INTERNeX experiences Whistler

Past Friday we started our amazing weekend trip to Whistler. During our bus ride we collected some power for the night. Whistler received us with rain and the way from the bus station to the hotel therefore was not that enjoyable, especially because we all had to carry lots of food and of course our baggage.
Furthermore the challenge for me was to guide all people, with suitcase in the one hand, IMG_2008mobile phone as a navigation system and umbrella in the other hand, to our accommodation.
After arriving there we divided all the food (more or less) fair and got ready for having dinner.
I was wondering that we managed to go out togetherbecause actually it’s always a little difficult to handle so many people. Therefore I’m glad we made it! Afterwards we met up in one of our rooms for celebrating the rest of Vivien’s birthday. In addition to that we partied into Yannick’s birthday. We had lots of fun!

IMG_2072Concerning the weather the next day was a way better than the day before.

Luckily the sun was shining the whole day. Perfect requirements for doing all the activities we had planned. Most of us did zip lining which is really amazing and it’s also a lot of fun! I have done that before so I just went hiking with some other girls. We bought a ticket for one of the gondolas and enjoyed the gorgeous view on the peak of the mountain. Some girls also did bungee jumping. I would never do a bungee jump or something comparable. I’m not afraid of heights but I don’t trust the equipment. However the girls really had fun and would like to do this again. Unbelievable!

As I already mentioned two of our INTEReXers had their birthday this past weekend so we had a good reason to party a lot. That’s why we went out to have some drinks after we cooked dinner on our own. That night was just awesome!IMG_2075

Sadly we didn’t manage to go out as a whole group because some preferred to go to a Club and some only wanted to go to a Pub. I decided to join the “Pub Crawl”. We played darts and some drinking games. It was so much fun!

Even on Sunday our group was separated. I was part of the “Adventure Group”. We wanted to go to Alta Lake, which is actually very close to Whistler Village, and our plan was to rent a canoe but instead we experienced the surroundings (even if it was involuntary…). Nevertheless I guess there are worse places to spend your Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and for that reason we relaxed on a jetty and enjoined
the amazing view we had on the mountains, the lake and the houses around the lake.IMG_2079
And then the weekend trip was already almost over again. Time flies a way too fast especially if you are having a good time and that’s what we had.


Hope you enjoined the trip as much as I did!

Pub Night Announcement

Hi! Wednesday night is just around the corner. This time the pub night is going to be at Toby’s Pub & Grill at Commercial Drive. And of course, it will be at 7 pm. as usual.

Toby’s Pub & Grill is an exciting pub, with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The pub has 2 levels and we will be seated at the 2nd floor. The prices are very reasonable; every Wednesday it’s only $4.70 per sleeve or $14.40 for a jug of their Bavarian Lager. Their menu offers different kind of burgers, pastas and salads. Take a closer look at their menu here. This Wednesday, you will also have the opportunity of rocking the karaoke as well!

Toby’s Pub & Grill is located at 2733 Commercial Dr, which is just a quick walk from Commercial-Broadway Station. You can sign up for the pub night here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Pub Night Announcement

Soon it’s Wednesday, and of course that means time for another great pub night. This time we’ll meet at the Railway Club at 7pm. Some cool entertainment is coming your way for this pub night. Every evening the Railway Club has some form of entertainment on the programme. This time you’ll be able to experience live performances from a couple of bands. In case you’re not able to make it for 7pm, remember that you’ll be charged 8$ at the entrance if you arrive after 8:30pm. Want to know more about the live performances of the evening?… Take a look here.

All food is served for reasonable prices. So, what does that mean? Well, nothing above 10$. The food served ranges from hot bowls/rice bowls to soups, sandwiches and more. Ooh yes you’ll be looking forward to this evening. Would be great if those of you who went to Whistler could show up and tell a bit about your experiences to those who didn’t go. And of course it would be great with some feedback on the trip.

You’ll find the Railway Club at 579 Dunsmuir Street on the corner at Seymour only 56 metres away from Granville Station.

Looking forward to see you guys.

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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Review of After Whistler Picture Party

Hey guys,

Yesterday we had the After Whistler Picture Party organized by INTERNeX.

The PR-Team collected all the Photos from the Whistler-Trip-Participant and made a Picture-Slideshow which was viewed on a big screen including some funny movies of the Bungee-Jumping and the bear in Whistler. We had also some Pizza and Coke.

It was a really funny evening and the Whistler-Trip-Participant had a happy reminder of this INTERNeX event.

The next INTERNeX event is a Rafting & Camping Trip. Maybe I will see you there 😉

You want to see more pictures? click here



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