Client Testimonial

Sarah, Germany

Before I came to Vancouver on the beginning of October, everybody told me, it will be very very rainy the whole two months I will stay there. So I started my trip to Vancouver expecting a lot of rain and spending most of the time inside. Actually, I had such a great nice and sunny time in Vancouver until now and my time is almost over. I could enjoy the incredibly amazing nature in Vancouver by hiking, running and walking through the beautiful Parks in Vancouver.

My first hike was the Grouse Grind, up to Grouse Mountain, and I still don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to wear Chucks and Jeans on this day to do the Grouse Grind, that was the most stupid idea I probably ever had! I stood at the starting point and saw a lot of people in sport clothes doing some stretching and preparing for the hike. I felt a little bit afraid because of this situation but I decided to pervade this hike even if I had to do it in Chucks and Jeans. I actually arrived the peak with a good feeling because I had a lot of fun while hiking and the view on the peak was amazing!!

That was one of many exciting and awesome trips I had in Vancouver. But the very best trip was my tour through the Rocky Mountains. Although I spent much time in the bus, I had a great time with funny people. We enjoyed the amazing landscape while sitting in the bus and in the evenings we relaxed in hot tubs and hot springs before we went out for party in pubs and clubs with nice locals there. On the last day, we actually could go to Lake Louise for skiing or snowboarding. There were many people and only one run was open, but we really enjoyed the time in the snow and now I can say, I was snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. I think that’s pretty cool :P. The whole trip was just awesome!

Of course, I didn’t spend the whole time having such nice trips, I also had to work. Work was very fun though, because I had to dress up for a Halloween event in the Stanley Park and played with really cute little kids dressed up for Halloween as well. Oh I will never forget those adorable little pumpkins, strawberries and ladybugs.

Halloween itself was crazy! It was very hard to find a costume that covered more than only the necessary parts of my body. When I finally found a costume I went to a party at the Blarney Stone with INTERNeX and had a lot of fun there with great live music and funny games. So thanks to INTERNeX I could meet a lot of other students I spent a lot of time with after I met them on the events, which INTERNeX organized.

Although I’ve been staying in Vancouver for only two months, I experienced so many things in this short time and it was an amazing time. The people are very open-minded and that makes it easy for you to find people, with who you can enjoy your time.

For me, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I would recommend going there to everybody.

So I am very sad that I have to leave soon and I will never forget my time in Vancouver.

Cheers Sarah

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About INTERNeX: Hospitality Program

Do you want to take a break from university, gain international experience after high school or just travel abroad? Our hospitality program is the perfect solution for you to travel to the most beautiful places, get to know life in Canada and make money for more traveling at the same time.

The program is a perfect opportunity to gain work practice and experience in the hospitality sector. The best thing is that you can improve your English in a working environment and fully engage in Canadian living with local people and everyday professional life. Additionally, you get to meet people from different countries and gain friends from all over the world.

Paid positions in tourism industry are available in resort communities of the Rocky Mountains such as Banff, Jasper, or Lake Louise. You can enjoy breathtaking views and mountains in the ski resorts in winter or experience lakes and the most beautiful nature in summer. If you are into big city life, there are positions in world-class cities such as Vancouver or Toronto. Your work will be in housekeeping positions, in restaurants, as waiters and even in hotel service management, depending on your previous experience. INTERNeX helps you to find a position and arrange the best time of your life! Travel the world and be independent!

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