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Travelling is not only about taking pretty pictures and meeting exciting new people, of course we all also want to learn something about the country and culture we stay in.


Therefore Public Holidays are just the perfect opportunity to widen our horizon and learn about what people are actually celebrating or thinking of.

As you might know and surely must have noticed when walking through town, next Monday is Remembrance Day. This is not only a topic we should gather some information about, because we are currently staying in Canada, but also because this is a topic each and everyone should keep in mind and think about from time to time. Therefore here some helpful information about what this day is all about.

Starting from scratch, the Remembrance day, or earlier known as the Armistice Day marks the end of hostilities during First World war. It is a day remembering all the fallen soldiers, not the victory or any political and/or military events.
Nowadays it’s not only supposed to remind on First World War, but all Wars!
Because it is and always will be very important to remember all the horror and grief wars drag along. Nobody should ever forget, how hard times like these effected each and everyones life. Even though the first world is long gone, we should think about it from time to time and never get lazy speaking about it.

Most ceremonies in Canada include certain things, like two minutes of silence, the playing of the ‘Last Post’, the recitation of ‘In Flanders Fields’, and the wearing of Poppies. ‘In Flanders Fields’ is a poem written by a Canadian soldier and became one of the most famous symbols of First World War. The poem embodies the sadness, the loss of loved ones, the worries, but also the faith that needs to be kept up. Within the poem John McCrae mentioned the Poppies, which were found on most of the western front. Throughout the bombed and destroyed landscape the poppies were the only thing giving colour to this tragic scenery. Later on the blood-red poppies overgrew many mass graves and therefore they became more and more symbolic for the fallen soldiers and tragedy of First World War. 

Almost in every part of Vancouver you will find different ceremonies, concerning this very important day. In downtown you’ll get one at the Cenotaph Victory Square (located on the corner of West Hastings Street and Cambie), starting about 9:45 am. Afterwards there will be a big parade.
Another big ceremony will take place in Stanley Park at the Japanese Canadian War Memorial, starting at 10:40 am.  

As this is a public holiday, I hope you’ll have a great day off and spent your free-time wisely, thinking about this very serious and important topic. 


— Nadja

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Fun Fact Friday

Every month, it is our task to brighten you with our knowledge about Vancouver. But, since we’ve done that a few times already, I was thinking that today I could tell you some facts about Canada itself instead. And not just any facts…

1. Gravity

7510359934_4d45336b93_nIn the 1960s, it was discovered that gravity in Hudson Bay and surrounding areas is lower than in the rest of the world. How? Well, it is pretty complicated, so pay close attention. One theory involves convection in the Earth’s mantle. A complex sentence, I know. So let’s break it down. First of all, it is important to know what convection is. Convection means “the transfer of heat through a liquid or gas, caused by molecular motion.” Secondly, the Earth’s mantle consists of magma. Magma is a hot, molten rock that is always moving in order to create convection currents. Convection brings the Earth’s continental plates down, which means the mass in that area gets smaller and therefore, there is a reduction in gravity. Considering this paragraph is basically a brainteaser that contains a lot of complicated science words, I will spare you the second theory.

2. Education

You might not have guessed it, but Canada is the number one most educated country in the world. According to a study done by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, more than 56 per cent of residents between 25 and 64 years old have a college degree. Back in 2000, this was only 40 per cent. Despite the number not being crazy high, Canada is doing a much better job than most countries. The United States, ironically, ranked sixth place in the list of “the 10 most educated countries in the world” created by the OECD. With Japan being second place with 50.5 per cent, Canada and Japan are the only countries who have surpassed the 50 per cent mark.

3. North Pole in Canada

23427910665_69436eda11_nIt might not be Christmas just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it! In fact, Canada has such a great fact related to Christmas, that I just HAVE to tell you all about it. In Canada, you have the opportunity to send a letter to Santa Claus. There is an actual postal address you can send your letter to and as long as you include a return address, Santa will read the letter and send one back to you! Santa and his elves make sure every single letter is personal and exciting. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a kid to participate! You just have to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas.


In case this inspired you to write a letter to Santa too, the address is:
Santa Claus
North Pole

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on Sunday when we do our hike!

– Angy

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Fun Fact Friday

Are you ready for another round of Fun Fact Friday? Great! Because it’s time to learn something new about the city.

1. Vancouver is rated among the best cities for coffee lovers.

Good news for the coffee lovers out there: Diverse bloggers rated Vancouver to be one of the best cities for coffee drinkers. This means, Vancouver has a lot more to offer than just Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Blenz Coffee. Yes, there’s more. So go ahead, take advantage of one of the best cities for coffee lovers and try something different. (And if you still want to go to the coffee shops you’re used to, read our Smart Saver from Wednesday).

2. Vancouver, NYC and London are comparable in Housing prices.

You might have figured out that living here is not really the cheapest, but did you know that real estate in Vancouver has the highest price among all Canadian cities? And there’s more to that: Rents and lettings are comparable to a living in NYC or London – and living there is quite posh, right? Very expensive as well. But I think we shouldn’t complain about that… I guess that’s just the price we pay for the amazing things Vancouver has to offer.

3. Our mayor is good looking, but cheeky as well.

I read a blogpost that stated Vancouver has the most handsome mayor.. well, he’s definitely not my age, but I don’t blame those saying he’s looking good. But there’s more to the story than just a handsome guy.


Well, I checked this morning, the letters are still up. But nice try Mr. Robertson!

Did you hear about the Trump Tower & Hotel here in Downtown? So, in December 2015 the handsome Gregor Robertson wrote a letter to the manager of the hotel, kindly asking them to remove the letters “TRUMP” from the building. He claimed, “Trump’s name and brand have no more place on Vancouver’s skyline than his ignorant ideas have in the modern world.” Great man, this Robertson! He backed up his letter with a petition signed by more than 50,000 residents and even Christy Clark the premier of B.C. said that “Donald Trump doesn’t represent our city.” That’s a statement, I’d say.

Use this wisdom to impress your friends or your date or just a random stranger on the street. – But just if you started a conversation already… don’t just shoot it at him out of nowhere. Might be a little awkward, you know.

See you guys soon – latest at PuB NiGHT in Mahony & Sons on Wednesday!

– Elisabeth

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Candidate Exposé – Lisa-Marie Hartwig

My name is Lisa-Marie Hartwig. I am 21 years old and I live in Stuttgart (southern Germany). I am studying Business Administration in the Service Sector Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

20140724_135517I wanted to experience a new country and I wanted to strengthen the general and specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the work in NPOs or NGOs. At the same time I wanted to do this on an international level.

I found INTERNeX through the information event of the DHBW. I did the practicum program for 4 weeks. I chose this program together with a co-student. I liked it very much. I was placed at a small environmental organization with really cool people. The work was monotonously but we knew that before. The skills you need to have for this job are endurance, speed and attention. This was not a part of my university program. It was a voluntary decision from me. My employee didn’t mind. But it is useful for my résumé.

I was at a home stay from INTERNeX. My first impression from Vancouver was that the city is ugly. I was a little bit disappointed because many people were jealous. It was really cold in my room and I had a long bus drive to the city centre. I am not in Canada anymore. What I liked the most about the city and Canada was the neatness of the people.


I attended a lot of the activities from INTERNeX. I liked them very much because of different people you meet there. I was at Stanley Park, the Lookout, Harbour Centre, Robson Street, North Vancouver, Richmond, Lynn Valley Park and drove to a lake outside Vancouver. Visiting Sunshine Coast at the place of a colleague was the most memorable thing I did in Canada.

The first thing I did when I came home was having a dinner with my boyfriend and my parents. In Vancouver I thought I would travel more in the future, but since I am back in Germany it is the same daily grind like before. I would totally recommend the services of INTERNeX. They managed to call a taxi for the airport. And the introduction presentation was really helpful. The organized events were great and helped me to arrange my evenings.

– Lisa-Marie Hartwig

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INTERNeX Canada: INTERNeX Internship program

Tired of studying and more studying? Are you looking for something different and do you want to gain real experience??

Putting your skills into practice and facing real challenges is more important than memorized facts, so don’t miss our internship program.

An internship involves long hours and hard work, but it’s a great opportunity to gain experience in your chosen field; it’s a brief taste of your future real full-time employment. It’s also a perfect moment to make new friends and to make contacts within the industry.

7188154797_1152258a77_mAnd why to choose an international internship?

Being abroad is an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons, to improve your language skills in a foreign language and to self-develop. During your time off you can explore the local culture,  travel and experience new things.

Summarizing, it’ll be an experience that it’s not just about a professional career, if not to grow up as a person and to develop yourself in both ways of your life: profesional and personal.

So don´t miss out this is the perfect occasion which gives you so many benefits: to improve your English, your resume, your real knowledge and of course to live the experience of your life!

Contact us to know more about our programs.



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