Lisa-Marie Hartwig

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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday – Into The Wild!

Hello guys,

Today I want to share a story about a movie I saw. In The Netherlands I used to work in a cinema house. One day we had a art movie on our program from the USA. The title is Into The Wild. It’s tells a story about a young guy that wanted to enjoy the freedom and the wild. He took his car from Atlanta (eastcoast) all the way to the west (Seattle, Vancouver) and up through the Yukon to Alaska. This is based on a real story what happened between 1990-1992.

The movie inspired me to do a lot of travels in Northern-America. It really shows the beauty of the Northern American continent. From the mountains in California to the endless plains in the middle of the States.

This guy named Chris Mccandless used some amazing and interested expressions from books that he read during his 2 years of travel. A few examples of his quotes:


“…there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

“If you want something in this life, reach out and grab it.”

And this one:

“It is important in life not to be strong, but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once.”

This gives you an idea of the guy where this movie is about. To give you a better idea check out the trailer below:

I heard from a lot of people that they were amazed by this movie. I can only say; check it out sometime, it’s definitely worth it!

Great weekend everybody



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INTERNeX Canada: Canadian Goose!

I’m sure everyone can agree that one of factors which makes British Columbia the most beautiful place to live on earth is its nature. You can see Mother Nature at its finest with breathtaking sights of the mountains, forests, lakes, and most of all, the animals that live here in BC. And whether you have been taking a walk around a lake, a park, or even staring up at the sky, you most definitely will have seen our famous Canadian geese. These birds look so adorable that you just can’t help but feed them your leftover snacks. Although, they can be seriously annoying at times when they come to steal your food!

But how much more does an average Canadian know about the Canadian goose? Well, probably not a whole lot. So I did a little bit of research and here is what I’ve found:

Some of the interesting facts according to the The CornellLab of Ornithology

Latin name: Branta canadensis

  • the oldest known wild Canada Goose was 30 years 4 months old!
  • when these birds find a partner to be with, they choose accordingly to their own body size, what is known as “assortatively” mating. That is a bit different the way people find their partners, because we think that love can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, right?
  • they build nests on the ground and can lay anywhere from 1-12 eggs
  • Canadian geese have 13 different sounds or calls they can make for different reasons!
  • When they fly, these birds coordinate what is known as a V-formation, which is basically forming a v-shape with the leader of the pack at the front (you most likely have seen this) for air resistance
  • they are devoted to their partners and remain monogamous, which means they will be with the same partner for the rest of their lives! Talk about loyalty and dedication!



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Casual Friday – Gastowns Steam Clock

What is the story of the Steam Clock? Nobody really knows, that is why I want to share with you today an article by Will Woods. He is a tour guide here in Vancouver and gets a lot of questions about the Steam Clock but that question is one he has difficulty answering, that is why he investigated this story.

Let’s get our facts on the table. First of all, while Gastown is old, the clock ain’t. Built in 1977, it’s not even reached middle age yet. Secondly, while it uses steam power, it also requires three (three!) electric motors. By my reckoning any device that requires three electric motors is stretching the definition of ‘steam-powered’ to its absolute limit. Thirdly, it is styled to look like a 19th century antique rather than representing any actualdesign aesthetic of the late 70’s – further draining it of authenticity.

As I led my tour groups through Gastown, it bugged me. Why is this clock here? Aren’t there more interesting sights and relics in the city that should be more celebrated than the Gastown Clock? Are we letting down our city’s visitors by drawing them to it?

So I decided to dig a little deeper…I decided there had to be something interesting about the clock. I started by stepping back in time, to Gastown-before-the-clock. 1967 to be precise.

In the late 60’s Gastown was a much edgier place than today. Many of the buildings were derelict or provided slum accommodation for low-income people. Gastown also hosted a burgeoning counter-culture movement as hippies were drawn to the area, attracted by its cheap rents and cheaper drugs.

The mayor of the time was Tom “Terrific” Campbell. A strident pro-development mayor with an eye fixed firmly on the future. Campbell had bold plans for Vancouver. Protecting the city’s heritage buildings and its low-income Eastside communities was not in those plans. Working with urban planners, Tom developed a proposal to totally reconfigure Vancouver’s downtown. Swathes of Chinatown, Strathcona and historic Gastown were to be demolished to make way for a giant freeway.

Vancouver is notable amongst North American cities precisely because it does not have a freeway running through its centre. Cities including Toronto, Seattle and Chicago all have freeways running alongside their downtown waterfronts. Tom Campbell wanted a similar freeway system in Vancouver, including a third bridge from downtown to the North Shore. In fact right now The Museum of Vancouver has an excellent exhibit showing the plans and models of this never-built freeway system.

So what happened? Why doesn’t downtown have a 12 lane freeway? Well, it turned out the people who happily lived in Chinatown, Strathcona and Gastown in 1970 preferred not to be forcibly evicted from their homes to make way for a giant road. Surprise huh?

A concerted community campaign led by the residents of Chinatown put a stop to Tom’s terrific plans. The only stretch that got built was the Georgia St. and Dunsmuir St. viaducts, demolishing a neighhourhood known as Hogan’s Alley. In 1970 this part of town housed Vancouver’s black community and unfortunately the rearguard action by the Eastside communities came too late to save it. But Gastown, Chinatown and (most of) Strathcona were saved.

Today, the City of Vancouver is actively seeking proposals on what to do with the viaducts. My favourite suggestion is to build a park, perhaps honouring one of Hogan’s Alley’s occasional residents – Jimi Hendrix. He would visit his grandmother Nora there in the 1950’s and 60’s.

But what does all this have to do with the steam clock you might ask?? Good question. Following the saving of Gastown, the government started to invest in the area. Funds came in to refurbish the historic buildings that had fallen into disrepair. Businesses started to return and tourists started to feel welcome.

By 1977 the regeneration of Gastown was largely complete. Conscious the area needed a focal point to draw people in, store owners banded together and funded the clock. It’s steam theme a reference to the industrial past of the area, where steam pipes once ran underground powering machinery.

The inscription on the clock celebrates the restoration of Gastown. Interestingly the inscription does not make any specific reference to Tom Campbell’s unsuccessful freeway plans. I wonder if it was felt politically imprudent to embarrass a former mayor who had only been out of office for a few years, by drawing attention to his failed plans. I would be interested to hear from anyone who was part of the 1977 committee that funded, built and inscribed the clock who may know more!

So now every time I look at the clock I imagine Gastown as a bare patch of concrete, permanently in darkness, as cars thunder overhead on a giant elevated freeway. And then the clock doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Source: Will Woods is founder and Chief Storyteller at Forbidden Vancouver 



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INTERNeX Canada: Volunteer Program

You always dreamed of feeding young animals, take care of wild ones and be an important part of the rescue-team? INTERNeX makes it happen!

On beautiful Vancouver Island, around 30 minutes away from Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia, is one of the most exciting volunteer program ever.

Your mission is to work with wild animals (for example squirrels, raccoons, songbirds and waterfowl), take care about them, feed them and be part of the crew!
And these are only a few things you are responsible for!


Depending on what you can do best, they will find an exciting and fun task for you!

It´s definitely rewarding as well as physically demanding and you will love it!
The main season is between April and September, but of course they also need YOUR help during winter.
Each animal is treated individually and perhaps you safe the bird’s life and can send him back to the wilderness.

Read more about this project!

Read more about all kind of programs!

If you have any other questions, write us an email, we would love to help you!



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INTERNeX Canada: Video of the week

Happy Leap Day!!! A leap day is an extra day given in February every 4 years, but why is that? What are Leaplings and why do we care? This video will explain it all to you. It shows you how, based on astronomy, the Gregorian Calendar uses leap years to keep us in tune with the sun, the stars, the universe and our inner man.. Enjoy.



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INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the week

We would like to introduce you Nicolas.
He is from Germany, 25 years old and is here already since November 2011.
Back home he is studying Engineering and decided to do an international Internship here in Vancouver, Canada.
He is an intern at a engineering Company until the mid of July.
I made a visit at his company and after he showed me his workplace and explained me parts of his job we sat down and talked about INTERNeX, Vancouver and his experiences here in Canada so far.
He told me among many other things that he really enjoys his stay here and is fascinated how friendly and helpful people here in Vancouver are. He loves the international kitchen and tried for example Sushi here for the first time in his life and loves it.

Why did you chose Canada to do your Internship there?
First of all I was interested in the North American culture and lifestyle. I have never been to a North American country before. Of course also a perfect place for my Internship was important. I will need it to do my diploma project so I came here to improve my English.
Many technical terms in the engineering industry are in English so it’s important to know them.
I’m also a person who likes the nature and Canada, especially Vancouver has the perfect mix.
You have a lot of things to do, can go out at the weekend, meet many people, visit nice places but also go for a walk at the beautiful Stanley Park or at the English Bay. 
Furthermore I am a big ski fan so the distance to the ski areas was also a criterion. I rented Ski for the whole season and have already been in all the ski-area around here: Rocky Mountains, Whistler, Grouse Mountain as well as Cypress Mountain.

Is your internship useful?
It’s definitely very useful. I can turn my theoretical knowledge from the university into praxis.
I am totally integrated in the Team here and work directly for the company.
I have important tasks to do, produce or plan things, which go directly to our clients all around the world. I don’t do anything senseless nobody needs so they really care about me and I am in charge of different projects.
They give me the chance to have a look in all kind of subject areas. Engineering is a big field so it’s great to see and work on all kind of things.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
It’s really various which makes it so interesting.
I construct apparatus, analyze and test different things, build 3D models and produce different things for the company. I also already worked in the quality control- as well as for the product development department.

What’s the best thing about your internship?

The best thing is that I can do new things every day, which are all interesting. I’m an important part of the team and totally integrated.
I work together with others on new and significant projects and help my company.
 I gain a deep insight into the structure of a typical Canadian company and my co-workers are really friendly.
If I have any questions I can always talk to them and they take their time to help me.
Of course also to experience the praxis, which I don’t know from University, that’s really helpful.

What trips did you attend in your free time, also organized by INTERneX?

I went to an amazing Rockies Trip. That was one of the best trips I have ever done and I only can suggest everybody to attend the next one in April!
I arrived Thursday Night and went straight to the Rockies on Friday morning. The program was awesome, and for me was it the perfect chance to meet people right away.
I was part of the “INTERNeX Family” from the very beginning. We had a great time with terrific parties and fun people!

Do you attend the weekly PuB NiGHT organized by INTERNeX?
I attend it almost every week, so very frequently. I met many people there and it’s always fun. Especially for the people who arrived new is it a perfect opportunity to meet new people and find friends fast.
But also for everybody who has been already here for a few weeks or months is it great to talk to all the others, make plans for the weekend and just to relax with one or two drinks.

What’s the best thing about INTERNeX International Exchange?
A very important thing is that they are located directly here in Vancouver. You can go there whenever you want and if you have any questions or problems they usually can help you. Also the Staffhouse was an important factor to chose INTERNeX.
It´s the perfect location to meet new people, improve your English and have Parties. 
Another advantage is the PR-Team. These guys organize a big Trip every month, Events and Activities every weekend as well as a weekly PuB NiGHT.
INTERNeX helped me with my Visa, to find my internship as well as a place to stay. 
They gave me a Welcome orientation which was very usefull as well as the fact that they send me a list of things I have to remember and be awared of.

Would you recommend INTERneX International Exchange?
Definitely. It’s an easy way to safe time especially if you have no idea about the country as well as the city. They organize a interview at a company which fits with your ideas. You always have somebody you can go to if you have any problems or questions and it’s so much easier to find new friends and they have organized Events.

Thank you very much Nicolas, we hope you will enjoy the following months and wish you all the best for your future.


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