Review: Kingsnight PuB NiGHT at the Bimini

Yesterday’s PuB NiGHT was amazing!! Thank you all so much for celebrating our Kingsnight with us, we had a great time!

18198084_10209369193888897_856724913_n.jpgAs the entire PR-team exists of Dutch people, we wanted to celebrate Kingsnight together with you. On Kingsday we celebrate our King’s birthday, but also celebrate being Dutch. It is the day when the whole Netherlands turns crazy (and orange) and it is therefore not strange that most people refer to “Dutch madness” when they are talking about Kingsday or Kingsnight. A lot of people go out on the night before Kingsday, as Kingsday is a national holiday, which means that people don’t have to deal with their hangover at work or at school.

The Bimini is a pub in Kitsilano and part of the Donelly Group. Every Wednesday it has a College Night with cheap prices on beers and a DJ. It also has pool tables, pinball and table football. Because of the College Night we thought it would be a great place to celebrate Kingsnight with some drinks and dances!

18198009_10208840573952635_1195962131_n.jpgIn the beginning of the night we started to just have a few drinks and talk with everyone. Some of you guys were dressed in orange, which was amazing! We also had the Dutch flag in face paint and it didn’t take long before almost everybody had a flag on their face. Around 10 the DJ started and we started dancing, like you should on Kingsnight.

Thank you all so much for coming! You guys made our night amazing and we celebrated it properly even when we were 8000 kilometres from the Netherlands!

– Janel

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