INTERNeX Canada: Casual goodbye friday!

It’s time to say goodbye…again…

Christian, our ginger German is leaving us to travel around  America before coming back to Germany definitely, Mati our young and crazy German girl is traveling too ( South America be ready for this crazy Germans) and our beautiful Marianne is going to Panorama.

It seems like Denmark will win Germany in our pub nights and activities…

I have met so many people here during my 5 months (Oh god already 5 months here) and every single person has something positive and special to offer you. Thank you Christian for everything, I am so glad that you join and enjoy our activities; thank you Mati for being there as well, and show the world how someone with just 19 years old can conquer the world.

But today is the last day of my beer lover Marianne! I can’t believe she won’t here at the office anymore!

She is just a hurricane of energy! She is extremely outgoing and her character catch the attention of everybody, but that’s something natural in her, she’s just special; she doesn’t need to do anything weird or fake to be the center of the miracles. She is a natural leader with a brilliant professional future, I am more than sure! It was my pleasure to have her during 3 months at the office!

But not just the office, it was a pleasure to have you as my friend, hang out with her, all the liters of beer, diet coke or vodka, the insane Whistler… Everything!!You are a great colleague, a great friend and a great person. Thank you for this time!

I know that you are going to have the time of your life working in the Rockies (or the Purcell… ahha) but we definitely miss you!  And I’m sure not just in the office, all our candidates as well!

You are an example of the woman of this century! Intelligent, hardworking, funny, and not that ugly eh haha!

There are always good things waiting for the good people (you can call it karma, but that’s true) so just enjoy as you always do!

Wish you the best, you deserve it! Love you!

The best of all, is to share special moments with special people! Love u girls!



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