Review: Christmas Dinner Party

The Christmas Dinner Party was perfect! Thank you for coming!! The plan of the evening was to first have a great dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, then do Secret Santa and then go to a pub afterwards. christmas

The Spaghetti Factory is an Italian restaurant, which you probably already thought because of the name. It has a perfect deal on food. If you order a main dish, you will get a salad or soup as a starter and even ice cream afterwards as dessert for free. It is a really big restaurant, but at the same time really cozy.

So, the night started with the dinner, which was delicious. During the dinner we talked a lot and had lots of fun telling some jokes. When we all were almost exploding from all the food we had, we started doing Secret Santa. It was really difficult to think of a present that could fit for a girl and a boy, but we all managed to do it.

After the Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa some of us went to the Met to end the night with a last drink.

– Janel

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