New ‘Kids’ on the blog

We have some new ‘kids’ on the blog again! Let me introduce you to them:

Let’s start with Leo. Leo is 18 years old and from Munich in Germany. Back home he just finished his high school and A-Levels. In Canada he’ll be studying business and communication in a college for 3 or 4 months. With this he hopes to improve his English. After his time in Vancouver, he wants to study business or law in Germany, but he hasn’t quite decided yet. He chose Canada because he wanted something different and not the ‘mainstream’ countries. Also, his cousin told him good things about Vancouver and he loved the vibe of Vancouver on pictures. When he got here, he experienced that all people are very relaxed & nice. He imagined the nature exactly as it is and got a warm welcoming feeling from the city. The things he really wants to see is Wreck Beach and Whistler. Since he’s staying during the winter, he really wants to go skiing. I think Whistler would be a nice choice for him =). He also wants to go to some sports events like ice hockey, or baseball. In his free time Leo likes to play soccer and tennis and visiting different cities. He loves playing his guitar and cooking as well. When it comes to his favourite food he prefers a good old traditional German Schnitzel with fries. Nevertheless, he wants to try lots of food here, like poutine, pancakes with maple syrup and some beaver tails! How awesome is that =) We are happy to have Leo with us!

Next on our list we have Jessica from Kiel in Germany. She’s 18 years old and has just finished her high school back home. She will be in Canada for 7 weeks and already traveled around here for 2 weeks where she saw places like Banff National Park. She’s now planning to go to Vancouver Island to work for a Wildlife Project in a rehabilitation centre for 5 weeks. She chose Canada because she wanted to be far away from home and to improve her English language skills. Of course she also loves being in nature which was another reason to pick this beautiful country. Her first impression of Vancouver was that it’s beautiful and that the people here are very friendly. During her time here, she discovered that she prefers nature over than living in the city. Nevertheless she thinks the city is pretty nice. Since she already was in Banff, she crossed one thing from her bucket list: The Rockies. Besides the Rocky Mountains, she also wants to visit Stanley Park and Granville Island. After her time in Canada she doesn’t really know what to do at home. She wants to take her time here to learn something about herself and figure out what she likes. In her free time she enjoys reading books and playing badminton and basketball. One of her favourite foods are dishes with pasta or potatoes. As a dessert, she likes to have some chocolate. In Vancouver she wants to try out some poutine and pancakes with maple syrup. I’m sure she can find many places to eat these Canadian Classics. =) Anyways, we are very glad to have her in our rows!

Let’s move on with Lukas. He’s 19 years old from a small town in the north of Germany. In Canada, he’ll go to a language school for about 2 months to improve his English, but he also got a working holiday visa to work here for 4 more months. Back home in Germany he just finished high school. When it came to deciding where he wants to go the organization gave him three options to choose from: Canada, New Zealand and Australia. He chose Canada because he thought that the others are too Mainstream =). Also nobody of his family was here before, so when he comes back he can tell them all about it! His first impression was that the city is very big but also very multicultural which he likes. One big thing on his bucket list are seeing bears, especially grizzlies, but also coming in touch with the Canadian culture and nature. Other things are seeing a hockey game and going skiing and surfing. After his time in Vancouver he wants to study Business Administration. In his free time he likes to play handball, going to the gym and meeting his friends, especially going out with them. His favourite food are ‘Spätzle’ with sauce, but here in Canada he wants to try some poutine and of course pancakes with maple syrup =). We are happy to have him in our rows and are excited for the events he’s going to join!

Last but definitely not least we have our work & travellers Marie and Lucas. They are both 24 years old and come from Braunschweig in Germany. They want to work and travel around Canada to meet new people and get to know the Canadian culture. They are not quite sure how long they are staying in Canada but maybe they want to apply for the young professional program to extend their time here. Marie was working as a kindergarten teacher back home and Lucas as a ski instructor. Lucas also worked in event marketing for a hiking brand. As they met at a fireplace in 2020 they talked about work & travelling in another country and both by coincidence were thinking about Canada =). As a ski instructor Lucas obviously wanted to work in the Rocky Mountains. But not only skiing is one of his interests, he also would like to go climbing. Marie always wanted to go Canada, the country is on top of her bucket list. Speaking of bucket lists, they both want to meet many people and make new friends here, but also see some ski resorts and nice natural environments.

Their first impression of Vancouver was that for a big city it’s quite clean and not too crowded. Also they mentioned that the people here are very nice. Since they want to work and travel they just want to go with the flow and didn’t make specific plans. When they eventually come back from Canada Marie wants to study film production and Lucas wants to become a teacher for sport and math. He also thinks about doing an apprenticeship to become a climbing instructor. In her free time Marie likes to hike on Sundays with her friends, seeing new places, and on top of that she also started to play soccer. Lucas just likes all kinds of sports like soccer, skiing, climbing, trail running and more. When it comes to their favourite food Marie likes rice pudding and for Lucas, since he’s vegetarian, Chili sin carne. 😉 In Canada they want to try out some poutine and beaver tails. We are very happy to have Marie & Lucas with us and wish them all the best for their journey!

These are our new kids on the blog! Be sure to meet them at the next Pubnight!

See you there!


Tino =)

PuB NiGHT Review

“You Fat Bastard!” is what all the Whitecaps supporters yell to disturb the opponent’s goalkeeper.
Yesterday we collaborated together with International House, a language school we work closely with and went to see a CONCACAF game. It was the Vancouver Whitecaps vs Olimpia from Honduras.

First, we met with the language school students. It was quite interesting and it didn’t take long for everyone’s curiosity to get the better of them and mingle.
After growing into this big group we made our way to Doolin’s Irish Pub there we met the manager of International House who was just as excited to see the game as the rest of us. At Doolin’s we drunk a quick pint of beer before we all marched together with many other Whitecaps supporters to BC Place who were beating drums and cheering all the way there.

Finally following our arrival at the stadium and getting our seats in the supporter’s corner the game began. The Whitecaps were dominating the game from the beginning but only in the 42nd minute were they able to score a goal through Kianz Froese! 1-0 for the Whitecaps! And the fans cheered with all their might.

For the second half the Vancouver soccer team decided to play a little more defensive. However this gave Olimpia more chances which made the game even more exciting than the first 45 minutes. There were some pretty close calls but luckily the Whitecaps were able to keep the score and leave the stadium as winners.

In the meantime many of our other INTERNeXers gathered together for the “Alternative Pub Night” organized by Steve. We joined them at Steamworks after the game and brought along some of the students from International House.

It was an awesome night with lots of fun and excitement!
See you next time!


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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

You went to language school, you lived in Canada for a while, you tried to speak English only, and you are still not quite content with your English? Please read in this Culture Shock post how to sound like a real Canadian. There is no problem without a solution, eh?

Eh is a useful word that is the basis of all Canadian communications and will make you sound totally Canadian. It is used at the end of the sentence in order to give your opinion and receive agreement from the person you talk to, like “I hate rain, eh!” It can also be a statement of an unchangeable fact where agreement of the other person is not necessary: “It’s always raining in Vancouver, eh!” You can make your sentence sound like a command: “You come to my place tonight, eh!” You can use the little word at the end of your phrase as a sign for your wish to initiate further conversation. It can be used for anything like “right? Isn’t it?”

In case you started speaking your sentence already but in process decided that you actually wanted to ask a question, you can turn your whole sentence into a question by adding eh. Easy! “The weather is nice today, eh?” Of course you can add eh to a normal question “What does it mean, eh?” The same way you can insert it in any of your phrases like “Thanks, eh! / Sorry, eh!”

But you also can use EH on its own; here are some examples:
Eh! = OK
Eh? = sorry, what did you say?
Eh? = what do you think?
EEH!! = hellooo!
Eeeh! = oh yes, I understand
Eeehhh!! = wow!
Eh! = sure!
Eeh? = not sure…

Try it out and let us know how it works, eh!



INTERNeX Canada: Exposé of the week with Maria

Today our person of the week is Maria. She is from Germany and came to Canada to attend language school and do an internship in order to gain some international experience. Her trip to Canada, which has lasted for two month, is coming to an end this week. Half of her time in Vancouver she spent as an intern right at INTERNeX being part of the PR Team!

Why did you choose Canada?
With INTERNeX I found the only organization that offered such short internships. Since I have a job at home I could go abroad for 2 month only. So I had the choice between Canada and New Zealand. I picked Canada because everybody goes to New Zealand and I wanted to do something different. That’s why I am in Canada!

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?
I love that Canadians are so friendly! They help you with whatever you need, for example, ask you if you need help when you are just looking on your map in the city. I think Vancouver is good place to live. I liked the mix of mountains and ocean, the nightlife was great, there are a lot of different cultures.

What trips did you do in your free time? Did you join INTERNeX trips?
Oh my god, there were so many activities. We saw the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, biked around Stanley Park, had a tour through Rogers Centre. I went shopping in Seattle and watch the “Dragon Ball” canoe race in Deep Cove. With INTERNeX we went to the Rockies during the Easter holidays and I joined INTERNeX ice skating and go-karting. Pub Nights were also fun, it was a different event every Wednesday. One time it is a pool game, another time you do karaoke or watch a hockey game.

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?
For me it was the trip to the Rocky Mountains! The whole tour was fun: the nature was impressive, my roommates were awesome on this trip and we are really close friends now, even the bus ride was a lot of fun.

Is your internship useful for your education or career at home?
Definitely. First, I improved my English, which is always useful. Especially business English is necessary for my career in Germany. Second, the work I did during the internship is beneficial for my job at home. I work in the communication sector, so PR experience is very helpful.

What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?
I helped with everything t in the INTERNeX PR department. For example, I participated in promotion and organization of events as well as in cooperation with our partners. The biggest part of the job was social media, so I wrote blogs and newsletters. I also did welcome orientations for new candidates and even designed a new presentation for specific locations in the Rocky Mountains.

What was the best think about your internship?
The best thing is that I got to go on trips that I organized. The best one was our INTERNeX Zipcar trip where we had the chance to explore Vancouver by car. We saw many interesting places – we had lunch on Granville Island and coffee and ice-cream in Ikea, Richmond, we stopped at Queen Elizabeth Park and on the beach! It was basically a day off.

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?
They work together with a German company where I booked my trip. So INTERNeX provided me with a package of language school and internship in Canada. The best thing is that they have good ideas for internships and can organize everything from job to homestay!

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?
Yes I would, everything was fun with them. I didn’t have to think about accommodation or finding a work placement on my own. You can always ask somebody if you have problems. With their help I had more time to relax and explore Vancouver.

Thanks a lot, Maria, for the interview and for being part of our INTERNeX PR Team!  It was amazing to work with you!


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INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week

This week I interviewed one of our hospitality candidates, Yvette. She is from the Netherlands and works at a language school in Vancouver. Last summer she finished studying and always wanted to go abroad, so this seemed like the perfect time to come to Canada to work and live in a different culture. Yvette originally wanted to stay for just 6 months, but since she is enjoying it so much she is thinking of staying an entire year.

1)    Is your work placement useful?

At first I was only hired for a temporary job of three weeks at the language school, which was basically doing office administration.  After that I asked if there was more work for me to do and they offered me to stay and to join their Teachers Training Program. Which is a great opportunity for me, since I’m a graduated teacher in The Netherlands! Besides this great opportunity I think it’s a very good experience to work in a different country. It has taught me to adapt to a new work environment and because it’s during work I can also improve my  English.

2)     What kind of tasks are you responsible for on daily basis?

At this moment I’m helping out the school with all kinds of things. I do basic Front Office work, such as talking to people and answering phones. They also asked me to think about activities for the school, with a focus on activities for girls only. So I started planning and doing that as well. Besides those things I helped out the Modern Language Department with there administration and I also help out a teacher with some things. Next month, in April, I will be doing the Teacher Training and after that I start doing all the other things again. For summer time they asked me to help out with Activities in the Summer Children’s Program. So all nice things to do, I really like working there!

4)     What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?

What I like most about Canada and Vancouver is the possibility to meet new people and be in a new country by yourself. I think Canada is a great country for gaining an experience like this, because people are very helpful and kind, so they make you feel at home here. Besides that I really love the nature and I’m really looking forward to the summer, to see how the country looks like with sunshine!

5)     What trips did you do in your free time, also organized by INTERNeX?

For me it is a great thing that INTERNeX organizes so many things, I came here by myself and the INTERNeX  events are a great way to meet people and make new friends. I already joined the Seattle trip, joined almost every Pubnight and lasertaged with INTERNeX. I also had the chance to go to Victoria and I’ve seen lot’s of things in and around Vancouver. But I still have a big list with everything I want to do and see before I leave Canada. Luckily I still have lots of time!

6)      Do you attend the weekly Pub-Night organized by INTERNeX and do you think this is a good way to meet new people?

Yes I do, and it’s a great way to meet new people. I arrived in Vancouver on Monday and could join the pubnight on Wednesday. It was super nice to be able to exchange my first impressions of Canada and meet new people.

7)      Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?

Actually I didn’t  specifically choose for INTERNeX, I applied with a company in The Netherlands and they are partners with INTERNeX. The Dutch organization told me about there partner organization in Vancouver and informed me about the fact that they would organize events and be available for questions.  I also had contact with INTERNeX before I came here, but I never expected that there would be so many things to do.

8)      What’s the best thing about INTERNeX International Exchange?

I think the best thing about INTERNeX is that they are a really professional company and really know how to help people get started in a new country. I really appreciated the warm welcome to Vancouver my 2nd day here and a lot of questions were taken away at the first moment. You can notice that INTERNeX has so much experience with guiding people abroad and that gave me a secure feeling about what I was doing. Besides that  INTERNeX’s best thing is the events, I always enjoy being there!

9)      How did you find a place to stay?

For my first month INTERNeX arranged a place for me in a Homestay family. During the first month I talked to people form INTERNeX and in one of their houses was a room available, I called the landlady, and found my new place to live! 🙂

11) Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?

I really would recommend INTERNeX to other people, there a great company. I already wrote in an other answer why I think so! 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Yvette! We hope that you will enjoy the rest of your time here, it would be great if you could be us for longer that originally planned! Good luck with your Teacher Training Program!



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