The Rocky Mountains 2019

Have you wondered how awesome would a trip to the Rockies be? Would you want to visit a beautiful city called Banff? Are you thinking what would be the best way to make it happen? Well I got some good news for you; INTERNeX is going to The Rocky Mountains in April and only thing you have to do is to make sure you sign up on time! Now I will take some time to tell you more about our Rockies trip.33304981604_6da396a973_o-1.jpg

We will see a lot of stunning views and visit some famous lakes. Here are some of the places that I’ve heard are included (depending on the weather ofc); Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Two Jack Lake, Jasper and Columbia Icefields. If you want you can take the Lake Louise Gondola to explore some amazing views. I think we will have a chance to try out the hot springs, which are actually not open after April. We will also get to see the Mount Robson which is the highest mountain of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

0.jpegWe will spend one night at a hotel in a beautiful mountain town called Banff. There we will have an option to go explore the city and sit down for some drinks. Good news for the 18-year-olds; we are in Alberta and you are allowed to have some drinks too if you feel like it! One of the nights is spent at Mountain View Cabins where we will sit down around a campfire and enjoy some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

The 4-day trip takes place from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd (the Easter weekend). You can find a Facebook event for the Rockies through this link

Make sure to sign up for the trip before 5th of April!

-Jasmin xx

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3, 2, 1… It’s Rocky Mountains time!

I’m sure we’re all counting down the days. Because in only a few days, we are going on one of the best trips of the year: the Rocky Mountains! Four days packed with fun and exciting moments are ahead of us. But what exactly is the plan and what do you all have to bring? I will gladly inform you about this in the following few paragraphs.

We are meeting early in the morning this Friday. At 7am to be exact. The meeting point is at the corner of Seymour and Cordova Street. Be there on time, because the bus won’t be waiting for you! We’ll be having lunch in Kamloops and we will arrive at our hotel around 6pm. This day is used especially for travelling, but you will see lots of beautiful nature anyway.

Saturday starts at 7:45am with the departure from the hotel and the pick-up of our breakfast. We will do lots and lots of sightseeing today. Curious how much sightseeing? Here it goes: First stop: Mount Robson. Second stop: Jasper. Third stop: Athabasca Falls (where we have lunch). Fourth stop: Columbia Icefields Centre. Fifth stop: Peyto Lake. Sixth stop: Bow Lake. Seventh stop: Checking into the hotel and visiting Lake Louise. See? I told you we’ll see a lot.

After a good night’s sleep, it’s Sunday already! We all start the day at 7:30am with breakfast at the hotel. We are leaving the hotel at 8am and are heading to Johnston Canyon. From 11am on, we can enjoy some free time! You have the chance to use the Banff Gondola, soak in hot springs or discover Banff by yourself. Later in the afternoon, we head to Emerald Lake and afterwards, we will check into our accommodation for the night: Mountain cabins. And because being in mountain cabins only isn’t good enough, we’ll have a campfire with s’mores and hot chocolate in the evening. The ultimate Canadian experience.

But, all good things come to an end. It’s Monday already. Our last day is spent with travelling again. We depart from the hotel at 8am and we’ll have lunch in beautiful Kelowna this time. The estimated arrival back in Vancouver is at 6.30pm. Time to say goodbye to everyone and wipe away the tears.

Very important! Do not forget to bring:

  • Enough warm clothes
  • A pair of gloves
  • A warm hat
  • Good shoes
  • Your bikini/ swim shorts
  • A towel
  • Sunglasses (in case the sun says hello)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)
  • 2 pieces of ID!
  • Your camera!

I am really looking forward to Friday, not only because of the trip, but because many of you will join me and we will have an amazing time.

– Nadine

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The Rockies Summer Trip by Iris

On Monday we came back from our amazing Rockies trip. Once again, it became one of my highlights of my stay. Thanks to everyone who joined on our Rockies trip, Westtrek, our great busdriver Darren and our amazing tour guide Janel.

20170811_091446Friday was finally the time to go to the Rockies and I was so excited that I barely slept the day beforehand. I could see that more people lacked some sleep, as a lot of people were getting coffees in Tim Hortons or tried to catch some sleep in the bus. The drive to Valemount was pretty long, so luckily we had enough stops along the way. Our first stop was at Hope, where everybody had time to get a coffee, breakfast and explore the town. We went to see the river and made a few pictures of it. After that we continued our journey to Kamloops, where we could get lunch in the mall. When all our stomachs were filled, we started driving to Spahat Falls. This is a cute little waterfall near Clearwater. As it was so small, you could take pictures with it with the water coming from your nose or mouth. Then we continued our journey to Valemount. On the way to Valemount, we were a bit unlucky, as there was a forest fire. The police blocked the road and we weren’t able to get to our hotel. According to the news, it would take about 2 hours for the road to open again, so we went back to Blue River to wait for new updates. After an hour we heard that the road would not open till the morning, so Janel tried to arrange an hotel in Kamloops. We tried to make the best out of the situation, so some of our group even started dancing on the music. When Janel could not arrange a hotel in Kamloops, he called the police for us. Apparently the road was open again, so the decision was made to get back to the hotel again. We were really happy 20170811_145832that we still could get to the hotel, because if we would have gone back to Kamloops, we would have needed to wake up 3 hours earlier. This made the bus drive even longer, but not less fun. During our long bus drive we played games with the whole bus. One of the games was called “Speeddating”. Basically, one side was just switching seats and you had a short time to get to know them. It was really nice to get to know people besides our INTERNeX gang. We also played another game during our long bus ride. While playing the game, Janel would mention a certain item. This item had to be brought to the back of the bus and then back to Janel. The row that managed to do it first won. Besides that we also sang a lot together and turned the bus a bit in a party bus. When we finally got to the hotel, we still went to the Cowboy ranch where we ate dinner, did line dancing and tried to catch a bull with a lasso.

On Saturday our adventure in the Rockies really started. We drove a short way to Mt. Robson where we had breakfast. Then we drove further to Jasper. On the way to Jasper something special happened, we drove into another time zone. The clock had to be forwarded 1 hour. This was sometimes confusing, because one of my phones didn’t change automatically while the other one did. In Jasper we could get lunch for at the Columbia icefields, as it can be really expensive there. I chose to do the Snocoach on this day, which was one of the optional activities. During the Snocoach we drove in a big tank up to the glacier. It was really nice to see all the snow in Canada again, because in a way I missed it a bit. Here we could try out the fresh water from the glacier. Besides that we also made a few great pictures in front of the mountain. After the Snocoach we drove up to Peyto lake, which was the first really blue lake that we saw on our journey. 20915875_1862323020449807_1096242011_nI was amazed by the amazing blue water and made some great pictures in front of the lake. Then it was time for the second lake of our big trip: Bow Lake. At Bow Lake we could do the Polar Wolf Swim. Basically, we ran with the whole group into the water, because that seemed easier. However, in my opinion the water did not get warmer while I was swimming in it, so I got out of it really soon. We all quickly changed back into our normal clothes and drove to our second hotel. We did not stay really long at that hotel, as we had to get dinner and then had to meet at the pub for pre-drinks. The drinks in the pub were really cheap, so a great place for pre-drinks for our big party in Banff. After getting some drinks we went to the club to dance the night away.

20170813_080315The next day a lot of people were still recovering from the day before. We already had to leave really early in order to see all the lakes that day. Our first stop was at Lake Minnewanka where we had breakfast again. After I finished my food, I decided to explore the lake for a bit and make pictures together with Lea. On the way back to the bus we also saw big horn sheep walking away and luckily I got the chance to make a picture of them as well. Then we drove further to one of the more famous lakes of the Rockies, Lake Louise. We first did a hike to a hidden spot. From this hidden spot, you could make a beautiful picture of the lake without all the tourists on it. After I got pictures from the lake, I decided to go back to the lake and enjoy the view from the bottom. However, I could not spend a lot of time there, as I already did a long hike before that. After time at the lake itself, we could either choose to go to Lake Louise village or do the Lake Louise gondola. I decided to do the Lake Louise gondola, which meant that I could also enjoy the 20170813_122705all you can eat buffet beforehand. The food was really good and after I ate I was ready to go up to the top of the gondola. Franz, Alex and I took the open gondola, as we wanted to make sure that we could make nice pictures if we would spot a bear on the way to the top. Unfortunately we didn’t see any bears. Once on the top, we did a hike which took us to a really nice viewing point. From there you could see the mountains on the back and the clouds also added something mystical. As I was a bit late, I had to sing a song in front of the bus. I decided to sing “Het is een nacht”, which is a famous Dutch song. It was fun to see Danielle and Bart singing along, which made it less awkward for me. After enjoying the amazing view at the top of the gondola, it was finally time to go to the best lake in the Rockies, which I think is Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is the most blue lake in the Rockies and great for pictures. We hiked a short time to get a better view of the lake and made a picture there. I was so amazed by the blue color of the lake. I also tried to make one on the rocks, which was really scary for me. After Moraine Lake we 20170813_160458continued our way to another amazing lake, namely Emerald Lake. A lot of people decided to do canoeing. I went together with Lea and Merle. We all got a paddle and I think we were doing a pretty good job with directing the boat. On the lake we were enjoying the views of the mountains and the beautiful lake. After that we drove up to the Mountain View Cabins. There were only a few cabins, which basically meant that we were the only one at the cabins. We had a great BBQ and then I explored the area a bit. After that I played a game with Dawid, Marko, Mandy, Tess and Nathalie. I ended that night early, while others decided to party.


After getting breakfast we already had to drive back to Vancouver. It was a long way back to Vancouver, so we played some games again, watched a movie and also had a few great stops. We had one stop at Kelowna to get lunch. We got pizza and ate this next to the lake. We also had one more stop next to a beautiful mountain. On our way we got a bit unlucky again, as there was an accident on the highway near Chilliwack. At the end of our trip it was an emotional goodbye, as Danielle, Tess and Merle are almost leaving.

I hope you had a great time in the Rockies, because I certainly did! See you soon at PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Rockies tour guide: What is included?

On the 11th of August, INTERNeX is going on an adventure again. We are going on a 4-day trip to the Rockies, which is the perfect place to spend your summer.

29698236184_8cba6b613b_oOn the first day of our big trip we are going to start our adventure at Waterfront at 7 AM. It is only a short drive to our first stop, Hope. This is where the original Rambo First Blood movie was filmed. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful views while we are driving over the Coquihalla Highway to Kamloops. In Kamloops we will have a stop to get lunch. After filling our stomachs we will continue our way to Valemount. We will have one more stop at the Spahats Falls where we will have some time to make pictures. Once we arrive in Valemount and are checked into the hotel, we will head out to a Canadian ranch for a real Cowboy experience. There we will watch a Cowboy show and eat dinner (included). After the Cowboy show we will go back to the hotel. Here you can play hockey and afterwards warm up at the campfire.

The second day we will first have breakfast (included) at the hotel before we continue our journey to Banff. We will drive up to Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After a short break to make pictures we will get back on the road to Jasper, another famous city in the Rockies. Then we will continue our way on the Icefields Parkway to the Columbia Icefields, which is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. On the way to the Columbia Icefields we will have a stop at Athabasca Falls, a beautiful water fall in the Rockies. Once we are at the Columbia Icefields we will have some free time. During this free time you will have the chance to join the Snowcoach tour (optional activity). After spending some time at the Columbia Icefields we will continue our way to the first amazing lake we will visit, Peyto lake. From there it is only a short drive up to the second lake, Bow lake. If you are brave enough, you can try out the Polar Wolf Swim at Bow Lake. From Bow Lake we will drive up to our hotel in Banff where we will have time to get dinner (not included). In the night we are going to end our night properly at a nightclub in Banff!

Lake Louise WT.jpeg

After our night in Banff we will have breakfast at Tim Hortons (included). We will leave Banff and drive up to Lake Minnewanka, Two Jack Lake and Cascade Ponds. From there we will head out to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. At Lake Louise we will have time to walk around or to go on the Lake Louise gondola, where a lunch buffet is included (optional activity). After Lake Louie we will go to Emerald lake where you have the opportunity to go canoeing (optional activity). After another busy day we will spend the night at the Mountain View Cabins. Here we will eat as much as we can at the all you can eat barbeque dinner (included). After that we will have a campfire where you can try to make s’mores (included).

On the fourth day we will prepare ourselves for the long way back with an all you can eat breakfast (included). We will drive through Rogers Pass to the Last Spike of the trans-continental railway. After a short stop we will continue our journey to Kelowna, where we will have lunch and possibly a beach stop (weather permitting). After our stop we will drive through the Coquihalla Valley back to Vancouver. We will arrive in Vancouver at approximately 7 PM.

To ensure your spot on the Rockies trip sign up in the office or on PuB NiGHTs before July 25th. The price is only $420 for INTERNeX candidates and $430 for non-INTERNeX. If you would like to know more about the trip, then check out our Facebook page.

– Iris

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INTERNeX goes Rockies May 2015 – Part 2

As promised: part 2 of the Rockies trip review..


Well, everyone was there except for Sambo, Papa Wolf’s right hand on the tour. Sadly we only saw some elk on the tour, but on the other days we saw two black bears and one grizzly bear. APPLAUSE!

We got breakfast from Tim Hortons and we went to see more lakes and went to the top of Sulphur Mountains in a gondola. On our way to the top the view over the mountains was breathtaking, even though it was cloudy we could still see a lot. It was freezing on the top and there was still quite a lot of snow. The weather on the top changes rapidly which was very interesting to see. Another awesome thing on the top of the mountain was the ‘West Trek photo shoot’ – we had to jump or make a Matrix like move while Sambo took a picture. I am excited to see the end result.

Lake Louise and Emerald Lake are a huge highlight of the tour and which is where we went afterwards. Lake Louise is still partly frozen, but the scenery is amazing nonetheless. Highlight of the tour for many people was Emerald Lake. Most of us rented canoes here and got onto the lake and paddled around – absolutely fascinating. This lake has turquoise coloured water, which makes the lake very special. Plenty of selfies were made and a big wolf howl was done by all the baby wolves on and around the lake.

Another huge highlight of the tour was the cabins. Wooden cabins built on the mountain between the trees with a cosy fireplace area. We had a lovely barbecue here, tasted some wine and sang songs around the campfire. Papa Wolf finally shared his bear stories with us and we got to see the Milky Way as it was so dark at the view point. We also had a birthday girl amongst us, so we sang for her, we drank more beers, had more fun and some people only went to bed at 4 a.m. Good job guys!


The very last day of our trip we mostly sat in the bus because we had to head back to Vancouver. But before we headed back to the city we visited a buffalo sanctuary where Leo, the host, told us about his cattle and showed us how native Canadian people used to make fire back in the days.

Then we got to see some real wolves and howled with them, quite an experience I’d say.

We were lucky to have a very warm and sunny day, because we went to Kelowna where some of use dived into the lake; a nice and refreshing end of our trip. We headed back to Vancouver and arrived there around 7.30 p.m. We were sad to leave the Rockies, but we all were very satisfied and happy that we got to go on this trip. Also, almost all of us had new nicknames!

INTERNeX’ers, thank you so much for the great great Rockies trip.

WOLFPACK 1.. 2.. 3..


INTERNeX goes Rockies May 2015 – Part 1

Our four-day trip to the Rocky Mountains with West Trek… this weekend was absolutely amazing! Thanks to our tour guide Papa Wolf we know a lot more about these beautiful mountains and its surroundings, we know more about bears, fun facts about villages and besides, we have many new friends.


On the first day we started our journey to the Rocky Mountains. We first went to Hope, which is located about two hours from Vancity. Hope is a cute little village, where the famous movie Rambo was filmed. After a short stop for some coffee and breakfast we continued our journey to Kamloops where the we, the baby wolves, could buy lunch and snacks for later that day.

Papa Wolf had prepared some games which we played on the bus. The bus was divided into two teams: Team Beavers and Team Snakes. Papa Wolf would name an object after which both teams had to find this object in our bags, pass it through all the way to the back of the bus, pass it through to the front, hand it over to Papa Wolf and make the sound of their animal team name. The team making the sound first won. Haha, imagine half a bus making a beaver sound. Quite hilarious. Besides playing games we sang – and we sang loud. Avicii – Wake me up and Grease – Summer Nights. Oh, a bus full of nightingales.

After our stop in Kamloops the bus headed to the Spahat falls, a nice little waterfall where Papa  Wolf offered to take some immature pictures. That turned out hilarious I guess, can’t wait to see all your photos.


After this stop we got back on the bus and drove to our first hotel in Valemount. When we were arriving there the sun was out and people were feeling good. So we sat down, drank some beers, had a pasta dinner and then we played street hockey! A campfire was built and people got to know each other better. A good way to end the first day.


IMG_20150518_123726Rise and shine early because we were about to officially enter the Rocky Mountains National Park. The first stop was Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The peak of this mountain is higher than the altitude at which a sky diver jumps out of their airplane, namely 3,954 meters. Also, this lovely mountain creates its own weather because of its elevation. We were told that often the mountain is surrounded by clouds, but our group was lucky to see most of “her face”, as Papa Wolf would call it.

After Mount Robson we headed to Jasper to get some lunch supplies and then drove further to the Athabasca Falls followed by the Columbia Ice fields. At the Columbia Ice Fields an optional activity was offered, which was the SnoCoach. The SnoCoach is a huge bus, specifically designed to drive on snow, which has enormous tires taking passengers all the way up to the glacier. On the glacier we had an amazing view on the surrounding mountains and the huge ice fields.


On our way back from the Glacier Papa Wolf introduced another game. Everyone on the SnoCoach had to stand up, hold the shoulders of the person in front of them and while the bus was driving up a steep slope, both teams on the bus had to try to remain standing as long as they possibly could. The team that collapsed first lost. I think to remember there was a tie!

After some people had done their jumping jacks because they said a certain word, we continued to two lakes. One of those lakes was Bow Lake; absolutely beautiful. The lake was still partly frozen and that created a very winter like landscape. JAPANESE GIRL!

After having visited these amazing hotspots we checked into our hotel and we all got sexy for our night out in Banff. Papa Wolf, all dressed up looking swish in his too tight yellow pants and suspenders, first took us to a pub located right next to the hotel. Together with baby wolves from the other bus we played an absolutely awesome drinking game after which we went to Banff’s best night club! As far as I could notice everyone was having a great time and I wondered who would make it to the next morning’s wild life loop at 8 a.m.

Want to know what happened the following two days? Tomorrow part 2 of the Rockies review will be released!

WOLFPACK 1.. 2.. 3..



11 Reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains

Noivado Ro e Ana-32
Here are 11 (because 10 wasn’t enough) reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains with INTERNeX:
  • Explore Canada’s marvellous nature, you wouldn’t want to go back home without having visited the famous Rockies, would you? It is a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Visit the Jewel of the Canadian Rockies and take the perfect selfie at Lake Moraine and its beautiful turquoise-tinted water in the background.
  • Bet you have not seen more than 3 of the animals listed below… This trip is the perfect opportunity to check all of these off your list.
  1. A moose
  2. A bighorn sheep
  3. Mountain goat kids
  4. A grizzly bear
  5. An elk
  6. A pika
  7. A cougar
  8. A pine marting
  9. A coyote
  10. A Caribou
  11. A black bear
  12. A white tailed deer
  13. A mule deer
  • Capture the brilliance of rainbow-hued Athabasca Falls’ spray or the dazzling sheets of ice suspended from jagged rock on film!
  •  Enjoy a real authentic and oh so typical Canadian barbecue.
  • You will sleep (or not) in one of the Mountain View cabins.
  • Hear the wolves howl and howl with them while we visit the wolf sanctuary.
  • Meet loads of new fun people who will join the same tour on the same bus, and perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life.
  • More importantly: spend some amazing time with your fellow INTERNeX’ers.
  • Order shots with your new friends in Banff’s best nightclub on Saturday
  • After-Rockies reunion party organized on Wednesday May 20 in cooperation with West Trek.
To get a glimpse of what you will be seeing on the tour, click here for a video.
Now how could you possibly have any excuse for not joining?!
Check the Facebook event for more information.
Visit the INTERNeX office to sign up!
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