INTERNeX PuB NiGHT – what a great success!!!

The mix of cheap beers, many, many different people, a great location and good party music made the evening a blast for everybody!!
It was the first time since long that we had the pub night in an actual club and partied together with the guys from West Trak.
Beer Pong and other drinking games were played upstairs however after sometime everybody went on the dance floor anyway…
It was just amazing.
When Elvera and me arrived at Joseph Richards (the PuB NiGHT’S location)  at 8 pm, we could not really believe what we saw: everybody was already dancing and parting like crazy.
More and more INTERNeX people joint us soon and we had a lot of fun. It was just a great party for drinking, having fun and socializing with other people.
The free entrance and the two free drinks in the beginning made it even a better night. J
The beers were running good and still nobody became poor because the drinks were sooo cheap. Loving it!! J
More pictures of the night can be found on our Flickr page:
Thanks to all the people who made the evening such a success. It was a cool night!
See you all at the next INTERNeX PuB night.
More infos about the next PuB NiGHT will be announced soon!

Your INTERNeX team: George and Elvera