INTERNeX Internship Program

Hi everyone,

Do you dream about doing an internship in Canada, gain work experience, get to know new people, build up a new life, and experience a new culture? INTERNeX can help you to make this happen!

The INTERNeX internship program gives you the change to gain real-world work experience in almost any industry, which will be beneficial for the rest of your life! Furthermore, a foreign experience is great for your resume and it will enhance your placement opportunities on the job market in the future! Actually it is a lifetime investment!

When you finish your internship successfully you will receive an Internship Completion Certificate. Furthermore you can ask your host company for a letter of reference, which can help you to start your career!

Interested? Please, Visit our website for more information about the Internship program.

Cheers, Lydia

INTERNeX International Exchange
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The INTERNeX 2010 Blog review – 3. Quarter

Today I proudly want to present the INTERNeX blog post highlights of the months July, August and September. A lot of awesome stuff happened in these lovely summer months. Everybody will find something interesting for himself. I bet!! :).

This week is Pride Week – Pride festival in Vancouver
In the end of July in this year, the Pride Parade again took place in Vancouver and attracted more than 600.000 people. It is a gay and lesbian parade which originally started in New York in the year of 1969. During the Pride week many other events also took place.
Are you curious and want to know more about this colorful festival? Check out our previous blog post from July. Click here.

Howdy Partner!! The INTERNeX Ranch Stay Experience
Do you love the wide open spaces, having beautiful sunsets each day, no city noise, and do you love the nature and fresh air?
If that is the case you should check out our previous blog about one of our candidates who spend her time on a ranch somewhere in the quite, beautiful nature of Canada.
A lot of representative pictures of the everyday farm life are shown in the previous blog post also. I would love to work on such a farm in the future if I find some time. 🙂
Follow this link for further information.

INTERNeX has a variety of great, different working programs in Canada as well as in New Zealand which provides you with the opportunity of a great international working experience. Furthermore these opportunities will widen your horizons and additionally will be very helpful for your future life and career.

The INTERNeX Ranch Stay Program
INTERNeX can provide YOU with a lot of opportunities to participate in our exceptional Ranch Stay Program. To read more about it and get more information click here.

The INTERNeX Hospitality Program
INTERNeX is also able to find you a job in the hospitably industry. You will mainly work in Hotels and Resorts in Whistler and in the Rocky Mountains. Wouldn’t it be awesome to work in one of the world’s greatest winter sports regions and enjoy the great ski runs after work? Go and live your dreams! Check out the program here.

The INTERNeX Volunteer Program
Ever wanted to help, rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals? Through our Volunteer Program you can take part and help provide a second chance to orphaned wildlife in Canada. Interested in immersing yourself into an amazing and historical culture? Then maybe you would like to help out a local first nation’s community!
If that’s the case click here.

The INTERNeX Internship Program
Are you interested in gaining some priceless experience in your industry of choice? Our Internship program can provide you with everything that you might want or need. You can gain real practical experience that will provide you with invaluable skills that can later be applied to your future career. INTERNeX will provide you with a path towards specialized, professional tailor made opportunities.
Check out this link for more details.

Go Camping at an AMAZING location!
Do you love the wild life and the nature outside the busy city life? Do you want to escape the loud and noisy city life for a weekend?
Go and check out the large camping report from our previous interns. They provided us with several pictures of their trip to a destination not too far from Vancouver and additionally stated various tips of how to get to their final destination, how to travel with a small budget, what kind of things you should take with you and much more!! When it will get a bit warmer here in Vancouver I am going to pack my backpack and maybe take the same route they choose in the summer.
The extensive report can be found here.

Have Fun with INTERNeX in Canada!
Our INTERNeX team always offers a ranch of different activities to do for our candidates. In this summer our Interns were particularly diligent like some little bees always organizing social events to make our big INTERNeX family happy. If you are interested read further on our previous blog post from September.

These were the INTERNeX 2010 blog post highlights for the months July, August and September. I hope you enjoyed them. Tomorrow we will continue our INTERNeX 2010 Blog review with the final 4th quarter of the year 2010.
In case you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

Your PR intern George (for the people who do not know yet, YES my last name is Hendrix..) 🙂

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Bye, Bye, Bye !

Hola mis companeros! I will miss you my dear Candidates, now it’s time for me to say goodbye and fly to new adventures! Paris is waiting for each of you! I really want and hope to see you again, and have the pleasure of welcoming you once more, but this time in my own country!

This internship at INTERNeX definitely brought me everything I needed. I already have a diploma and a work experience and now I have an International work experience! And that will make all the difference! I already found a job in Paris thanks to my CV and can promise you that you bet on the right horse by grabbing this opportunity with INTERNeX to have a concrete and incomparable experience abroad in Canada!

Thank you for all the good moments we had together, I will without doubts miss you! Welcome Tracy, the new PR intern as she deserve to be, cause she is a funny party girl! Moreover she is from Vancouver so she can give you all the best insider tips and tell you about the places that are worth being at. You can ask her any question you may have without any hesitation!

Take care! And as N’SYNC says : Bye, Bye, Bye 😉 !


– Nathalie

INTERNeX 10 Year Anniversary Special

Happy Birthday INTERNeX!
This year the company is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and is offering its potential clients an amazing opportunity. This organization and its international team have dedicated these past few years to creating a better global community in which people are exposed to a number of varying cultures. You too can be a part of this richer future by enrolling yourself in their internship program. Internex is committed to including you in their anniversary celebrations by allowing you the opportunity to be part of something greater than yourself. Their scope of outreach to past, present and future clients knows no geographical boundaries and each and every client has left with invaluable experiences that have strengthened their personal, private and adaptive capabilities. This company that promotes itself as a company for and about the people is dedicated to enriching your cross-cultural understanding, so if you are interested in being a part of an interconnected global village click here for more information