How was your weekend?

Even though we had a long weekend because of the Canada Day on Monday, time went by really fast. Lets take a look at what we did this weekend.

IMG_0686Me and my fellow students Barbara and Franzi went to the Rocky Mountains this weekend. We did a 4 day tour, so it started on Friday and we came back to Vancouver on Monday. The first day was more or less just the drive to our first hotel in Revelstoke. But the program on Saturday was really eventful. We went to the Emerald Lake, to Lake Louise and to Lake Moraine. I’ve never seen such a blue, clear water. However, Lake Peyto (which we’ve visited on Sunday) was my highlight of all the lakes we saw. When you have a look at the picture, you will understand why.

We also explored Banff and Jasper during our trip. Cute little towns surrounded by breathtaking mountains. In Banff we also had the opportunity to ride the gondola, which was pretty cool. Luckily we had good weather and therefore a nice view.IMG_0360

On our last evening we stayed a night in a small town called Valemount. We had BBQ with burgers and hot dogs there and we also made S’mores, a typical canadian snack. Later that evening our tour guide encouraged us to show typical dances of our nation. That’s why we learned Mexican, Japanese and Spanish dances. 🙂

abd3579f-858e-4f52-bd93-dd5d582fc174.jpgEven though we arrived a bit later in Vancouver on Monday than we expected, we were still able to see the firework of Canada Day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Overall, it was an incredible weekend and I’m really thankful for this great experience. If you haven’t been to the Rocky mountains yet, you should definitely think about going there. 

See you all on Wednesday at the Dime On Granville. 


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Get ready for the Rocky Mountains

Over the past few weeks, there seemed nothing but one topic: The big trip to the Rocky Mountains. And now it is time to pack your bags, because the trip is approaching fast. On Saturday, 28 of us will already be sitting on the bus, filled with excitement and joy. It’s gonna be a great trip. Take me at the word!

Now follows some important information for you:
We meet on Saturday, the 4th of August, at 6.45am in front of Waterfront Station. I am aware that the first Skytrains might not bring you there on time, if that’s the case please let us know. At Waterfront station we’ll board the West Trek coach, which will take us to the Rockies, through the Rockies and back to Vancity.

Once aboard, we will make our way to Hope and later Kamloops, where we will have time for lunch. Further down the road we will stop in Revelstoke to buy some snacks for the hungry ones of you. Then, we will finally arrive at the Mountain View Cabins, where we spend the night. Here we’ll enjoy a campfire including a BBQ and s’mores. Time to enjoy nature to its fullest and get to know the entire group better.

37708287_1876286409099380_2361790481572036608_nSunday morning, we will depart from the cabins at 8.30am. Of course, after a good breakfast that will give us strength for another long day. In Golden we will have a stopover for those who did not book the lunch buffet & Gondola at Lake Louise and need to buy lunch. We’ll drive on to Emerald Lake where you might get the chance to rent a canoe. Shortly afterwards, we are driving to Lake Louise where we will have some hours to spend. In the afternoon, we’ll pay a visit to Moraine Lake and head to Banff where we’re going to spend the night. In the evening we’ll go out to a pub – good news for the minors: We’re in Alberta, so you are also an adult now. 😉

37710837_1876287662432588_6672963964785131520_nOn Monday, we’re going to see Lake Minnewanka and the Two Jack Lake (which are kind of one big lake altogether). For the bravest among us, we will make a stop at Bow Lake, where you get the chance to have a Polar Bear swim. It’s freezing cold – don’t tell me I did not warn you! It’s also time for lunch. Lunch with a view, I promise. On the way to our hotel in Valemount, we will have some more stops at Peyto Lake, the glacier, Athabasca Falls, Jasper and Mt. Robson. A lot to take in – but I bet you’ll enjoy it. In Valemount we will have dinner together and then enjoy an easy evening around a campfire.

On Tuesday, we’ll already be heading back home. We will depart early in the morning, have a stopover at Spahats Falls and Kamloops and will then be back in the Vancouver at approximately 6.15pm.

So, big plans for just four days, right? But what to bring? Here is a list of what you should NOT forget:

• Money for 3 lunches and 1 dinner, snacks and a night out in Banff
• Mosquito repellant
• Sunscreen
• ID (2 pieces)
• Towel and bathing clothes
• Hiking shoes or similar
• A good mood that lasts the entire trip

I look forward to seeing you latest Saturday at 6.45am, or for PuB NiGHT on Wednesday at the Lennox Pub!

– Elisabeth

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How was your weekend?

Monday. Back to normal life. Half asleep going to work. Looking back at an amazing weekend. So many adventures done, so many memories made. If you want to know everything I did this weekend, keep reading and you will find out.

My weekend started Friday. After we finished our work at the office, we ate some tacos and went to the BC Place Stadium to watch the football game BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes. Everything I expected from a football game became true. There were big sacks of popcorn, cheerleaders, a mascot, lottery, commercials. Exactly as how we know it from the movies. It was really fun to see and experience a real North-American sport like this. Although we didn’t know the rules, it was real fun to watch the game.

2017-09-09 14.33.41

The next morning my alarm went off way too early. We met at 8 am at the airport to pickup two cars and drove to Joffre Lake. After 4 hours driving (because of a cycling event on the road) we arrived at the Joffre Lake Provincial Park. After 5 minutes of hiking, we already saw our first lake. We made some pictures and went to the second lake. After an hour climbing over rocks, walking up stairs and a few picture moments we arrived at the second lake. This one was even more beautiful. After another 30 minutes of hiking over bridges and along a waterfall we arrived at the last lake. Amazing to see how beautiful Canada can be. We did our last photoshoot and hiked all the way back back to the car. After 3 hours driving back to Vancouver, I ate something and made myself ready to go out in the Bourbon. After a couple dances and drinks we went to the Cambie Bar were we ended this long day.

2017-09-10 15.33.58

Good morning Vancouver, Sunday arrived. Time to go to the Vancouver Street Food Festival. After yesterday, I walked around like a zombie to search for some coffee to get awake. None of the food trucks were selling coffee. When I finally found some coffee, the Street Food Festival could begin. We ate a lot of nice food and listened to the cover band that was playing some nice music. After a while we got ourselves an airbrush tattoo and the festival was already near its end. I decided to go home and have a good night sleep. I hope your weekend was as fun as my weekend and I hope to see you all at PuB NiGHT on Wednesday.

– Bart

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11 Reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains

Noivado Ro e Ana-32
Here are 11 (because 10 wasn’t enough) reasons why you should join the trip to the Rocky Mountains with INTERNeX:
  • Explore Canada’s marvellous nature, you wouldn’t want to go back home without having visited the famous Rockies, would you? It is a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Visit the Jewel of the Canadian Rockies and take the perfect selfie at Lake Moraine and its beautiful turquoise-tinted water in the background.
  • Bet you have not seen more than 3 of the animals listed below… This trip is the perfect opportunity to check all of these off your list.
  1. A moose
  2. A bighorn sheep
  3. Mountain goat kids
  4. A grizzly bear
  5. An elk
  6. A pika
  7. A cougar
  8. A pine marting
  9. A coyote
  10. A Caribou
  11. A black bear
  12. A white tailed deer
  13. A mule deer
  • Capture the brilliance of rainbow-hued Athabasca Falls’ spray or the dazzling sheets of ice suspended from jagged rock on film!
  •  Enjoy a real authentic and oh so typical Canadian barbecue.
  • You will sleep (or not) in one of the Mountain View cabins.
  • Hear the wolves howl and howl with them while we visit the wolf sanctuary.
  • Meet loads of new fun people who will join the same tour on the same bus, and perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life.
  • More importantly: spend some amazing time with your fellow INTERNeX’ers.
  • Order shots with your new friends in Banff’s best nightclub on Saturday
  • After-Rockies reunion party organized on Wednesday May 20 in cooperation with West Trek.
To get a glimpse of what you will be seeing on the tour, click here for a video.
Now how could you possibly have any excuse for not joining?!
Check the Facebook event for more information.
Visit the INTERNeX office to sign up!
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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend? ‘Rocky special!’

Hello there!

WOW… This weekend was amazing! With 19 other people from INTERNeX and in total 150 students we went to the Rocky Mountains with West Trek. The trip was special because we travelled with the party bus! There was a bottle of free champagne of all the girls and tons of good, loud party music!

But of course there was more then only party time. Let’s talk about this weekend, what we did, what we saw and why it was so awesome!


Early Friday morning around 7am we left Vancouver with one of the party busses. We drove via Hope and Kamloops to the Spagath Falls. On the bus we did some games, sang songs together and enjoyed the sceneries.

We spend our first night in Valemount. After dinner we had the change to play some real Canadian hockey on the parking lot.. Together with some beers this was a really cool first night.
Next morning we left early in the directions of the Rocky Mountains! Our first stop was Mt. Robson. This HUGE mountain is with 3954 meter the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. We took some cool photographs from the cloudless top.

SONY DSCNext stop Jasper. This was the last stop before we headed to the famous Icefield Parkway. There was some shopping time at the village to get some lunch and snacks. After that we drove into the bigger mountains. Endless peaks covered with snow and ice and light blue or green colored lakes makes this place one of the best on our planet. We stopped at the Athabasca Falls and the Columbia Icefields. From here we went on one of the big special busses all the way up on the glacier! When we arrived up on the ice  there was time to discover this place. If you brought a empty bottle you had the change to fill it up with some of the most fresh glacier water in the world!

After a funny ride back to the base-camp we boarded our own party bus again. With some nice music we stopped at Peyto and Bow Lake. At Bow it was time for some polar bear swimming! Almost the half of the people put there swimming suits on.. After a ‘wolf speech’ of Lee it was time to run into this 5 degree cold water! These experiences makes this trip so special!

Our last drive for today was from the lake to Banff! Around 8pm we arrived in this small and friendly city. After a hour of relaxing in the big hotel-rooms it was time to go partying!! First we went to the pub to catch some drinks and shots. Some of the group we’re wearing some crazy outfits.. At 11pm we left the pub for the big nightclub! That night was a big party for everyone!

Sunday morning and the whole bus with a hangover… 😉 We we’re lucky that the next stop was only 5 minutes away; the Banff Gondola! With a small cable car we went up the mountain! From the top you had one of the best views of the Rockies.
SONY DSCNext we’re some free hours in Banff to catch lunch and buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon we continued our drive up to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. These two lakes are absolutely stunning and one of the highlights of this weekend! The blue color, the snowy mountains and the endless trees makes these lakes one of the best in the world. (see the picture!)

It was already late afternoon so we drove as fast as we can to our last hotel in Golden! When we arrived we could eat some hamburgers fresh from the BBQ. At night we lighted the campfire and enjoyed some roasted marshmallows. Lee told us some cool stories about bears in the Rockies.

The next and last morning was a long day. We had to drive back to Vancouver so we made a lot of kilometers. We still had time for some funny, nice stops. The first one was at the flea market. Everyone on the bus had to buy something crazy for another person. It ended up with guys in dresses and girls in boxers!

Later we stopped at Othello Tunnels for a nice walk. After this stop is was time to go back to the city of Vancouver!

We had an awesome, amazing, funny, crazy and really great weekend with everybody!

Thanks guys for joining us and West Trek to the Rockies! The pictures and video’s are following (very) soon 🙂



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