INTERNeX Canada: Picture of the week!

This picture of the week was taken at our Pub and Club night at the Pint on Friday! It was a huge party with so many people who gathered that night. It was a special event since it was Maike, Jildau, and Tam Ara’s going away party and of course it was a hockey game night in Vancouver! We also had a guest from Westtrek who gave us a one day ticket to either Whistler or Seattle, so we decided to do a draw. And the winner was Queenie! Later during the night, the DJ came on and we all went up to the dance floor. Everyone showed off their dancing moves, and I got to say, some were so hilarious! Overall, the night was a huge success 🙂



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INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the Week with Jildau

For this Exposé of the Week we talked to Jildau who is from the Netherlands and came to Vancouver to work. After two weeks of language school she was lucky to find a very good job after just one interview. Happy to work in Gastown, she will stay until October and even thinks about extending her stay in Canada.

Why did you choose to go to Canada?
It was not so much Canada, I wanted to go to Vancouver specifically. This wish resulted out of a combination of reasons. I wanted to live in a big city but also wanted to experience the nature here.

What kind of job are you doing and what are your daily responsibilities?
I work in a company that places ESL teachers overseas to teach English. Specifically, I am in the Korea placement team. My daily tasks are to be in touch with the teachers we work with, to keep them updated, answer emails and phone calls. I also help people to apply for our programs.

Is your job useful for your career goals or your university program?
I am doing “work and travel”, so it’s just for fun and experience. But the job will definitely be useful for my future because it’s a serious position. Other people work in cafés and sell pizza during their stays, so I am very happy to get paid for a decent job. It is also very beneficial for my English skills since I have to communicate in English all the time, do phone interviews and use professional English.

What was the best think about your job?
I think the best part is that I work in Gastown! Another good thing is that I got this job very fast. I finished language school on Friday, had my interview and started working on Monday, it was perfect. I like my colleagues and enjoy working with them in an international setting. They all have been abroad, so it is a lot of fun for me.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?
Everything! I like the combination of city and nature in one place. All of my interests are served here – whatever you want to do. It was surprising for me that there always are people with the same interests who want to do the same things no matter how crazy.

What trips did you do in your free time, also organized by INTERNeX?
I went to the Rockies with INTERNeX, which was a great experience. On my own I mostly do day trips. For instance, I went to Victoria or to North Vancouver.

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
The Rockies trip was definitely a memorable experience. There were so many nice people and we had so much fun together. We also went to Fan Expo, a fantasy convention, which was great. This is one of the things I talked about: no matter what your interests are or how crazy it is, you can find it in Vancouver!

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?
INTERNeX is a partner of the Dutch organization that I used for going abroad. So I got help from both of them. INTERNeX particularly helped me when I arrived in Vancouver.

How did INTERNeX International Exchange help you to organize your trip to Canada?
I liked that INTERNeX guarantee you a job once you arrive in Canada, so there is no danger of coming here and not getting employment. For me it was so easy and fast to find work, right after the first interview that was set up for me.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes, definitely!

Thank you very much for the interview, Jildau. We wish you a great summer in Vancouver!

Your PR-Team

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149