INTERNeX Canada: Review of the year: July, August, September

It’s time to make a review of the second semester of the year!

July was a month full of events! The month started with a big celebration of Canada’s day!! The city was full of Canadian flags, and the parade and the fireworks were just amazing. In July, Janin and myself, Irene started our internship( and it seem like yesterday!!) It was completely crazy but the second day of my internship all the PR team went to Seattle to celebrate the Independence Day there! In the same week we had a crazy pub and club night!Partyy!In July INTERNeX was one of the five worldwide nominees for the 2012 STM Star AWARD!This award honors organizations voted by industry leaders to be “Stars” in the categories language learning, work experience and volunteer programs! Well done!We finished the month with a a great Festival of lights with amazing fireworks at English Bay.

August was even more exciting! We started with a pub crawl instead our ordinary pub night..because August was The Month! We had the most amazing trip ever in The Rockies! I will always remember the color of that lakes, that mountains, and all the fun that we had! In August Barbara, the new placement manager started in the company. This year we had the chance to celebrate the 10th Anniversary on a great Summer Party .A lot of prizes were given away an some of our candidates enjoyed for free a session of Paintball!! But August was also the month of a lot of Goodbyes. The first one was Petra after 8 months with us, the next one was Katie, our American intern that spent her summer working with us. Summer is the perfect time to practice some outdoor activities such as the incredible fun wakeboarding!!Or visit places like the amazing Lynn Valley!!That was the last activity that Xenia, enjoyed with us because she had to come back to Germany, after a couple of months working with us. The last one of leaving us, was Lies, our Belgium pr after more than 7 months with us.

In September the weather was still so nice that we enjoyed visiting places like Whytecliff park in West Vancouver or Bowen Island. After so many goodbyes, was great to have new faces between us!Marianne our outgoing German arrived to our team!!A week after our Chinese Canadian Queenie arrived as well!There is not a better way to celebrate the new crew with a Pub and Club Night! But it was also time to say goodbye to one great colleague and friend, Janin! Simon, our PR coordinator started a new chapter with his own company, Teccrab! Good job, Simon!

It was probably the busiest but funniest three months of the year!



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INTERNeX Canada: Review of the year: January, February and March!

In the middle of the first week of the last month of the year is time to start reviewing the most important things that have happened during this year!


New Year brought two new interns at INTERNeX office! Hannes, from Germany who stayed here 4 months and Petra from The Netherlands who worked with us during 30 weeks!

It was a great Video of the week which resumes perfectly our weekly pub nights!

Lydia went to the Sun peak trip and wrote a great review!

If you want to know more about Canada and laugh a little bit, don’t miss out this two articles of Fun Facts about Canada, one and two.


It was the month our new website was launched!

They enjoyed a great Super bowl party at the Blarney Stone! Party!!

Definitely you should check this video out about Vancouver in winter and summer! Awesome!

Before Lydia left our office after 7 months with us 😦 , she wrote an interesting article about places to visit for free.

Lies, from Belgium started her internship during 30 weeks.


March was a funny month full of events like Laser tag, the famous Irish festivity St. Patrick’s Day, and awesome Latin dinner night in La casita, in the charming Gastown!

But the best of all was the amazing 3 days Seattle trip! And the  Seattle after party!!! I am sure they had fun!!

I wasn’t here but I’m sure they all had a good time!



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An Era Ends, a new Chapter begins…

Founder and CEO teccrab online service inc.When I first met Tim in 2006, INTERNeX was already a very successful company, but with an awful website. Tim knew that it wasn’t very good and was interested in changing it. Unfortunately, I did not impress him with my first, and maybe too honest, pitch because I didn’t know how the Canadian Culture worked. But our paths crossed a couple times and at some point I was able to introduce him to a tool that led to the first improved INTERNeX website. Under the domain Tim finally had a website he was able to update himself, and to modify it to his liking. In April 2007, I had to go back to Berlin because my work permit expired, but I stayed in contact and gave some advice here and there. It was in November 2007 when Tim visited me in Berlin and I remember when we were sitting in a Taxi on the way to the airport when we talked about a position at INTERNeX. He also mentioned that I needed to do something besides improving the IT and so I became the Placement Manager for the construction program too.

Hence, I started in March 2008 as the IT and Placement Manager for INTERNeX. One of my first tasks was to improve the network, security, and database, and on the construction program side, learn how to place construction workers from Europe in companies in Canada. I also learned how to deal with immigration Canada and how to fill out LMO’s to get the proper permit for the candidates who needed one. My program, to explain here for just a second, was a bit different compare to the other INTERNeX programs. The Province of British Columbia was at the time actually looking for construction workers because there was a shortage in BC. This changed when the worldwide financial crisis hit all of us. I remember that one day I was talking to companies about getting more people, but suddenly the same companies were downsizing, and unfortunately, some of them even disappeared.

Fortunately for me, I still had my IT and internet marketing background, which eventually led to the position as the Public Relation Manager of INTERNeX. It also helped me get nominated by the province of British Columbia and allowed me to finally immigrate into this great country.

In February 2009, I started the first Blog of INTERNeX and became very active in the social media world for the company. First I interested one intern to help me out, and over the years had more and more PR people on my team. I actually counted how many interns I was more or less responsible for in the time I was working for INTERNeX. I had 3 IT, 3 Marketing and over 30 PR interns in the 4 and a half years. I personally think this is amazing.

Tim and I became close friends and he was the one “pushing” me to do something besides INTERNeX, something on my own. I thought about that for a long time; I didn’t wanted to leave INTERNeX, but had the feeling that he was right. In the time I worked for INTERNeX as IT and PR Manager I often had the chance to talk to fantastic people who are great partners of INTERNeX. They asked me how I did things in the internet and with social media. In turn, they implemented some of those ideas into their own strategy. Tim pointed out that I will eventually be in a conflict of interest between everyone, and after a lot of consideration, I finally started teccrab online service inc.

However, now I had to take care of two companies at the same time. People who know me know that I don’t do anything half way. If I have a job and a responsibility, I will give more than 100% which led to the problem that I couldn’t work full time for INTERNeX anymore. Tim and I had many meetings regarding this matter and we decided that it might be best for everyone to end a chapter, but also start a new one.

Therefore I am sad to announce that I am leaving INTERNeX at the end of September, but also proud and happy to announce that INTERNeX has become my client for internet marketing and PR as well as other IT consulting services.

So I hope it is alright that I am not saying good bye to all the brilliant INTERNeX’ers because I will still be around 😉

If you would like to know more about teccrab, please feel free to follow these links:
internet marketing, seo, social media, public relations
Our Website:


As some of you may have guessed, life as a PR intern at INTERNeX is all work and no play…. NOT! In fact, we have fun every single day at the office so this week I wanted to share with you some behind the scenes info about the filming of our latest INTERNeX Explorer.
If you have already seen the video, you may have noticed the PR Crew’s acting debut.  We would like to thank our IT intern Janus for helping us out with the filming (and of course making sure captured all of us on our “good” sides). And massive props go out to Petra who directed and created the entire video.  We love INTERNeX, and are so lucky that we get to combine work and play 🙂

Click here to check out the Victoria Video Trailer.  We are all so excited about the trip that we just can’t stop talking about it at the office! We’re pretty sure you don’t want to miss out so email the PR Team in order to get one of the last spots



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The INTERNeX 2010 Blog Preview – 4.Quarter

The last highlights of this year! Of course we have to mention the Vancouver Fashion Week. In October 2010 the Vancouver Fashion Week was almost there and INTERNeX gave a VIP-ticktet away!!! Get you golden ticket was the name of the blogpost! Melissa won the ticket and went to the event together with Tracy. Unfortunately I wasn’t here yet so I missed this great event but I’m glad that Melissa and Tracy had a great time.

And of course there was Halloween!  INTERNeX went to Fright Night. They went to some different scary places and they took some rides that were included. I think I’m too chicken for this kind of activities haha..

At the end of the year there was the Westcoast Christmas Show at the end of November 2010. With 1 month remaining before Christmas, the Westcoast Christmas Show’s timing was perfect for me (and maybe also for you) to experience the Christmas atmosphere.

December, the last month of the year, with a lot of Christmas activities. Check out the Lighting Winter Events in Vancouver ,the Capilano Suspension Bridge Xmas Light Tour or the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Loise. I tried to go to all of the events to get the Christmas feeling. Believe me, all the events were worth it!

And December was also the month that some INTERNeX candidates went to Whistler for a weekend. We had a great time. Curious? You can read here how it was.

The last quarter of the year we also introduced the picture of the week. See here wich INTERNeX candidates were selected. So take a lot of beautiful pictures and maybe you will be selected for picture of the week in 2011!

Last but not least, our interns! The persons who wrote all these blogs!

Marine, She finished her internship and after that the office seemed so empty!

Tiffany, With exams coming up, to her dismay, She was unable to continue her position as a PR Intern at INTERNeX.

Lauren, who helped allot to get the Blog to the next level.

Laura, Who moved from Ontario to Vancouver and did an awesome job at INTERNeX

Mette, Of course I’ve seen some work of her and I think she’s great and I think she did a lot for the company.

Manouk, The girl from The Netherlands who did a great job.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed our summary of the year 2010. I hope you all had a great year with a lot of memories! Have a great New Years Eve and I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope to see you all again in 2011. The next year will be of course also filled with a lot of events, trips and PuB NiGHTs!



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Fun @ the Disney Evening

We had a lot of fun Monday during the Disney evening. You remember the orientation room, from when you just arrived and got your orientation? Well you won’t have recognized it on Monday. We transformed it into the perfect cinema room with a couch, leather chairs and we even got bowls of popcorn to give  it even more of a cinema feeling!

We started out with the viewing of Lion King! One of our candidates watching the movie 2 a month and was able to sign along with every song!! For the rest of us it was great to see this movie again for the first time in a few years!

After the Lion King it was time for my favorite Disney movie of all times: Beauty and the Beast! This time it was my turn to sing along with all the songs!

Everyone really enjoyed the Disney evening, to see how much click here to view the pictures of the evening

I hope to see everyone at the PuB NiGHT tonight! I will be my last as an INTERNeX interns, so come out and celebrate a great time at INTERNeX as an interns!

PuBNiGHT in Banff!

To all the great people working in Banff. Be prepared! A group if INTERNeX interns from Vancouver, joined by me “The Proud Dutch” and my sidekick “The Insane Dane” from the INTERNeX office, is coming to your hometown this Saturday! It would be awesome to meet up and have the first ever  INTERNeX PuBNIGHT in Banff!

We will be having dinner at 7.30 pm at The Paddock Bar & Grill and after that, who knows?? We are depending on you guys working in the area to show us what kind of fun your hometown has to offer, and where we can go to get our groove on!

Let us know if your up for a night filled with laughter, beers, and maybe new friendships! Send an email to or to get some more details, and some phone numbers so we can arrange where to meet up etc.

Look forward to meeting you all and to have a blast of a night in Banff!

– Manouk