In our first review post last week we started talking about what was going on in the first three months of the year; let’s have a look what we did in April, May and June!

April started with another new INTERNeX-PR-Coordinator-face who joined the INTERNeX community: PNNatasja, a 23-year-old student from the Netherlands, who came to Vancouver for doing a practicum as part of her Bachelor study program. As a PR Coordinator she was responsible for organizing trips in and outside Vancouver, organizing Pub NiGHTS but also the contact person when a candidate encountered difficulties.

Especially our weekly Pub NiGHTS give our interns the opportunity to meet new people and extend their social network. Pub NiGHTS at Blarney Stone, Marlone’s, The Lamplighter, Steamworks Brew Pub and The Cambie are always popular. Therefore we certainly had to show our new arrivals the ‘hottest’ pubs in town.

The long weekend in May offered our candidates the perfect opportunity to join the four-day trip to the Rockies. INTERNeX usually goes to the Rockies with West Trek twice a year; once in spring and then later in the year where we experience a part of the Canadian Rockies. rockies5The itinerary is basically the same: we first stopped in Hope, Kamloops, then Valmont, Jasper, Golden and Banff. Among others we visited Mount Robson, the Last Spike, Lake Louise and many other highlights you need to see when you are in the Rockies. To make a long story short we saw tons of gorgeous places and had an amazing time with our tour guide who we called Papa Wolf. To get more information about our Rockies trip, click here for INTERNeX goes Rockies – Part 1 and here for INTERNeX goes Rockies Part 2.

Other than going to the Rockies we also set up Pub NiGHTS every week. For instance we participated in the Trivia Night at Moose Down Under. Surprisingly, we did not know a lot of answers, but I don’t think that affected the fun we had!

Vancouver is a very multicultural city therefore it has a lot of cultural diversity to offer. In the middle of June the annual Powel Street Festival, a special Japanese-Canadian festival, was on and exhibited Japanese art, culture and heritage. I know … doesn’t sound that interesting but you get the chance to learn something about the Asian culture in the heart of Vancouver. AND, as you probably already noticed, Vancouver has a huge Asian community that means a lot of people are proud to present a part of their history.celebrationoflight

Additionally one of Vancouver’s largest and most well known festivals called Celebration of Lights, an annual musical fireworks competition with an estimated attendance of 1.4 million people each year, started in June.

The forecast for the last weekend in June promised good weather. And there we go! We had sun, blue sky and around 30°C the entire weekend. That called for a BBQ! second beach BBQ1Everyone brought food, drinks and snacks. Chris brought a volleyball and Laura a Frisbee so we could throw around. Proudly I can say that we enjoyed the summer to the fullest!

Another highlight in June was the appearance of Amiel, a 24-year-old student from Germany in his senior year working on his Bachelor in International Business Administration, who supported Natasja with the different tasks a PR Coordinator has to face. Hey Amiel!

HIGHLIGHTS REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2015: January, February, March


2014 was gone … and 2015 was packed with a lot of great trips and events!15945047721_17a5755a7b_o

The last four weeks of 2015 have been starting and that means it’s time for us to start reviewing the highlights of this year. Within the next four weeks we will weekly publish a ‘highlights of the year review’ in which we’ll summarize the four quarters of 2015 full of awesome activities. I’m sure it’ll be quite a lot of fun remembering all the crazy and awesome trips, events and PUB NiGHTS we had planned and experienced with people from all around the world. So DON’T MISS this time journey through 2015.

Among others we checked out several restaurants and pubs such as The ROXY Burger, Star Wings & Ribs, the Noodlebox and The Famous Warehouse.

The very first day in January the Vancouver Canucks started in their second half of the season 2014 / 2015. The excitement was obvious all over town! As you probably know, hockey is huge here in Canada.pub night1



Besides of going to several good known restaurants and pubs such as The Old Spaghetti Factory, The Morrissey and The Black Frog we also didn’t miss the Super Bowl. It’s THE BIGGEST sport event in the world. This year the Seattle Seahawks played against the New England Patriots in Arizona and therefore we met up to watch the game together. The American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots defeated the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Seattle Seahawks, 28–24, to earn their fourth Super Bowl title. We actually cheered for the Seahawks since Seattle is so close to Vancouver and the folks there are so similar to those here in Vancouver. Friendly, openminded, helpful, honest, interested, cosmopolitan, … Anyways the win was pretty close.


As the cherry blossoms and many other flowers filled our streets, parks, and yards with pink confetti, March arrived and by association spring. And as always there was a lot going on in beautiful Vancouver.14044795769_0c554afba9_o

Vancouver hosted the 37th Vancouver International Wine Festival and an International Dance Festival. Our INTERNeX group regularly met up for our weekly PUB NiGHTS. We decided to have a look what other pubs have plenty to offer. So we took our new arrivals to pubs like the Manchester Public Eatery, The Bismark, The Doolin’s and the Yaletown Brewing. Of course we also had to show them Blarney Stone.


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INTERNeX HiGHLIGHTSIn this episode of our INTERNeX Highlights, we will talk about all the things we did in September, everything we have planned for October (and some more) and, of course, the biggest event there is for this month – Halloween!

Taking a look at the video, you will hear about our summer ending party at the HI hostel at Jericho Beach, about the Giant’s hockey game we went to, about the nice afternoon at the flea market, our big monthly trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the sunny start of October.

Other than that, we will keep you updated on our plans for October (and maybe something big in November?). From haunted houses over frightening nights and our highlight of the month: The big Halloween party at the Blarney Stone! Especially for that, we will give you a few tips where to get costumes and how to dress up for this ever present monthly highlight.

Take a look at find out about the details 🙂

See you around,