INTERNeX Canada: How to overcome the Post Vacation Blues

September is a sad month; we have to deal with this. It’s a strong feeling that starts when you are a child; an August is running to its end. Is the first kind of melancholia that a kid has.

In television the awful school commercials appears to disturb your (at least until this moment) quiet and happy life. Suddenly you start to need to wear a jacket during the sunset, and you cannot organize more fake weeding on the beach because your summer lover already left.

September is grey and smells like a new backpack. September sucks.

And when you are and adult, this feeling continue, but you have to come back to the university or your job. Is very normal to feel very depressed after the holidays, in fact, this feeling is clinically known as post-travel depression (PTD). Basically, you don’t feel able to come jump into you routine and you start to hate your job as soon as you arrive to the office.

But this is a normal feeling and we CAN overcome that. So here you are some tips to deal with this!

Accept that you will feel a little bit depressed

It’s a common feeling that everybody can have, for some people is easier to overcome, but for others, I so hard that they even have to go to the psychologist. So think that better times will come.

Take your time to back to your routine

Get the day off before come back to the work is a good idea. Take your time to do your laundry, put your things in order and go bed early. Sleep more hours that you use to do.

Try to come back to your normal schedule as soon as possible

The routine is good to beat the jet lag. Try to eat at the same hours every day, practice sports and have a healthy life in general. We usually have unhealthy habits during the holidays, so try to transform the terrible firsts week in an opportunity to purify your body.

Do things!

We always have more energy after a big trip, so hang out with your friends; do things after work, stay busy!  And remember that one candy per day is one of the best thing to avoid the depression, according to my grandmother, and my grandmother is one of the the wisest persons on the world.

I hope I’ve helped you!

See ya!


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