PuB NiGHT Review


Last night’s Pub Night at the Lamplighter turned out to be Bourbon Bingo night, cool surprise on our Wednesday night! We all got our sheets and a huge marker and while we were enjoying our Pale Ales and Witbiers the DJ explained the rules. Another surprise was the waiter who had four beer samples left from a Northern Vancouver brewery which we could try. Free is always a good thing, however this beer was no one’s favourite except for Maude’s haha.

Back to bingo; every round a different figure was required in order to win, once one would have that figure that person had to shout out loud ‘BOURBON BINGO’.









In the first round we only had to get one line in any of the three squares on our sheet to win beers for the whole group. Shame that non of us won, nevertheless the second round made up for that! Our new Swedish friend Rasmus won shots of Bourbon for the whole table by being the first one to have a cross on his sheet! Awesome! As for the next round we needed a full square on our sheet, the prize was a round of beers, a round of shots and a 25 dollar gift card.

Well, after that second round non of us won anymore, but it was good fun anyhow! It is quite nerve wrecking to almost have bingo and see someone else win instead.

Thanks for coming folks! Catch up soon!


Your PR-Team, Amiel & Natasja