Canada facts: Packing list

Who doesn’t know this situation? Packing your bag and what happens: 10% useful stuff and 90% “you never know”
So, let me try to help fix this problem 😉
Let’s start with the basics

  • your favourite clothes; of course for the girls including your favourite dress. Also keep in mind if your host organization requires any formal or business clothes.
  • sweater, for cosy summer nights at the bonfire, or for those chilly fall nights.
    …and do not forget to bring rain clothes. They might not be fancy but as I can assure, very helpful at nearly any time of the year.
    Since I think the basic items are known to everyone, I would like to give you a few more tips for a successful trip without missing something important.

1. Take care while using or buying a sim card. Sometimes it can be really expensive to buy one in Canada (especially data). Inform yourself about the conditions of your phone provider in your hometown. It depends but maybe it’s easier and cheaper to buy one before starting your trip. In order to save mobile data or to avoid costs, it is useful to use offline maps such as Simply download in advance. Maybe you don’t need mobile data at all; Vancouver offers a lot of free wifi networks.

2. Don’t forget your laptop/computer. Check with your host organization whether they provide you with a laptop. Maybe you’d rather work with your own laptop? Sometime a tablet is not quite enough….

3. The most important thing to charge all your electronic devices? The adapter. Pay attention that you need different adapters in different countries; Canada and the US use the same adapter and have the same voltage. In addition, it may be useful to have a multiple usb charger if only one plug is available (like in some Homestays or older hostels).

4. From my own experience I can recommend buying body care products like shampoo or shower gel in your hometown. It might be twice as expensive in Canada.

5. Your medication. It may be difficult to get your needed medication in another country without a local prescription.

6. Perfume or cologne: this may sound a bit weird at first, but in Canada some companies do not allow strong smelling perfumes or colognes. So better use a neutral one.

7. Everyone likes to get a souvenir. And so does your future hostfamily. Think about something that is typically for your home country. I’m sure they will like it.

8. Needle and thread: Maybe a button will come off of your favourite dress or shirt. It may be helpful to have needle and thread at hand.

9. Necessary documents: Make sure you have ALL your necessary documentation including immigration documents, letters of offer, homestay info and all health documents such as vaccine certificates and PCR test results either digitally or in paper form or both. Also download any required apps (such as ArriveCAN)

10. And last but not least another reminder to not forget to take enough face masks with you especially on your flight. There are multiple places to buy one in Vancouver but it can be helpful taking a additional one with you. Also don’t forget checking the current pandemic restrictions including all the necessary documents.

Do not pack:
There are also a few things you should avoid packing:

  • do not take too much alcohol with you; it might be cheaper in your home country but paying all the extra fees is not worth it
  • this is also the case with tobacco: only 10 packs are allowed
  • some things you cannot bring at all such as some meat or vegetable products.
    For further information have a look at the Canadian government website:

Have a great weekend 🙂

– Tatjana

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Expose of the week: Laura, Germany

This weeks client for our expose is Laura. Laura is 21 and from Germany.  She set out to find a beautiful, impressing, fun, and polite place to connect to the aim of an internship for her studies. And she thinks she found exactly what she bargained for…

How long did you stay in Canada?

I stayed in Canada for 3 months.

1…..Why did you choose Canada/Vancouver to do an internship?

I chose Canada as I heard a lot about its friendly people and about the beautiful landscape. I thought that this country and Vancouver with its cultural and natural diversity would be the best place for going abroad on my own. And I was totally right!

2…..How did you like your internship?

I really liked my internship. I had a lot of different tasks and my colleagues I worked with were very friendly and helpful.

3…..What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?

On daily basis, I was responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable and the inventory of the company.

4…..Is it related to the study you are doing back home?

Yes, the tasks I did during my internship are related to my study as accounting is part of my major taxation and auditing.

5…..Where have you been in and around Vancouver?

I have been many times in Downtown Vancouver and at Canada Place.  Especially, I have been at the Seawall in Stanley Park with its awesome view overlooking of the skyline and the mountains. Other places I went to are Grouse & Crown Mountain, Deep Cove, the Rockies, Victoria, Whistler,Sundance Guest Ranch in Cache Creek, Tofino and Seattle.              

6…..What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?

There are so many things I will remember.  My whole time in Canada was amazing. But in my opinion, the Rockies trip was the most impressive thing! And of course, I won’t forget all the nice people from Canada and all over the world I met in these three months!

7…..Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange to other students?

I would highly recommend INTERNeX as I got a lot of help before and during my time in Vancouver. It couldn’t have been better.

Cheers Laura!