New ‘kids’ on the blog

We have new members of the INTERNeX family and we are so happy to have them here with us 🙂 Let me introduce you to them:

Let’s start with Emilie, she’s 19 years old from Munich in Germany. She is volunteering at a craft association here in Vancouver for four months where her duties will include working within social media, organizing events and working in a gallery. She says she would like to apply to study Interior design at a university in Germany, maybe Hanover. 

She chose Vancouver because of the combination of city and nature. It’s seems like the city has an easy access to almost everything – city-life with a bunch of restaurants and shopping and then the nature, which is just around the corner where you can ski and snowboard. She says that she would like to visit Whistler, lucky you!! INTERNeX plans to go to Whistler in the beginning of December, if we’re lucky, there will be a lot of snow. Fingers crossed! 😉 Since she has got the motorcycle license she would like to do a tour in the mountains on a motorcycle, so cool!!

For an answer of what her first impression of Vancouver is she says Vancouver is a big city and so different from back home. The public transport is a lot easier here than in her home country, the busses seems to be on time and that’s a big plus 🙂 

I asked her if she has a bucket list during her stay here in Canada and she says she wants to ‘go with the flow’ and wants to visit Whistler and Walmart 😉 After her time here in Canada she plans to move out from her current accommodation and plans to move in with a friend of hers. She mentioned she would like to travel and visit Turkey some day. Hobbies? She mentioned she has about twelve years experience in track and field, two years experience of volleyball, motorcycling, drawing, and painting. Bagels and pancakes are her favourite food and since she is here in Canada she should try pancakes with maple syrup, which is a big must-try while you are here, what do you think? 😉

Next up we have Hanna, she’s 18 years old from Berlin in Germany. She is volunteering in Gastown where she will work within event management and social media management for four months. 

She says she wants to stay in Berlin and considers applying for University after her stay in Canada. She says she always wanted to do an exchange year, and here she is currently living life in Vancouver. It is so cool how dreams come true. She says she wanted something different from home and Canada offers a great outdoor world and offers a great bunch of adventures. 

I asked her what her first impression of Vancouver is and she says its a beautiful city, nice view of how the city is surrounded by incredible nature and she also Imagined it to be more crowded than it is.  One of her goals is to explore the city as much as possible so one day she can live without google maps, haha 😉 She wants to experience Canadian lifestyle, go hiking and she hopes to have a great time here and wants to enjoy every second of what Vancouver has to offer. I am sure you will have a great time here, as members of INTERNeX we’ll make sure you’ll have the best time 🙂

Her plans after Canada: explore the East of Europe together with friends for about one month. She has about six years of experience in gymnastics and she likes to workout at the gym, reading, spending time with friends and family, thrift-shopping, visiting cozy cafes and partying with friends.  When it comes to her favourite food she says she likes sushi, Italian food and she loves all different kinds of bread, especially bread with hummus. Yummy yummy 😉

Last but not lest we have Vivienne, she’s 18 years old from Düsseldorf in Germany. She is volunteering at a Radio Station here in Vancouver for six months were her tasks will include hosting and she said it might even be possible for her to have her own ‘morning show’ at the radio station. How awesome is that?? 

She says she likes to travel, New York and Italy are two of many she has visited, with many more to come. After Canada she plans to either do an inter-rail trip together with her best friend for one or two months, or a work and travel somewhere in Europe next summer. She plans to apply for journalism in Cologne or in Berlin starting next fall. Travelling before school start is a great idea 😉 She chose Canada because the country seems to have it all – city-life, nature, ocean and all activities that comes with it. She says she always wanted to live in an English-speaking country and voila, here she is 😉 I won’t forget to mention, Vancouver is near the border of US and she sees many opportunities to see new places, not only in Canada, but also in the US 🙂

She always wanted to live abroad and this is proof that she followed her dreams. We at INTERNeX are so happy to have her here 🙂  I asked her what her first impression of Vancouver is and she mentioned that it feels like winter is around the corner. Yes, winter is coming. She mentioned that they had 20 degrees celsius in Germany last week. Such a huge difference, hahaha 🙂 The city itself is beautiful with cool architecture and a stunning view of mountains surrounding the city. 

I am sure many of you would like to know what’s on her bucket list: she would like to see a hockey game. Luck, INTERNeX is going to see a hockey game the 18th of November, let us know if you’d like to join!! She says she wants to skiing and explore the incredible nature we have in our backyard. She would like to go on a whale watching tour and to see an American football game and sometime during her stay here in Canada she plans to do a road trip together with her mom. She also wants to visit Seattle and Vancouver Island and I am sure she’ll see many beautiful places during her stay here in Vancouver 🙂 Hobbies? She likes to run, she has about ten years experience in track & field, she also likes to work out in the gym. What about her favourite food? She loves sushi and every kind of noodles and she wants to go with the flow when it comes to try out new food, food that she won’t find in Germany, such as poutine and Canadian chocolate during her stay here 🙂

These are our new kids on our blog, make sure to meet them at upcoming events and pub nights 🙂



It’s over, but I hope we can stay Friends!

IMG_4508.JPGIt’s really not about you, this is all about me. And no, there is no other Country or group of international travellers I am leaving you for. Sometimes even good things must come to an end.
No, jokes aside for a moment.

A beautiful time in my life is coming to an end. A time full of new impressions and experiences, full of
laughters and late nights. 
I remember it as if it was yesterday, how I was bursting out in excitement to finally come to Canada. At the beginning everything is always so exciting, that the days just fly by. IMG_5013.JPGEverything was new and different, simply interesting and I tried to take in as much as I could. Without me noticing it, those interesting and new impressions turned into a routine. And I can proudly say, that this is the most exciting thing out of all of them. Because of the most amazing job (we all know it ;’D) and the most amazing friendships I gained, Vancouver became my home.
I need to thank each and everyone of you for being as 00f9bb16-0a62-4d21-bb8d-81ac745542f6.JPGgreat and unique as you are. As I mentioned it before, we are a crazy and absolutely mixed up group of individuals. Who knows, if we would have been friends, if we would have met in any other way. But most important is, that we are friends now.
Therefore a massive thank you! You made this job and my life here in Vancouver so so much fun. And I wish you all the best for 93b40c58-b749-4808-bd5a-b37c6e30bd2e.JPGeverything that is laying ahead.

4f3f7559-5bc5-4444-bc09-9fc947a8f26f.JPGAlso a huge thank you to the INTERNeX team, thank you Tim, Felicitas, Mina and Simon for supporting me and giving me this fantastic opportunity to grow! I appreciate everything so much and I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough. 

However, I am trying to keep this as brief and juicy as possible.
Let’s not make this a goodbye, let’s make it a “see you”. Anything else would simply be too hard.
Stay as wonderful as you are and never stop travelling! 
And please promise me one thing: This is over now, but please (!) let’s stay friends! 

A1488CFB-1F64-47F7-B4C9-BA97CC3DF34C.JPGLove you all so much and I’ll miss you so so so much!!!
Thank you!
Over and Out!
— Nadja xx

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Pub-Night Review

So much love! 

I am not going to do the whole emotional goodbye post just yet, but I’ll have to say how incredibly sad I am, that this was officially my last Pub-Night! And I think we absolutely made it count.

The night started of as usual, a few drinks and some food. But instead of having some chats, drinks and food first, this time we hit the dance floor right away!
It must have been a very strange picture, especially for the new guys, to see us very much gifted dancers, humbling around as if there is no tomorrow.
So as you clearly must have noticed – there is no judgment in this group :P. You will fit in just perfectly.
5537c5ce-93ff-4a94-a613-64314a457eb5.JPGUnfortunately the Yale Saloon didn’t give me the chance to say goodbye to the one and only bull, but I am sure our love is strong enough to overcome the distance.
Besides, how great are you guys?! It was absolutely amazing to see how many people showed up. Thank you so so much.
Even though, I believe the waiter wasn’t as excited as I was. Especially considering the fact that instead of 15 people, 30 showed up … I am very sorry for that.
After surviving the traditional disgusting shots (check internex_canada on Instagram for video proof), everything was set for an awesome night.
After ruling the dance floor in the Yale Saloon for quite a while, we decided, that those skills need to be shared with the world and made our way to The Roxy (what a surprise, I know).
As soon as we got there, we got kinda distracted by the beerpong table. I think it’s a pretty well-known fact that INTERNeXer’s hearts skip a beat as soon as there is a the slight chance of a good match in the air.
However after only 99999999 matches, we decided to go for a slice of pizza and eventually end the night. 

Thank you guys so much for not only this Pub-Night, but also all the others in these past months! It has been a blast! 


—Nadja xx 

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

New ‘Kids’ on the Blog!

The New ‘Kids’ on the Blog! 

Our favourite day of the week is finally back. And before celebrating tonight at the Yale Saloon, we gotta meet our newest additions. 


We’ve got 4 fantastic newbies joining the INTERNeX family this week. Therefore lets not lose any space (and time) and start of right away with Arne.
Just like the other 3, Arne is here to take part in our practicum program. Besides getting as much practical experience as possible he’s also here to learn the language and get to know the Canadian atmosphere a bit better. And coming here was clearly not a head over heals decision, as he has been here 3 times already. With family living here in Vancouver, he already got quite a good insight, but now it was time to pack his bags for a bit longer and become part of this beautiful culture himself. 

Moving on to Elena from Austria. For her, the most important thing was, to get as far away from home as possible, and all of a sudden, this place ‘Canada’ on a whole different continent was looking pretty convincing. Don’t worry Elena, I think we can all relate. Sometimes it’s simply the best to get a bit further away to actually challenge yourself and start the adventure of your lifetime. Elena likes to explore and spend a lot of time outside being active, therefore I’ll have to say: Welcome to Canada, you are going to LOVE it so much. Being active and outside has never been easier and more beautiful ;-).
Our next newbie here is Cornelia, she will be doing her practicum in Marketing and Event Management and is also here to improve her language skills. Cornelia has already spent a lot of time in the USA and is now ready to see this beautiful country everyone is talking about over there :P. I am joking, those were not her words .. just mine. You gotta love Canada :-D. No, for real, Cornelia wants to explore a different english speaking country and I am very glad she decided to come here to beautiful Canada :). 

And the very last one of today’s New ‘Kids’, is Anna. She is already a big fan of North America in general, she is even planning on moving to either Canada or the USA for good. Therefore this is a very good chance to get an impression of what this could look like. Annas biggest hobby is travelling – what a coincidence – thats ours too Anna, welcome to the group ;-). 

Last but not least I would like to talk about a more personal matter. 

Tonight will be my last Pub-Night at INTERNeX and you guys have no idea how sad I am to actually say that out loud (type it out loud, just didn’t sound as meaningful ;-)).
Therefore I would be so happy to have you guys around at tonights Pub-Night at the Yale Saloon. I gotta thank each and everyone for making my time here so so special!
Let’s ride that (mechanical) bull one last time!
Oh and actually you don’t have to come there because of me, but ever since New Years Eve, William has been practising the Line Dance so so hard. Tonight is the night to finally show off his skills. So don’t miss out! 

Love you all
(as you see, I am getting very emotional already) 

—Nadja xx 

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

How was your Weekend?

No #Raincouver this weekend and we definitely made the best out of it. But no matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining, Vancouver is beautiful with all it’s faces 😉 (Seems like I am getting very emotional these days). 

However the INTERNeX group definitely knows how to appreciate sunshine and therefore we packed our bags and started our Saturday morning fairly early to make the way up to Cypress Mountain. (Or at least most of us …. right Martin? And as you can see in the picture here, this is what you get for being late for the group picture :D). GroupwithMartin.jpg
As the ride itself is already stunning, we had a lot to do with simply looking outside the window and enjoying the scenery. As we reached the mountain we were beyond excited to get ourselves tied up in those snowshoes and hike as we were not to be stopped by anything or anyone.
But it turned out to be a lot harder to find the actual rental place, than expected.
With my mouth wide open and my eyes widened, I had to accept the fact that we had a 30 minute walk ahead of us, to eventually get back down the mountain. Great. But hey, walking was exactly what we were here for anyways right?!

Luckily we are in Canada and the people are just too friendly to be true. As we started to make our way down the mountain, a bus driver stopped right next to us and offered us a lift down to the nordic area – lucky us :-D.  
After getting a short introduction of how to apply those things to our feet, we were good to go. Some of us more than others.
I think after about 2 minutes, I already faced the snow .. “it’s as easy as walking” they said, “you won’t even notice them on your feed” they said … well apparently I don’t know how to walk then. 😀 11669e83-6b31-4eca-8b91-4526104a7496.JPG
For the next few hours we found ourselves wandering through the beautiful forest and breathtaking sceneries. Of course there was the one or other race in between to spice things up a bit. And as we felt more advanced on the Snowshoes we even did our favourite line dance with them – we are truly loyal to the one and only Yale Saloon :-D.
The way down the mountain turned out to be way more challenging than the way up. I don’t think there was a single one of us who didn’t sit or lay in the snow at least once. And thanks to that I’ve got like thousands of videos on my phone that will entertain me for a long time. 

9e0e4d56-a6f0-451a-a601-33ce259e3d5d.JPGFinally, we had the chance to sit together over a few snacks and talk and laugh together.
All that is left to say is – thank you vey much, it’s been such a fantastic day. I had so much fun, and I would like to quote William here: “We were all strangers to each other, now we are friends with memories.” And damn you are so right with that.
Therefore, thank you very much for being simply great!
(As I said, slightly getting emotional this week) 
Sunday was the day of the Super Bowl, but to be honest, you guys will have to tell me how that went, cause I’ve got absolutely no idea.
But I am sure you’ll tell me what I missed this Wednesday at the Yale Saloon.

edf9cfb9-009c-4826-aa54-d1fb11f4699f.JPGHave a great week. 


— Nadja xx

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-